• Stuart Cavanaugh plans on calling Matt Kraven out at the next Tuesday Night Wrestling.
• Taylor Clawson challenges Masina for the Women’s Title at Tuesday Night Wrestling. If Taylor wins, will she defend against Brandi Moore at Throwback?!
• Kade Haddix will face Deshaun Reed in a rematch this Tuesday at FFP TnW.
• A former champion may be returning to FFP. Stay tuned for details.
• FFP Desperate Measures will come to you live from Madison Square Garden! Don’t miss it on February 23!
• Beginning with Throwback, FFP pay-per-views will begin taking place on Saturdays.

Tyreek Hyde found success in FFP’s developmental territory the OWF. There, he became the Champion, keeping the title until the OWF closed it’s doors. Hyde now is on FFP’s main roster to find the same kind of success he found in Cincinnati. Tyreek will be debuting in FFP very soon!