• Michael Showtime will defend the Network Title against Wyatt Cobb next Monday at FFP Monday Night! More matches coming soon!
• FFP superstars are back in the United States and getting a well deserved rest before FFP Monday Night next week in New York.
• Veronica Clyne will face off against Brandi Moore one last time in Brandi’s final match of her career. The match will take place at FFP Glory in August!
• Our event calendar has been updated. Get your tickets now. We have a bunch of dates announced.
• FFP heads to Honolulu this July for the Mid-Summer Classic!
• FFP Glory will take place this year in FFP’s birthplace, Cincinnati, Ohio! That means the Hall of Fame induction will as well!

Miles Lynch is the reigning FFP World Champion. He defeated Matt Kraven in April of last year to win the championship, and has had much success as the champion. At FFP Devastation Lynch may face one of his toughest tasks against former stablemate Everett Moses! Of course The Conglomerate will be in Lynch’s corner as well.