• Daniel Matthews is injured. He will be out for two weeks or so, nursing an orbital bone fracture.
• Evan Kaine and Ava St James are the King and Queen of the Winter Jam. Which titles will they decide to challenge for?
• Veronica Clyne will face off against Brandi Moore one last time in Brandi’s final match of her career. The match will take place at FFP Glory in August!
• The Tour of Japan is quickly approaching.
• Our event calendar has been updated. Get your tickets now. We have a bunch of dates announced.
• FFP heads to Honolulu this July for the Mid-Summer Classic!
• FFP Glory will take place this year in FFP’s birthplace, Cincinnati, Ohio!

Trent Wolfe came into FFP as a huge fan favorite. And after winning the Adrenaline Title, it looked like the future was extremely bright for him. However he swerved the fans by joining Stuart Cavanaugh’s group The Conglomerate and is now in a very violent feud with FFP Hall of Famer Daniel Matthews.