Two Television Title Matches Set for Mid-Summer Classic

Last week at SSN, Hiroki Ito defended his FFP Television Title against Gregory Hart. The match was incredible. And Gregory Hart came inches close to taking the title from Hiroki. But, the 30-minute time limit ran out and the match ended in a draw. It was decided today that Gregory would get a rematch, challenging for the Television Title yet again at FFP’s biggest event of the year, FFP Mid-Summer Classic!

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07/15/2017 FFP SSN

July 15, 2017
Indianapolis, IN

The show opened up with the FFP Women’s Champion Giovanni Gotch. Gotch said that the Mid-Summer Classic is the biggest event of the year, and she demanded to be wrestling on the show. She was interrupted by the WWS Ladies Champion Alexandra Knight, who has been a thorn in Giovanni’s side. Knight challenged Gotch to a match to Mid-Summer Classic. But before Giovanni could answer, FFP original Firefly stepped onto the stage. She said that she had been a part of FFP since the beginning, and had never won the Diamond or Women’s Title. She said that she wanted the chance on the biggest stage to win the title. Firefly and Alexandra bickered until Veronica Clyne came out. Clyne announced that the two would wrestle tonight, with the winner going on to Mid-Summer Classic to face Giovanni Gotch for the FFP Women’s Championship.

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07/08/2017 FFP SSN

July 8, 2017
Columbus, Ohio

The show opened up with Daniel Matthews, who came to the ring and demanded that his ex-protege Kyle Donovan come down to the ring. Kyle interfered in Daniel’s HONOR World Title defense at the FFP 4th of July, costing Daniel the title.

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07/04/2017 FFP 4th of July

FFP 4th of July
July 4, 2017
Kansas City, Missouri

The show opened up with fireworks going off all over the arena. The ring had the traditional red, white and blue ropes.

The crowd cheered as the HONOR Women’s Champion Aubrey Moresi came down to the ring. She took the microphone and spoke about her upcoming title defense at Mid-Summer Classic. Aubrey will defend her title in a 6-Woman Ladder Match, also involving Ariana Chaos, Kemina, Lizzy Kraven, Kenzie Anderson and Lacey Abernathy. Aubrey talked about being a fighting champion, saying no HONOR Women’s Champion had defended against six other women.

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BREAKING: FFP Signs Kodee Black

Late Monday night we learned that Full Force Pro had signed impressive woman wrestler Kodee Black to an exclusive contract. Kodee is currently in Kansas City and will be in attendance for FFP 4th of July.

Kodee is a familiar face to many hardcore wrestling fans, spending many years in the sport before taking some time off.

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Two Matches Already Set for FFP Mid-Summer Classic

Full Force Pro presents the FFP Mid-Summer Classic annually in late July. This year, this huge event will come to you live from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. One night after the 2017 FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony, we will see one hell of a main event with the FFP World Title on the line, as well as a very first for the HONOR Women’s Title.

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07/01/2017 FFP SSN

July 1, 2017
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The show opened up with the reigning HONOR World Champion Daniel Matthews. Daniel came out and said that after talking to reliable sources that Matt Kraven was not in Detroit last weekend and therefore he wanted Matt to come to the ring.

Matt came to the ring. Daniel then apologized, saying he was sorry he accused Matt have having his music play and causing a distraction at last week’s SSN main event. Matt accepted the apologize and the two friends shook hands.

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