Two Injuries Coming Out of Lethal Injection

At Sunday night’s Lethal Injection pay-per-view two of our superstars were injured. And both injuries were due to personal animosity.

The first injury came early in the night when Logan Christopher was scheduled to take on Joey DeMarco. But the brawl quickly found it’s way to the outside where Logan eventually beat DeMarco bloody, and handcuffed him to the steel guardrail.

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Kenzie Anderson Gets Called Up


Kenzie Anderson has been called up to the FFP main roster

* This article contains spoilers regarding the FFP Lethal Injection pay-per-view that aired on September 25. If you have not viewed that event you’ll want to skip this article and check out Lethal Injection first. If you have seen Lethal Injection, read on.

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09/25/2016 FFP Lethal Injection (PPV)

FFP Lethal Injection
September 25, 2016 | San Francisco, California

The show opened up with an update on the #1 Contender Tournament that was currently ongoing. Daniel Matthews then came out and spoke about his all of the contenders in the tournament would make tough opponents for him. He said that he couldn’t wait to find out who would be the new number one contender.

But Daniel was interrupted, by OWF trainer Brandon Kincaide.

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Austin Briggs Gives His Lethal Injection Predictions

This afternoon sat down with former FFP World Champion Austin Briggs who is still recovering from injury. Briggs gave his predictions for Sunday’s FFP Lethal  Injection pay-per-view.

Here is what he had to say.

Handicap Match
Masina vs The Queendom

The Queendom are former Diamond Tag Team Champions. But Masina is one big scary chick. I think Masina will hold her own, but the 2-on-1 will eventually catch up to her. The Queendom in a close one.

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Keri Faye Gives Her Lethal Injection Predictions

Late last night sat down with FFP’s controversial news correspondent Keri Faye. Keri was kind enough to give us her predictions for Sunday’s FFP Lethal ┬áInjection pay-per-view.

Here is what she had to say.

Handicap Match
Masina vs The Queendom

It’s been nice of the Queendom to show up as of late, because I was truly beginning to forget about their existence. But come on, have you seen Masina? Of course you have, she’s hard to miss. Seriously, that’s a BIG girl. All Masina really has to do is sit on them, and that will be that.

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An Updated Look at the #1 Contender Tournament

Click for a better look at our tournament

Click for a better look at our tournament

Another day has passed and more matches have taken place in our number one contender tournament. The Quarterfinal matches are set and will take place as soon as possible, maybe on Monday. The eight superstars left in the tournament are Gregory Hart, Anarchy, Deshaun Reed, Jackson Pearce, Prince Tau, Patrick McCoy, Aiden Conrad and Odell Porter.

We have really enjoyed the tournament thus far and have also gotten word from many of our fans who have really enjoyed it as well. Going into the final matches of the tournament, we are sure to see some great wrestling action. And soon, a new number one contender for Daniel Matthews’ World Championship.

09/21/2016 Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday
September 21, 2016 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Via Satellite
The show began with Raquel St Claire live via satellite with 2016 FFP Hall of Famer Nina Fox. Nina had been out of action since Blaze of Glory after Cindy Labre and April Hunter spike piledrove her on the arena floor, breaking her neck.

Raquel asked Nina how she was feeling. Nina said that she was sad, she was hurt and extremely pissed off.

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