16-to-1 Tournament

16-to-1 Tournament Events

Date Main Event Location Link
01/17/2019 Kimber Stiles vs Rose Hansan (Semifinals) San Francisco, CA Click Here
01/12/2019 Addison Steele vs Kimber Stiles (Quarterfinals) San Jose, CA Click Here
01/10/2019 Meegan Lynch vs Juniper Shepard (Night 2) San Diego, CA Click Here
01/08/2019 Rose Hansan vs Paisley Starr (Night 1) San Diego, CA Click Here
12/09/2017 Jazzy Faye vs Hau Liu (Night 3) Corpus Christi, TX Click Here
12/02/2017 Max Zeta vs Gina Dilano (Night 2) Los Angeles, CA Click Here
12/01/2017 Saige Abbott vs Big Luce (Night 1) Los Angeles, CA Click Here
02/14/2015 Sarah Robinson vs Amanda Cortez Denver, CO Click Here

16-to-1 Tournament Posters


16-to-1 Tournament Facts

• The 2017 tournament was unfortunately cut short due to internal situations within Full Force Pro followed by a brief break.
• In 2016, Jaqueline Aulstrike was the tournament winner.
• In 2015, the 16-to-1 Tournament debuted, coined the 16-Woman Valentine’s Day Tournament. The winner of that tournament was Amanda Cortez.

2020 16-to-1 Tournament Preview

Coming soon!

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