11/16/2013 FFP Return Show Results

Our show opened up with FFP newcomer Adam Hyatt along with his manager Madison Castle taking on Logan Christopher. In a back and forth, exciting match Adam gained the victory with a super powerbomb.

Following that match, we saw Kashimanaki take on another newcomer, “Primetime” Deshawn Williams, with his manager Tyrece Beckman. Kashimanaki hit some amazing kicks, but missed a kick on the outside of the ring and cracked his leg on the steel ring post. Williams ended up winning the match after hitting Kashimanaki with a modified double arm DDT.

Our next match was a tag team match. Nathan “The Pitbull” Caine and Matt Evanston teamed up to take on The Realm of Darkness (Deranged, El Diablo & Synn). This was another back and forth match with Caine and Evanston gaining the victory after Caine delivered a powerbomb to Deranged following by a flying leg drop from Matt Evanston.

After the match the lights went out and Synn announced The Realm of Darkness’ new member, Hades. Hades came down to the ring and assisted Deranged and Diablo in destroying Nathan and Matt.

Next was the 20-Diamond Battle Royal featuring present Diamonds as well as “throwbacks”. The Battle Royal included the likes of Seduction Inc (Brandi Moore & Taylor Clawson), Lizzy Kraven, Pandora, Lacey Abernathy, and Throwbacks such as Rochelle, Kimmy Carmichael, Ginger Fields, Firefly, Monika Andrews and Elizabeth Summers.

The final four Diamonds would compete later in the night in an elimination 4-Way match for the FFP Diamond Title. And if any of the final four were Throwback Diamonds, they would earn a spot on the FFP Roster.

Monika Andrews

Monika Andrews

Lizzy Kraven, Brandi Moore, Taylor Clawson, Rochelle, Monika Andrews and Firefly recorded the most eliminations with two a piece. The final four ended up being both members of Seduction Inc, Firefly and Monika Andrews. Therefore, Firefly and Monika earned spots on the roster!

The next match was Christopher Morgan vs Hunter Brown. Morgan, a former FFP World Champion took the microphone before the match and expressed his disappointment in him not being included in the night’s main event, a 5-Spot Ladder Match for the FFP World Title.

Morgan battled back and forth with Hunter Brown and won the match with the Tiger Driver. After the match, a masked man came to the ring and attacked Christopher with a chair, putting an exclamation point on the attack by delivering a Fisherman Brainbuster on the chair.

The masked assailant removed his mask to reveal that it was Christopher’s ex-stable member Caleb Newstead. Newstead explained that he was the founding father of the Simply the Best stable, and he was the one who brought Christopher Morgan into Full Force Pro. Newstead said he wouldn’t play second fiddle anymore.

Taylor Clawson

Taylor Clawson

After the attack, the next match was the FFP Diamond Title 4-Way Match. Monika Andrews was the first Diamond eliminated after Brandi Moore hit her with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Firefly and Brandi then battled, and Firefly hit her finisher, the Crucifix Powerbomb for the pin. The final two Diamonds were Firefly and Taylor Clawson. Both women showed true heart, battling back and forth. Taylor countered Firefly’s powerbomb attempt with her finisher, the Downward Spiral, but Firefly kicked out. Clawson then delivered a jumping piledriver for the pinfall victory. For the first time in her career, Taylor Clawson was the FFP Diamond Champion. Brandi Moore watched the end of the match, and stormed off.

Veronica Clyne

Veronica Clyne

Finally it was time for the main event. A 5-Spot Ladder Match for the FFP World Title. Featuring Daniel Matthews, Austin Briggs, Veronica Clyne, Anarchy and Patrick McCoy. All five superstars took turns beating on one another. A few close calls with Daniel Matthews and Austin Briggs climbing up the ladder. Anarchy found himself on top of the ladder only to be superplexed off by Patrick McCoy and Briggs. At the end of the match, Daniel Matthews and Veronica Clyne found themselves scaling the ladder. Once they met up top, Daniel (who trained Veronica), noticed Austin Briggs was up, and making his way toward the ladder. Matthews dove off, nailing Briggs with a cross body block. Veronica Clyne, surprised at Daniel’s actions, watched for a moment, then grabbed the World Title, making history becoming the FFP’s first female World Champion.

The event ended with Veronica celebrating in the ring with her former trainer and stable mate Daniel Matthews, and her husband, FFP President Matt Kraven.


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