Veronica Clyne is Finally the FFP World Champion!

Since 2008 when Veronica Clyne joined Full Force Pro after being trained by former FFP World Champion Daniel Matthews, it has always been Veronica’s dream to one day hold the FFP World Championship.

Following many triumphs and tragedies, like losing to Brandi Moore after being superkicked by her own boyfriend Matt Kraven, turning around and winning the FFP Tag Team Titles, and eventually winning the FFP Diamond Title which seemed to always escape her, Veronica finally saw her dream of becoming World Champion come true.

On Saturday night at FFP’s Return Show, Veronica took part in a 5-Spot Ladder Match, also including Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy, Anarchy and Austin Briggs. In a back and forth match, Veronica found herself atop the ladder with old friend Daniel Matthews. As Austin Briggs targeted the ladder to break up the fight for the title, Daniel dove off the top of the ladder, taking Briggs out. Veronica watched in confusion, then looked up and grabbed the title that she had always wanted to hold.

After the match, Veronica celebrated with Daniel Matthews, as well as her now husband, FFP President Matt Kraven. With tears in her eyes Veronica held the belt up high, with honor and pride, knowing that she earned her spot in FFP history. Veronica Clyne is the very first female FFP World Champion. An achievement that no one will ever be able to take away from her.

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