Veronica Clyne vs Brandi Moore: The Greatest Feud in FFP History?

Spider-Man vs Green Goblin. Superman vs Lex Luther. Michigan vs Ohio State. These are all huge rivalries that see no end in sight. Veronica Clyne and Brandi Moore has had quite the heated rivalry as well. However, unlike the mentioned rivalries, this rivalry seems to have fizzled. However, just because it fizzled does not mean there isn’t a chance for it to heat back up.

Veronica Clyne

Veronica and Brandi both joined Full Force Pro in the very beginning of the company. And they first met in a triple threat match (also including Firefly) on Saturday October 4, 2008. In that match Brandi eliminated Firefly, and as Veronica assisted Firefly, who was being attacked by Brandi Moore who was trying to rip her mask off, Brandi took advantage of the distracted Veronica Clyne and leveled her with a running knee to the side of the face. The blow knocked Veronica unconscious and sent her to the hospital with a concussion. Brandi went on to wrestle Firefly the next week and become the first ever FFP Diamond Champion (then named the FFP Women’s Championship).

Veronica, who was visited many times in the hospital by Firefly, fellow Soul Assassin members Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy, and President Matt Kraven himself, worked hard to get back to the ring as soon as possible.

When Veronica finally made her return, she battled Brandi numerous times, and although she may have scored a couple of victories, she couldn’t defeat the blonde bombshell for the Diamond Title. On November  8, 2008 however, Veronica was able to successfully defeat Brandi Moore and her new tag team partner Taylor Clawson in a handicap match to win the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles for herself.

On March 28, 2009 Brandi Moore and Veronica Clyne took part in an elimination four way match with Madison Grey and Taylor Clawson with Brandi’s Diamond Title on the line. President Matt Kraven, who had began dating Veronica Clyne, appointed himself the special guest referee. Madison Grey was the first eliminated followed by Taylor Clawson. The heated rivalry of Brandi vs Veronica took center stage. As it seemed as if Veronica was finally going to win the Diamond Title, hooking Brandi Moore into a sharpshooter in the center of the ring, Kraven leveled his girlfriend with a superkick. After counting the 1,2,3, Kraven awarded the Diamond Title to Brandi and to add fuel to the fire, made out with Moore right in the center of the ring.

Many felt as if Veronica would leave Full Force Pro after this travesty, however she came back stronger, taking down all competitors to step in her way. Finally Veronica was awarded a match with Brandi for the Diamond Title. On April 25, 2009 Veronica battled Brandi in a brutal ladder match. Brandi, who had Matt Kraven and even the evil Synn interfere for her, still couldn’t get past Veronica Clyne. For the first time in her career, Veronica Clyne defeated Brandi Moore for the FFP Diamond Title.

On February 3, 2010 Veronica put her title on the line against Brandi. Matt Kraven was at ringside, and many felt he would interfere in one way or another. During the match Taylor Clawson came down to aid her friend, but Matt forced her backstage. While this was happening the referee was distracted and Brandi leveled Veronica with the Diamond Title and gained a pinfall victory, becoming FFP Diamond Champion once again.

Unfortunately in 2011, Matt Kraven, with Veronica Clyne back at his side, lost a match to his brother Chris, for control of FFP. During the match Chris attacked Veronica, distracting Matt and leaving him open for Chris to roll him up for the cheap victory. Chris ran the company until August, awarding himself and his girlfriend titles and firing other superstars. Veronica obviously left with Matt and Brandi quit shortly after.

Nowadays, Veronica and Brandi seem to coexist backstage and on twitter, but many feel that it’s only a matter of time before the girls end up rekindling their feud. With Veronica and Matt now married it seems as if Brandi is over her romance with Matt as well as her hatred for Veronica Clyne, but the hatred that the two shared does not seem to be something that would easily go away.

Will Veronica and Brandi ever clash again? Since they are both active wrestlers you could assume so, however it’s a feud that I’m sure Matt Kraven and many others would not want to relive again.

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