11/20/2013 Wednesday Warfare Results

The show opens up with clips from Saturday’s return show. The crowd goes crazy for the clips of Taylor Clawson winning the Diamond Title as well as Veronica Clyne winning the World Title.

Ariana Chaos & Firefly vs Monika Andrews & Jenna Kaufman
A close and quick paced match. Firefly gets Monika in the ring and proves that she is by far a better wrestler, although Monika had held the Diamond Title on two occasions.

Jenna Kaufman hits Ariana Chaos with an awesome superplex for a two count. Firefly gets tagged in and hits Jenna with the Crucifix Powerbomb for the pinfall victory.

Interview with new FFP Diamond Champion Taylor Clawson
Taylor Clawson is interviewed out in the ring by returning FFP Interviewer Francine Davis. Francine asks Taylor about winning the Diamond Title, about Brandi storming away and her disappearance. She also asks about who Taylor wants to defend the title against, and if she would defend against Brandi.

Taylor says it was the greatest day of her life winning the title. She says it had been a long time coming. She says that she is worried about Brandi and hopes she shows up soon so everyone knows she’s okay. Taylor then says she would defend against anyone, even Brandi if it came to that, but she would really like to step into the ring with Firefly again.

Backstage Matt Kraven is shown talking with Lizzy Kraven. He says that since Brandi has been nowhere to be seen that Lizzy can take Brandi’s spot in her match against Poisyn tonight. Lizzy quickly accepts Matt’s offer.

Patrick McCoy vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle
Another fast paced match with a few high flying moves from Patrick McCoy, who is a former FFP Cruiserweight Champion. He attempts a flying leg drop but misses. Hyatt plants him with a DDT and gets a two count.

McCoy fights back and is on the verge of hitting the Kryptonite Krunch when Madison Castle jumps on the ring apron and distracts him. McCoy drops Adam, grabs Madison by the hair and lays a big old kiss on her. When he turns around he is blasted by Adam’s finisher, the Superkick. Hyatt hooks the leg and gains the pinfall victory.

Matt Kraven announces that at the Hail to the Victors show on November 30th that Taylor Clawson will have her first Diamond Title defense against Firefly. The crowd erupts in excitement.

3-on-3 Tag Match:
Nathan Caine, Matt Evanston & Logan Christopher vs The Realm of Darkness
This match quickly turns into a brawl. Logan Christopher gets busted open by Deranged. Nathan Caine and Matt Evanston dump the three members of Realm of Darkness out of the ring and Logan suicide does on them all.

Deranged, Diablo and Hades gain the upper hand after Synn distracts Matt Evanston. After a brainbuster, Deranged and Diablo hit their finishing moves back to back, the double stomp from the top rope. Deranged pins Evanston for the win.

After the match The Realm continue beating on their opponents, however Caine, Evanston and Christopher fight back, clearing the ring except for Synn. Nathan Caine then grabs Synn by her hair and delivers a powerbomb to the former Diamond Champion. The crowd explodes with cheers.

Pandora vs Lacey Abernathy
Pandora comes out to the ring, but before she is even there, Lacey runs out and attacks her from behind. The two break into a huge brawl in the entrance. Using the steel guardrail, the steel steps and the side of the ring as weapons, both girls take turns slamming each other Into everything.

Pandora floors Lacey with a clothesline and walks to the time keeper’s table. As Lacey pulls herself back up to her feet Pandora grabs a steel chair and cracks Lacey over the head with it. The referee has no other choice but to disqualify Pandora. FFP Security quickly intervenes separating Pandora from Lacey.

Lizzy Kraven vs Poisyn (Brandi Moore is replaced by Lizzy Kraven)
Lizzy Kraven comes out and dominates the match. Poisyn gains the upper hand for a moment with a rake to the eyes, but Lizzy fights back.

As Lizzy calls for her finisher, the Kraven Lariat, Brandi Moore emerges from the back. She storms into the ring and begins to beat Poisyn down. After several punches and kicks to the head, with Poisyn laying prone on the mat, Lizzy attempts to force Brandi off of Poisyn. By now the referee has called for the disqualification due to outside interference.

Lizzy continues to plead with Brandi to stop until Brandi double legs Lizzy and begins to beat on her as well.

Finally Diamond Champion, and Brandi’s stablemate Taylor Clawson runs down to the ring. Taylor pulls Brandi off of Lizzy. Brandi looks at Taylor, looks at the havoc she has caused, and back at Taylor. She then climbs out of the ring and walks to the back. Taylor stands, looking puzzled, then begins to help Lizzy Kraven to her feet.

Caleb Newstead vs Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt
Caleb Newstead comes out to a mixed reaction. He was hated by the fans when he wrestled years ago. Morgan is greeted with a chorus of boos. Bianca covers Christopher’s ears.

This match is very technical, with both men jockeying for an advantage. Christopher Morgan’s size is too much for Newstead however. The presence of Bianca doesn’t help Caleb either. As he begins to climb to the top rope Morgan distracts the ref and Bianca hits Newstead with a low blow. He falls to the arena floor. Morgan throws him back inside and taunts the fans. After hitting a couple of power moves Morgan hits the Tiger Driver and scores the pinfall victory.

Interview with new FFP World Champion Veronica Clyne
Francine Davis welcomes Veronica Clyne to the ring. Clyne’s reception from the crowd is loud and long. She thanks them for the support. Francine asks Veronica how it feels to achieve her dream of being the World Champion and how it feels to be the first female World Champion.

Veronica says that she always dreamt it, but wasn’t sure if it would actually happen. She says that its a great feeling and that she wakes up everyday just as excited as the
night she won the title. Davis then asks Veronica what she thought when Daniel dove off the ladder to take out Austin Briggs. Veronica says that it felt like Daniel was taking care of her. She says he has always taken care of her since he trained her to get into this sport.

Daniel Matthews w/ Penelope & Angelica vs Austin Briggs
The match begins with the two men trading slaps. The slaps turn to punches which turns into a brawl. Briggs gains the upperhand and tosses Matthews over the top. Then he begins to taunt Daniel’s managers.

Matthews comes back after a springboard clothesline and a spinebuster. Matthews takes Briggs to the top rope in an attempt for a superplex. Briggs fights back, but Matthews hits the Death Valley Driver off the top rope. Matthews pins Briggs and wins the main event. Daniel celebrates with Penelope and Angelica as the show ends.

– Ariana Chaos & Firefly defeated Monika Andrews & Jenna Kaufman
– Adam Hyatt defeated Patrick McCoy
– Lacey Abernathy defeated Pandora by DQ
– The Realm of Darkness defeated Nathan Caine, Matt Evanston & Logan Christopher
– Poisyn defeated Lizzy Kraven by DQ
– Christopher Morgan defeated Caleb Newstead
– Daniel Matthews defeated Austin Briggs


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