11/23/2013 Sadistic Saturday Night Results

The show opens up with President Matt Kraven welcoming everyone to the return of SSN. The crowd chants “SSN” as well as “FFP”.

Kraven says that we have a couple of Adrenaline Title Qualifying matches, a few tag team matches, and one hell of a rivalry between Pandora and Lacey Abernathy.

Matt encourages everyone to follow FFP superstars on Twitter to get more of an insight into their lives.

Adrenaline Title Qualifier:
Caleb Newstead vs Patrick McCoy
Fast paced match. A match we have seen many times over previous years in FFP, however Newstead no longer has Christopher Morgan in his corner.

Newstead hits a snap suplex and flying elbow drop early for a two count. McCoy fights back and nails am impressive t-bone suplex. After a spinebuster McCoy goes up top, but as he attempts a diving move, Newstead hits a dropkick in the midsection.

Newstead attempts his Fisherman Brainbuster but McCoy blocks, escapes, and hits the shining wizard. McCoy then drops Newstead with the Kryptonite Krunch for the victory.

After Patrick leaves the ring Christopher Morgan emerges with Bianca Hunt by his side. Morgan pummels Newstead and grabs a table from under the ring. He pulls Caleb to his feet and sends him crashing through the table with a powerbomb. Morgan then stands over his former teammate with his arms raised in the air.

The scene cuts backstage to Francine Davis who is standing by with Pandora. Francine asks Pandora how she feels being able to face her rival in a No DQ match. She also asks her what happened last week.

Pandora says she is so ready to put a butt whooping on Lacey. She says she has never wanted to fight anyone in her entire life like she wants to fight Lacey. She says that obviously last week that she snapped. She says it felt so good hitting Lacey with the steel chair, but having a loss against her, even by DQ, is terrible.

No Disqualification:
Pandora vs Lacey Abernathy
A hard hitting and violent match right from the start. Pandora is quick to grab a weapon after a few snapmares by using Lacey’s bright red hair.

Pandora takes a steel chair like at Wednesday Warfare. As she gets back into the ring, Lacey hops to her feet and drop kicks the chair into Pandora’s face.

Lacey hits a few power moves and throws
Pandora over the top rope. She climbs to the top rope and attempts a flying double axe handle. But Pandora moves out of the way and Lacey crashes into the guardrail.

When the match gets back inside the squared circle Lacey gains the upperhand with a Singapore cane. Lacey takes Pandora up to the top rope but Pandora shoves her down to the mat. Pandora jumps off the top, but Lacey grabs ahold of the Singapore came again and bashes Pandora in the face. Lacey then hooks the leg and wins the match.

The scene cuts to Francine Davis who is backstage again, this time with Monika Andrews and Jenna Kaufman. Francine says that the girls wanted her to give them a platform to speak, and now they have it. Monika admits that she understands why the fans don’t like her with everything she did with Chris Kraven here in the past, but she says she is back to be a wrestler and that her and Jenna Kaufman are the newest FFP Diamond tag team and look to go after the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

Jenna says that her and Monika have been planning and working out together and that no matter who they face off against that they will come out the winners, and eventually they will win the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

Youth Gone Wild vs Nathan Caine & Matt Evanston
Matt Evanston starts out with Hunter Brown. Both men show off technical wrestling skills. After Matt hits a snap suplex he tags in Nathan. After a few power moves Hunter tags in Brandon Kincaide, who is floored by Caine.

The two teams continue to battle until the lights go out. When they come back on the Realm of Darkness is standing in the ring. All three teams brawl throughout the ring until FFP security finally comes out and breaks the brawl up. The match ends in a no contest.

Non-Title Match:
Taylor Clawson vs Ariana Chaos
Ariana puts up a good fight against the current FFP Diamond Champion. Ariana, known for her high flying skills, hits a couple of impressive moves off the top. Taylor gains the advantage leveling Chaos with a running clothesline followed with an inverted suplex. Taylor hits the Downward Spiral for the pinfall victory.

After the match Francine Davis enters the ring and introduces the Skye Sisters. Francine asks them if they will be participating in any Diamond Tag Team Title determinations. The sisters say that they will participate as long as they are allowed.

As they speak, Brandi Moore walks out from backstage. Everyone goes quiet as she enters the ring. Francine holds the microphone out in case Brandi wants to say anything. Instead, Brandi double legs Natalie Skye and beats her down. When Mona tries to save her sister, Brandi boots her in the stomach and hits the Fisherman Brainbuster.
Brandi then begins to beat on Natalie again.

Finally, Taylor Clawson runs down to the ring. She pulls Brandi off of Natalie, who is now motionless. Brandi smiles as Taylor questions what is going on. Moore then climbs out of the ring and walks to the back.

Adrenaline Title Qualifier:
Austin Briggs vs Logan Christopher
Austin Briggs pretty much dominates the match. Logan gains the upperhand for a moment, but misses a missile drop kick. Austin hits an impressive plethora of suplexes before hitting the Cradle Shock Driver for the pin.

After the match Austin calls for the microphone. He says that he wants one last match against Daniel Matthews at Hail to the Victors. Briggs says that if he can’t beat Matthews, he will never challenge him again. Daniel comes out onto the top of the entrance and accepts Austin’s challenge.

Backstage The Realm of Darkness is shown. They seem to be doing some kind of creepy ceremony. Synn then announces that the newest member of their group is Poisyn. Synn says that the darkness will consume FFP.

Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven vs Jenna Kaufman & Monika Andrews
A very good match. Many skeptics doubted Monika’s skills after everything her and Chris Kraven did in FFP. But she silenced them tonight. Hitting FFP World Champion with a snap powerbomb Monika gets a two count on the champ. Lizzy explodes with multiple hellacious kicks to both Monika and Jenna. Jenna stops Lizzy with a thumb to the eye and a DDT. Veronica gets tagged in as Lizzy is getting beaten pretty bad. Veronica hits one of her new finishers, the Stonecold Stunner on both girls and pins Jenna Kaufman for the victory.

After the match Matt Kraven comes out and announces that he will be having a special match between all the Diamond tag teams. He says that it will be only for the arena attendance but news about the match will be available on the website. He also says that Seduction Inc is welcomed to participate if Brandi is willing. The crowd seems curious.

Anarchy & Daniel Matthews vs Christopher Morgan & “Primetime” Deshawn Williams
Hard hitting match. Anarchy and Christopher Morgan trade many hard, stiff chops, slaps and punches. Matthews takes Morgan down with a bulldog. Faces off against Williams and slows him down with a kick to the head. Deshawn turns Anarchy inside out with a running clothesline.

Christopher Morgan hits Anarchy with the Tiger Driver but only gets a two count. Deshawn comes in and hits Anarchy with a big spinebuster for another two count. Daniel Matthews finally gets a tag and cleans house. He takes Deshawn out of the ring and hits Morgan with the Death Valley Driver for the pinfall.

After the match Daniel helps Anarchy up and begins to celebrate. Austin Briggs then runs down to the ring armed with a steel chair. He blasts Daniel Matthews from behind with the chair. Anarchy goes after Briggs, but he hops out of the ring and hightails it to the back.


After the show goes off the air, Matt Kraven announces that their will be a Diamond Tag Team Battle Royal for the Diamond Tag Team Titles. He then announces the teams. Synn & Poisyn, The Skye Sisters, Lizzy Kraven & Firefly, Monika Andrews & Jenna Kaufman and Daniel Matthews’ valets Penelope & Angelica.

Monika Andrews & Jenna Kaufman win the match lastly eliminating The Skye Sisters.

– Patrick McCoy defeated Caleb Newstead in an Adrenaline Title Qualifier.
– Lacey Abernathy defeated Pandora in a No DQ Match.
– YGW vs Caine & Evanston ended in a No Contest.
– Taylor Clawson defeated Ariana Chaos in a Non-Title Match.
– Austin Briggs defeated Logan Christopher in an Adrenaline Title Qualifier.
– Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven defeated Monika Andrews & Jenna Kaufman
– Anarchy & Daniel Matthews defeated Christopher Morgan & Deshawn Williams.

After SSN goes off the air:
– Monika Andrews & Jenna Kaufman won a five-team battle royal (also including Synn & Poisyn, The Skye Sisters, Lizzy Kraven & Firefly and Penelope & Angelica) to win the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions.


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