Simply the Best: the Best Stable in FFP History?

Caleb Newstead

Caleb Newstead

Few stables in Full Force Pro have been able to hold the titles, feature the talent and frankly dominate the FFP like Simply the Best has.

A World Champion? Check. A Diamond Champion? Check. Tag Team Champs? Absolutely. How about Diamond Tag Champs? Indeed. Cruiserweight and TV Titles? Of course.

Caleb Newstead started the group in the early days of FFP after winning the Television Title (now the Adrenaline Title), by bringing in his close friend Christopher Morgan. The duo were the first Tag Team Champions.

Not long after, Caleb Newstead continued his feud with Logan Christopher, using Logan’s cute girlfriend Brandi Moore as a way to push Logan’s button. Newstead defeated his rival with the help of Logan’s girl. Brandi then joined with Caleb Newstead and Simply the Best.

Seduction Inc

Seduction Inc

Brandi Moore wound up bringing in her close friend Taylor Clawson, making up the tag team of Seduction Inc. This legendary Diamond tag team first found success in the stable Simply the Best.

But their history doesn’t end there. Not even close. Christopher Morgan wound up defeating Daniel Matthews for the FFP World Championship, bringing the absolute best title in wrestling to their group.

Christopher Morgan

Christopher Morgan

Later on, Matt Kraven began to feud with his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Summers, who had been named Commissioner of FFP. Kraven enlisted the help of the Soul Assassins (Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy and of course Veronica Clyne).

Christopher Morgan shocked the world, running Matt Kraven down with a car and officially bringing Elizabeth into the stable, now seeming to be under the control of Morgan.

As the years went by, the group dwindled. Seduction Inc went out on their own, Elizabeth Summers lost her share of the company and Caleb Newstead eventually made his exit from FFP.

However, if you look through the history of the FFP, whether it be title histories, the video library or past shows, you will see a past that is littered with victories of everyone who ever became a member of this elite group.

Is it the greatest stable in history? It’s arguable. Some may say the Soul Assassins or the Realm of Darkness. But the great thing about this sport we all know and love is that we always have the past to look back to and reminisce about these great superstars and great alliances.

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