12/1/2013 Hail to the Victors Results

20131201-002715.jpgThe show begins with Francine Davis bringing the FFP Adrenaline Title out to ringside.

– FFP Adrenaline Title Finals –
Patrick McCoy vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle

Patrick McCoy is actually accompanied to the ring by Pandora’s sister, the woman he protected from Lacey Abernathy last night, Scarlett Ducane.

McCoy gains the upperhand with technical wrestling. McCoy attempts a flying elbow drop but Hyatt moves out of the way. Hyatt hits a German suplex for a two count.

Madison Castle climbs up onto the apron to try to distract Patrick McCoy, but Scarlett jumps to the apron and tackles Madison off the ring. McCoy watches as the girls go down. While distracted, Hyatt rolls McCoy up but only gets a two count.

Hyatt attempts to whip Patrick into the corner but Patrick reverses, sending Adam into the corner. McCoy attempts a splash, but Adam moves out of the way. After McCoy hits the turnbuckles he turns around and is leveled with the Superkick courtesy of Adam. Hyatt now pins McCoy for the pin to become the FFP Adrenaline Champion

Backstage we see Matt Kraven with Taylor Clawson. He obviously has already got the Diamond Title back from Brandi Moore as he is seen giving it to Taylor.

Now we see clips of the rocky past of Caleb Newstead and Christopher Morgan.

Caleb Newstead vs Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt
This one starts out hard with both hitting hard hits on the other. Morgan goes for a Tiger Driver early but Newstead blocks and hits a kick to the head and a DDT. Newstead takes Morgan to the top to attempt a Fisherman Brainbuster from up there but Morgan shoves Newstead off the top rope. He attempts a flying elbow drop but Newstead moves. The action spills to the outside where both men take turns throwing the other into the steel guardrail. Both men eventually floor the other with simultaneous clotheslines.

The referee finally finishes his 10 count and declare the match a draw. Both men get back to their feet and continue brawling. Newstead gets ahold of a chair, but Morgan quickly scurries up the entrance ramp with Bianca by his side. The couple disappear backstage while Newstead gets cheers from the crowd.

We now see clips of the damage Lacey Abernathy did to Pandora as well as her sister Scarlett Ducane.

imageLacey Abernathy vs Lizzy Kraven
Lacey comes out to a chorus of boos while the crowd cheers loud for Lizzy Kraven.

Kraven starts the match out hard and fast, hitting several kicks before taking Lacey to the ground and laying into her.

Lizzy hits a Death Valley Driver for a two count. She then clotheslines Lacey out of the ring. Lacey climbs back into the ring and takes Lizzy’s face. Then she plants her with a DDT. Eventually Lizzy fights back. She hits a few more impressive strikes before hitting the Kraven Lariat for the win.

After the match Pandora walks down to the ring wearing a protective face mask to protect her fractured orbital bone. Lizzy tries to talk her out of getting physical with Lacey. Pandora pleads and turns toward Lacey. By now Abernathy is up and hits Pandora with a hard punch to the eye. Pandora falls to the mat and Lacey slides out of the ring. As she makes her exit Lizzy checks on Pandora.

– FFP Tag Team Titles –
3-Team Ladder Match
Youth Gone Wild vs The Realm of Darkness vs Nathan Caine & Matt Evanston
A fast paced ladder match, each team seems to take turns climbing to the top of the ladder only to be tipped off. Deranged and Diablo take Nathan Caine down with a superplex off the ladders. Them Hunter and Brandon take the Realm of Darkness out of the ring.

Youth Gone Wild climb to the ladder but Matt Evanston tips it over. Matt now climbs up only to be taken off the ladder by Hunter Brown. Evanston fights, kicking Brown several times from the ladder. Then Nathan Caine floors Brown with a running clothesline. Evanston now reaches up and grabs both of the FFP Tag Team Titles.

The scene cuts to Francine Davis who is standing by with Brandi Moore. Francine asks Brandi why she disappeared for so long. Brandi says that Taylor won the title and didn’t deserve it. She says that she didn’t want to fight with Taylor, so she took some time, but the spotlight kept shining on Taylor and no one would shut up about it.

Francine asks Brandi if she is jealous that Taylor has the Diamond Title. Brandi says that she is not jealous because she knows she’s the best Diamond in FFP history and that no matter who wins this match tonight that eventually the title will find its way back to the rightful owner.

image– FFP Diamond Title –
(C) Taylor Clawson vs Firefly
Match starts with a handshake. It’s evident that Taylor will use technical skills while Firefly will use speed and high flying skills.

Taylor hits an early back breaker for a one count. Firefly takes Taylor down with a leg scissors following an Irish whip. Taylor gains the upperhand again with a running knee lift. Taylor pulls Firefly up and sets her up for the Downward Spiral, but Brandi Moore storms the ring. She slides into the ring and Taylor lets go of Firefly. Brandi stares down Taylor, then hits Firefly with a kick to the gut and a face buster. The referee disqualifies Taylor for the outside interference.

Brandi climbs out if the ring and grabs the Diamond Title. Taylor climbs after her but gets leveled with the belt to the face. Brandi throws Taylor back into the ring. Moore now steps back and gets ready to deliver her devastating running knee to Taylor’s head. As she charges at Taylor, Firefly stops her with a dropkick. Brandi hits the mat hard and rolls out of the ring. Firefly stands guarding Taylor. Brandi turns around and storms backstage. Firefly now tends to Taylor Clawson.

Daniel Matthews w/ Penelope & Angelica vs Austin Briggs
Another back and forth battle. A couple of close calls for both men, most notably Daniel Matthews hitting the Death Valley Driver for a close two count. Briggs hooked Matthews in a rear named choke, but Matthews backed Briggs into the corner, smashing the referee in the process. Briggs falls to the mat, and Daniel quickly turns with a clothesline, but accidentally hits the ref.

Matthews turns toward Briggs, who now nails Daniel with a kick to the groin. Afterwards, a giant tattooed man comes down the isle. He climbs into the ring, grabs Daniel and delivers a hellacious powerbomb. The giant man grabs the ref and shakes him a couple of times before climbing out of the ring. Briggs covers Matthews and the groggy ref makes the slow three count.

After the match the big man enters the ring again, this time wielding a steel chair. He passes the chair to Austin Briggs and pulls Daniel to his feet. The big man holds Matthews’ arms back as Briggs winds up and levels him with a chairshot to the head.

Matthews falls to his knees, then flat on the mat. Briggs lays into Daniel’s back with the chair with several shots before finally leaving the ringside area with his tattooed big man behind him.

Francine Davis catches Austin Briggs backstage and simply asks who the big man is. Briggs tells everyone that this is his new buddy, Giant Monsuta. Then he tells Daniel Matthews that he told him he would go down tonight.

image– FFP World Title –
(C) Veronica Clyne vs Anarchy
Many people don’t think Veronica can compete with Anarchy. He leads the match in the beginning, although he looks somewhat gun shy at first.

Veronica battles back with an impressive suplex for a two count. Anarchy fought back with a Samoan drop. Anarchy then brings Veronica back up to her feet and picks her up in a firemans carry, but Veronica slips off of Anarchy’s back and slaps on a rear naked choke.

Anarchy falls to his knees trying to reach for the ropes. Veronica finally releases the hold. She hits the ropes and hits the shining wizard for a two count. She steps back again and hits another shining wizard. She hooks Anarchy’s leg again for another two count.

Veronica waits for Anarchy to get back to his feet. She goes behind him and hits an awesome German suplex. She hooks Anarchy’s leg and gets the three count!

After the match Veronica takes hold of her title and carries it around the ring celebrating. Anarchy gets back up and shakes Veronica’s hand, congratulating her on a hard fought win.

– Adam Hyatt defeated Patrick McCoy to win the Adrenaline Title Tournament
– Caleb Newstead and Christopher Morgan battled to a double count out
– Lizzy Kraven defeated Lacey Abernathy
– Nathan Caine & Matt Evanston won a 3-Team Ladder Match to win the Tag Team Titles
– Firefly defeated Taylor Clawson by disqualification
– Austin Briggs defeated Daniel Matthews
– Veronica Clyne successfully defended the World Title against Anarchy


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