Seduction Inc Clashes this Saturday


Brandi Moore has been a superstar of Full Force Pro as long as FFP has been in existence. She is the original Diamond Champion, and is the original Diamond.

Brandi has served as wrestler as well as commissioner of FFP. She’s responsible for some of the most memorable moments in FFP history. She is also responsible for introducing the world to Taylor Clawson, and Seduction Inc.

Brandi has held the Diamond Title numerous times, the Diamond Tag Titles and the Tag Team Titles. Taylor however, has only held the Diamond Tag Titles alongside Brandi. That is until November 16th of this year. Taylor won the FFP Diamond Title and Brandi did not seem too happy.

imageFollowing Taylor’s title win Moore seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. No twitter, no texts and no phone calls. She resurfaced beating down random Diamonds, until finally interfering in Taylor’s Diamond Title defense against Firefly at Hail to the Victors. Then, again on Wednesday Warfare.

Matt Kraven finally made the decision, these two Diamonds, who have been together for roughly four years without a fight, need to lock horns inside the squared circle.

Two days from now at Sadistic Saturday Night, Taylor Clawson will defend her Diamond Title against the one and only Brandi Moore. In a match we never thought we would see, we could wind up being treated to a technical matchup, but we could also wind up with a hard hitting brawl. Will the two former teammates destroy one another, or will they gain each other’s respect, possibly putting them back together?

Only time will tell. Make sure to tune in on Saturday for this highly anticipated main event.


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