12/7/2013 Sadistic Saturday Night Results

The show kicks off with a video package about the history of Seduction Inc.

Ariana Chaos vs Lacey Abernathy
Ariana starts the match off with some awesome martial arts moves. She hits an early moonsault and a tornado DDT for a two count. Lacey fights back with a running knee to the lower back. Lacey hits a DDT and an elbow drop for a two count.

Chaos goes back up top but Lacey hits her legs and she falls to the turnbuckle. Lacey now climbs up and hits a brain buster from the top rope for the pin.

Matt Kraven announces that Pandora should be good to go at the two-day Merry Christmas Show. He says that Pandora will face Lacey Abernathy on day one (December 22nd).

Patrick McCoy & Caleb Newstead vs Adam Hyatt & Christopher Morgan
Technical match with all four men spending time in the ring. McCoy hits a splash from the top for a two count. Christopher Morgan plants Caleb Newstead with a Tiger Driver. Patrick interrupts the count.

Adam Hyatt attempts the Superkick but Newstead ducks it and Hyatt hits Christopher Morgan. McCoy clotheslines Hyatt out of the ring and Newstead pins Morgan.

Francine Davis is shown backstage with Taylor Clawson. She asks Taylor if she is ready to take on her former partner tonight, and what her gameplan will be. Taylor says that she has needed to face Brandi for a long time. She says that she will finally prove that she is a top Diamond. Taylor says one thing she’ll have to watch out for is Brandi’s knee to the head.

Francine asks Taylor if she thinks Brandi will try to injure her. Taylor says that she isn’t sure, but will definitely be cautious.

Nathan “The Pitbull” Caine vs Hunter Brown
Nathan gets the upperhand after a back and forth matchup. After an overhead belly-to-belly suplex Caine hits his finisher the Death Penalty for the win.

Monika Andrews and Jenna Kaufman are backstage. They talk about how they are a dominant tag team in FFP and will destroy the Skye Sisters, Synn & Poisyn or anyone else they face.

The duo then announces that they have come up with their new tag team name,
“The Queendom”.

The Skye Sisters vs Synn & Poisyn
Synn hits an ace cutter for a close two count. Synn and Poisyn hit Mona Skye with a double superplex. The Skye Sisters fight back. Natalie hits a shining wizard on Poisyn. Then Mona hits a flying leg drop for the pin.

Backstage Scarlett Ducane is grabbing a bottled water when Lacey enters the locker room. Scarlett tells Lacey that when Pandora gets ahold of her at the Merry Christmas Shoe that Lacey isn’t going to stand a chance. Lacey draws back and slaps Scarlett. The two girls begin to violently brawl until security intervenes.

Matt Evanston vs Brandon Kincaide
Kincaide hits a couple of poet moves and a brain buster for a two count. Evanston battles back and hits a lariat. Matt climbs to the top but Brandon shakes the ropes and Evanston falls to the mat.

Brandon attempts a running big boot but Matt ducks it and dumps Kincaide with a German suplex. Evanston then hooks on the ankle lock and Brandon taps out.

Now we see clips of the ongoing feud between Daniel Matthews and Austin Briggs.

Daniel Matthews & Anarchy vs Austin Briggs & Giant Monsuta
Daniel starts out with Briggs but Austin quickly tags out. When Anarchy and Giant Monsuta lock horns they hit some big power moves and strikes.

Anarchy hits a powerbomb on Austin Briggs for a two count. Briggs fights back and delivers a brain buster to Anarchy. Daniel gets tagged in and Briggs doesn’t hesitate, hitting him with a kick to the groin and a DDT. Austin and Giant Monsuta are disqualified.

Giant Monsuta grabs a chair and levels Anarchy with it. Briggs then takes the chair and wraps it around Daniel’s ankle. Briggs goes to the top rope and jumps on the chair, snapping it shut around Matthews’ ankle. Daniel screams in pain holding his ankle as Briggs and Monsuta leave.

Francine Davis is backstage with Brandi Moore. Francine asks Brandi if she is ready to face her ex-best friend, and if she will be able to have the killer instinct to destroy her ex-partner’s dreams. Brandi says that she is always ready to hold the Diamond Title. She says that she is the greatest Diamond in FFP history, and she will gladly put Taylor down for the strap.

– FFP Diamond Title –
(C) Taylor Clawson vs Brandi Moore
Hard hitting back and forth match. Taylor takes Brandi down and lays into her with punches. Brandi fights back and tosses Taylor over the top. They brawl on the ring apron until Moore hits a piledriver on the apron. Taylor lies motionless on the arena floor.

Brandi brings her back in and hits the Fisherman Brainbuster. Moore debates on going for the pin, but instead backs away.
She then charges, attempting her running knee to the head. Taylor dodges and rolls Brandi up for the three count. Taylor rolls out of the ring and grabs her Diamond Title. Brandi pops up to her knees, pounds the mat in frustration and let’s out a scream.

Taylor stands at the top of the entrance holding the Diamond Title in the air as Brandi watches. This is how the show ends.

– Lacey Abernathy defeated Ariana Chaos
– Patrick McCoy & Caleb Newstead defeated Adam Hyatt & Christopher Morgan
– Nathan Caine defeated Hunter Brown
– The Skye Sisters defeated Synn & Poisyn
– Matt Evanston defeated Brandon Kincaide
– Daniel Matthews & Anarchy defeated Austin Briggs & Giant Monsuta by DQ
– Taylor Clawson successfully defended the Diamond Title against Brandi Moore


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