FFP Spotlight: Logan Christopher

imageStanding at five-foot nine inches tall, weighing 185 pounds, FFP Cruiserweight Logan Christopher is from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Christopher, who had always used the Shooting Star Press as his finisher, is one of the original superstars here in Full Force Pro. He was signed by FFP back in mid-2008 when the company opened its doors.

Logan is mostly remembered for his brutal feud with Caleb Newstead, which spilled into a feud with Simply the Best.

Logan debuted defeating Caleb Newstead in FFP’s first ever match at its first ever event. Logan’s girlfriend and valet at the time may be a bit of a surprise for new FFP fans, but it was the one and only, Brandi Moore. Moore was seen always by Logan’s side, backstage or at ringside.

One of Logan’s biggest moments in FFP was winning the FFP Cruiserweight Title from Patrick McCoy on January 11, 2009 at Frost Bite. After winning the title, Caleb Newstead came calling. After many matches for the title, Caleb Newstead finally gained a victory over his foe on May 17, 2009 at Guilty Pleasures. However, the way he won the title from Logan was a bit questionable.

imageLogan seemed to have the match won as Newstead grabbed ahold of the referee.

Brandi Moore then climbed into the ring and hit Logan with a low blow from behind. Caleb Newstead then hooked Logan up and hit him with the Fisherman Brainbuster for the pin. Caleb Newstead and Brandi Moore stood over Logan and made out, as Newstead held the Cruiserweight Title up in the air.

Logan never won the Cruiserweight Title back from Newstead, however he did end the feud defeating Caleb after many unsuccessful attempts, in a non-title No Disqualification Match.

In nearly every one of Logan’s unsuccessful attempts at gaining the Cruiserweight Title back from Newstead, Brandi Moore, along with Christopher Morgan would always seem to interfere. However on this occasion, Logan hit the Shooting Star Press on Caleb. Then when Brandi got into the ring Logan scooped her up and dumped her to the mat with a Death Valley Driver. Logan then hit a shining wizard on Newstead and gained the pinfall.

Some consider the Logan Christopher/Caleb Newstead rivalry as the most hate-filled in FFP history while others say it was the Veronica Clyne/Brandi Moore feud. Either way, it definitely holds it’s spot in FFP history.

Logan also won the FFP Tag Team Titles alongside Kashimanaki on Christmas Eve of 2009 against the Dark Side. The duo lost the tag titles to none other than Caleb Newstead and Christopher Morgan, Simply the Best on April 3, 2010.

Logan is still a member of the FFP roster and still acts as excited and proud to be in this business as he did on his first day. Many wonder if he will eventually rekindle his feud with Caleb Newstead, or his romance with Brandi Moore. As far as that goes, we will just have to wait and see.

Logan plans on continuing his career here and eventually earning himself a shot at not only the Cruiserweight Title, but maybe the Adrenaline or World Titles as well.

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