Rookies Take the Stage at Warfare

This Wednesday night at Warfare the FFP will welcome five rookies to it’s mid-week show to see if they have what it takes to make it in the big leagues.

Matt Kraven and Veronica Clyne have had a professional wrestling training school dating back to when the two were just dating. Even after FFP closed due to Chris Kraven’s poor business management, Kraven and Clyne continues training in the sport we all love.

This Wednesday a few of their most promising students will get the chance to lock horns in front of a packed house.

Elijah Jones

Elijah Jones

Elijah Jones, Jason Copeland and Christian Alexander will compete in a triple threat match while Samantha West and Nina Fox will go one-on-one in hopes to become the FFP’s newest Diamonds.

Veronica commented on the men. “Elijah has a lot of charisma, and he has endurance. He doesn’t seem to get tired.” She also said, “Jason Copeland has a little bit of a mysterious side to him. He’s an all arounder. He can go up top, he can brawl and he can lock in submission moves.” And as far as Christian Alexander goes, “Christian is a lot stronger than he looks. He’s quick and powerful. I honestly see him eventually winning the Adrenaline Title.”

Nina Fox

Nina Fox

Matt Kraven also commented on the two female trainees. “Samantha West loves the business. She came to class everyday smiling and ready to learn. She just wanted to absorb every little thing Veronica and I taught.” And he also commented about Nina Fox. “Nina is a very tough girl. She hurt her knee in training and I wanted her to sit out. She wouldn’t have any part of it. I had to physically carry her out of the ring to get her to let her knee rest. She will put up a fight against any current FFP Diamond.”

Kraven and Clyne have trained several students, but these five were hand picked by the duo. It will be interesting to see how they perform in front of an audience. It’ll be much different than training. And there will be a lot more to gain, and much more to lose.


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