12/11/2013 Wednesday Warfare Results

The show opens up with clips of Taylor Clawson defeating Brandi Moore at Sadistic Saturday Night.

Matt Kraven is now in the ring with Veronica Clyne. He announces that their trainees will have a couple of matches here on Warfare, and it starts now.

FFP Rookie Match
Elijah Jones vs Jason Copeland vs Christian Alexander
All three rookies look impressive. Of course here at FFP all triple threat and four-way matches are elimination. Christian Alexander is eliminated by an Ace Cutter from Elijah Jones. Jones and Copeland go one on one. Back and forth until Copeland hits a double undertook backbreaker for the pin.

After the match Jason Copeland is congratulated by Matt and Veronica.

FFP Rookie Match
Samantha West vs Nina Fox
Another fast paced match. Both women obviously want to be future Diamonds. Samantha floors Nina with a clothesline and hits an elbow drop off the middle rope. West goes back up top but gets Nina’s boot on her face. Nina hits the Emerald Fusion for the pin.

After the match Matt and Veronica congratulate Nina.

Francine Davis is now standing by with Patrick McCoy. She asks McCoy about Scarlett Ducane interfering last week. McCoy says that in the moment he did not realize she was interfering, and that he spoke with her after seeing the replays and it was just being in the moment. McCoy says she will not interfere at all in his match tonight with Logan Christopher.

Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Logan Christopher
These two men show off their athletic skills.
McCoy gains the advantage with a snap suplex. Misses a splash off the top. Logan capitalizes with a DDT and a double stomp from the middle rope for a two count.

Logan takes Patrick up to the top for a top rope hurricanrana, but McCoy reverses it into a top rope powerbomb for a two count.

Logan fights back and clotheslines McCoy out of the ring. As the referee is making the count on McCoy, Scarlett jumps to the apron and nails Logan with a low blow from behind. When McCoy gets back in the ring he pulls Logan to his feet and hits the Kryptonite Krunch for the pin.

The scene cuts to a split screen of Brandi Moore and Lizzy Kraven warming up, getting ready for their match.

The scene now cuts to Christopher Morgan who is backstage with Bianca Hunt. Bianca says that she is always interested in bringing in new talent to Hunt Enterprises, and comments that Jason Copeland looked rather impressive. Morgan agrees.

Ariana Chaos vs Jenna Kaufman w/ Monika Andrews
Jenna Kaufman comes out on fire, leveling Ariana with clotheslines and punches. Chaos stops Jenna’s momentum with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Monika climbs onto the apron but is knocked to the arena floor with an Ariana dropkick. Jenna attempts the spear but Ariana moves and Jenna crashes into the corner. Ariana now hits a Dragon Suplex for the pin.

Now we see Matt Kraven backstage with Elijah Jones, Jason Copeland and Christian Alexander. Kraven tells them that him and Veronica are proud of them, and that he’d love to give them another match on Saturday. The guys seems excited.

Now we see Veronica Clyne with Samantha West and Nina Fox. Veronica tells them that her and Matt are proud and that she’d like to see them compete again. She says that they seemed to always get along in class, so her and Matt agreed to have them team up at SSN and face the Skye Sisters. The girls accept and hug.

– Triple Threat Match –
Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt vs Deranged w/ Synn vs “Primetime” Deshawn Williams w/ Tyrece Beckman
Deranged is the first eliminated after getting turned inside out with a Deshawn Williams clothesline and a Tiger Driver from Christopher Morgan.

Williams takes Christopher down with a clothesline similar to the one he delivered to Deranged. Williams attempts a suplex but Morgan reverses it and hits a high angle back suplex. Morgan then hits the Tiger Driver for the pin.

The scene cuts backstage. When Morgan comes backstage after his victory Caleb Newstead enters the picture, hitting Morgan with a double leg, and punches. Morgan flips Newstead over and begins to return the attack. The two brawl as security intervenes.

Lizzy Kraven vs Brandi Moore
A back and forth very stiff match. Lizzy Kraven seems a little gun shy at first, but finally settles in. She hits a couple of solid punches and a leg clothesline. She takes Brandi to the top but Brandi punches Lizzy and shoves her off the top rope. Moore hits a flying elbow drop for a two count.

Brandi attempts the Fisherman Brainbuster but Lizzy reverses it into a small package for a two count. When Brandi gets back up, she charges hitting Lizzy with two clotheslines, a kick to the gut and a DDT. Brandi steps back like she is going to go for the running knee to the head, but instead she pulls Lizzy to her feet and hits the Fisherman Brainbuster. Moore pins Lizzy for the win.

After the match Brandi looks to be leaving but turns back to Lizzy. She walks over and pulls Lizzy up by her blonde hair. She hooks her leg and plants her with another Fisherman Brainbuster. Brandi stands and backs up. But before she can go for her devastating knee to the head, Firefly storms out to the ring. Firefly puts her hands up and begins to have works with Brandi. Brandi boots her in the gut and hits a DDT.

Finally, Diamond Champion Taylor Clawson runs out and slides into the ring. Clawson double legs Moore and lays in a few punches. She stands, and waits as Brandi gets back to her feet. Taylor attempts the Downward Spiral but Brandi escapes, slides out of the ring and heads backstage.

The scene cuts backstage to FFP Adrenaline Champion Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle. Hyatt says that he is ready and willing to defend his title, and he will successfully defend it against all FFP superstars.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(C) Nathan Caine & Matt Evanston vs Youth Gone Wild
Hunter Brown and Brandon Kincaide cut the ring in half and really wear Matt Evanston down. Evanston hits a double clothesline and tags Nathan. Caine gets stopped by Brandon Kincaide. Kincaide attempts a powerbomb but Caine back body drops him.

Matt Evanston eventually gets tagged in and hits a middle dropkick on Hunter. He follows it up with a Russian leg sweep, backbreaker and piledriver. Evanston then locks in the ankle lock and Brown taps out.

After the match Brandon Kincaide attacks Evanston from behind. He is tossed out of the ring by Nathan Caine.

Matt Kraven is shown. He announces that this Saturday on SSN we will have a surprise matchup that will determine the FFP Cruiserweight Champion. He doesn’t announce any participants or stipulations.

Anarchy w/ Daniel Matthews vs Giant Monsuta w/ Austin Briggs
This one is a brawl from the beginning. No headlocks or front facelocks. Anarchy hits a running big boot for a two count. Monsuta fights back with a big clothesline and a gutwrench suplex. Monsuta goes to the middle rope and attempts a flying double axehandle but Anarchy catches him and hits an overhead belly to belly.

Austin Briggs climbs onto the apron but Daniel grabs him and pulls him off. The two begin to brawl. Monsuta goes to the outside and comes to the aid of Austin. Anarchy bounces off the ropes and suicide dives onto Monsuta and Briggs.

Matthews and Anarchy roll their foes into the ring and hit their finishing moves in stereo. The match is declared a draw, however Matthews and Anarchy stand proud over their rivals.

– Jason Copeland defeated Christian Alexander and Elijah Jones in a Rookies Triple Threat Match
– Nina Fox defeated Samantha Fox
– Patrick McCoy defeated Logan Christopher
– Ariana Chaos defeated Jenna Kaufman
– Christopher Morgan defeated Deshawn Williams and Deranged in a Triple Threat Match
– Brandi Moore defeated Lizzy Kraven
– Nathan Caine & Matt Evanston successfully defended the Tag Team Titles against Youth Gone Wild
– Anarchy vs Giant Monsuta ended in a double disqualification


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