12/22/2013 FFP Merry Christmas Show (Day One) Results

imageThe show opens up with Matt Kraven who comes down to the ring and introduces the one and only Santa Claus. Santa passes out FFP t-shirts, hats and action figures to nearby fans.

Matt then reminds the crowd of the battle royal which will take place tonight, and the two final participants will compete on Christmas Eve for the World Title.

Ariana Chaos vs Poisyn w/ Synn
Ariana hits a few speedy moves as well as high flying tactics. Poisyn stops her with a running knee. Poisyn attempts a powerbomb but Chaos reverses it into a hurricanrana into a pin for the victory.
Winner: Ariana Chaos

After the match Synn slides into the ring. She grabs Poisyn by her blonde hair and begins to scold her for losing. Poisyn looks scared, and follows Synn as she leaves ringside.

Backstage Francine Davis is standing by with Pandora. Francine asks Pandora how she feels about making her return tonight. Pandora says she is ecstatic. Francine also asks her how she feels about immediately taking on the girl who injured her, Lacey Abernathy. Pandora says that she has been thinking about this moment for nearly a month and can’t think of a better way to return than to get revenge.

Elijah Jones vs Hunter Brown
A close match with Elijah hitting a cross body block and middle dropkick for two counts. Hunter Brown hits a spear followed by a rotating DDT and the the Deal Breaker for the pin.
Winner: Hunter Brown

After the match Hunter’s tag partner Brandon Kincaide comes down to the ring. The two beat on Elijah Jones for a minute then toss him out of the ring. Hunter grabs a microphone and says that he and Brandon are sick of being overlooked. He says that Youth Gone Wild has been taking it easy and that time is done. He says that finally they will make a name for themselves.

imagePandora vs Lacey Abernathy
A very hard hitting, violent match. Lacey obviously targets Pandora’s eye, even hitting a DDT on the ring apron. Lacey goes for a splash off the top but Pandora moves. Pandora whips Lacey around the wing by her red hair, then tosses her over the top rope.

Pandora dives off the top onto Lacey on the outside of the ring. When they get back in Lacey gains the advantage with a thumb to the eye. She attempts a clothesline but Pandora ducks, scoops Lacey up and hits Pandora’s Box. Pandora now hooks Lacey’s leg and gains the pinfall victory.
Winner: Pandora

After the match Pandora celebrates in the ring. Lacey rolls out of the ring, and leaves with an aggravated look on her face.

Backstage we see Lizzy Kraven standing with Francine Davis and an unknown girl. Lizzy announces that a good friend of hers had a tryout for Matt Kraven, and has been signed by FFP. Lizzy announces that her name is Bridget Bordeaux and that the two will compete in the Diamond Tag Team Division and will look to win the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

We now see clips of the history between Christopher Morgan and Caleb Newstead. How they were a dominant team and now bitter enemies.

image– No Disqualification Match –
Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt vs Caleb Newstead

Hard hitting with Morgan using his strength to his advantage. Newstead works on Morgan’s knee, hitting a chop block as well as dropkicks to the knee.

Newstead hits the Fisherman Brainbuster but it’s too close to the ropes so he only gets a two count. He grabs a chair but gets it kicked in his face.

Morgan sets up a table, but gets clotheslined out of the ring after setting it up. Bianca climbs onto the apron to distract Caleb, but he grabs her and drags her into the ring. He sets her up for a powerbomb through the table but Jason Copeland storms out of the entrance. He nails Caleb from behind, and plants him with a DDT. Copeland helps Morgan up and the two double team Caleb.

Since it’s No DQ it is all legal. Jason Copeland scoops Caleb up onto his shoulders and hits the Go to Sleep. Christopher Morgan then hits the Tiger Driver through a table and pins Newstead for the win.
Winner: Christopher Morgan

After the match Bianca, Christopher and Jason celebrate.

Now we see a clip of Adam Hyatt’s reign as Adrenaline Champion.

imageFFP Adrenaline Title
(C) Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Logan Christopher

A fast paced match with many close calls.
Adam misses the Superkick and Logan hits a German suplex. Logan hits a few kicks and a spinning clothesline. Christopher climbs to the top for his finisher, but Madison Castle climbs up onto the apron.

Logan sees her and yells for her to get down. She doesn’t. Logan yells one more time and then goes for the Shooting Star press. Hyatt moves out of the way and Logan crashes to the canvas.

Hyatt now pulls Logan up and hits a snap suplex. When Logan gets back to his feet Adam hits the Superkick for the pinfall.
Winner: Adam Hyatt

After the match Madison brings the Adrenaline Title to Adam. They hug and kiss in the middle of the ring. As they leave Madison looks back at Logan, almost like she feels a little bad for him.

The crowd goes crazy as the 20 FFP superstars enter the ring for the upcoming
Battle Royal. A few of the participants wrestled tonight, and therefore are at a slight disadvantage.

– FFP World Title Match Determining Battle Royal (Last two wrestle for FFP World Title on Christmas Eve) –
[Participants: Anarchy, Daniel Matthews, Austin Briggs, Giant Monsuta, Patrick McCoy, Christopher Morgan, Caleb Newstead, Nathan Caine, Matt Evanston, Deranged, El Diablo, Hades, Hunter Brown, Brandon Kincaide, Adam Hyatt, Logan Christopher, Deshawn Williams, Jason Copeland, Christian Alexander & Lizzy Kraven]

Christian Alexander is the first eliminated, followed by Deshawn Williams. Deranged, Diablo and Hades team up to eliminate Hunter Brown. Caleb Newstead goes after Jason Copeland, but Copeland and Morgan toss him out.

Nathan Caine and Matt Evanston toss Morgan and Copeland out. Daniel Matthews is tossed by Austin Briggs and Giant Monsuta. Monsuta is thrown to the outside by Anarchy.

Lizzy Kraven throws Deranged, El Diablo and Brandon Kincaide out of the ring, but is dumped out by Hades. Hades is then thrown out by Patrick McCoy.

Logan Christopher is thrown out by Austin Briggs while Adam Hyatt eliminates Nathan Caine. Matt Evanston then tosses out Adam Hyatt and Austin Briggs. Patrick McCoy then throws Matt Evanston to the outside.

Patrick now turns and sees Anarchy as the only other guy in the ring. The bell rings. Anarchy and Patrick McCoy shake hands knowing that on Christmas Eve they will lock horns for the FFP World Championship.
Winners: Anarchy & Patrick McCoy


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