12/24/2013 FFP Merry Christmas Show (Day Two) Results

imageThe show kicks off with clips from the battle royal on Day One of the Merry Christmas Show. Of course, Anarchy and Patrick McCoy won and will face off tonight for the FFP World Title.

Synn vs Nina Fox
The event opens up with a really good Diamond match. Synn hits a gruesome super Brainbuster for a two count. She attempts the Diamond Dust but Nina reverses it into the Emerald Fusion for the pin.
Winner: Nina Fox

We now see clips of Jason Copeland interfering in the Christopher Morgan/Caleb Newstead match two days ago.

Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt vs Christian Alexander
Christian Alexander hits a big spinebuster in a back and forth match and gets a two count. He attempts a suplex but Jason turns it into a small package for a two count.

Alexander attempts a lariat but Christian ducks it and hits the Go to Sleep for the win.
Winner: Jason Copeland

After the match Bianca enters the ring and celebrates with Jason.

The scene cuts to Francine Davis standing by with Daniel Matthews. She asks Matthews how he feels after the spike piledriver that Briggs and Monsuta delivered last week. Daniel says it hurt, but he’s ready to finally take Monsuta and Briggs out. Daniel says that he has the heart to keep going, and tonight he will take out both men if he needs to.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(C) The Queendom vs The Skye Sisters

Jenna starts out with Mona and quickly gains the advantage. Natalie gets tagged in and gains the upperhand. Natalie attempts the Widows Peak on Monika Andrews but Jenna enters the ring and hits the Spear. Jenna rolls out of the ring and Monika covers Natalie for the pin.
Winners: The Queendom

After the match Monika takes the microphone. She tells Lizzy Kraven that if she wants to bring her friend in as a tag partner that that’s fine, but they will have to earn their shot at The Queendom and the Diamond Tag Titles.

image– Pins Count Anywhere Match –
Daniel Matthews w/ Penelope & Angelica vs Austin Briggs w/ Giant Monsuta

A very hard hitting match with bloodshed from both men. The match spills to the arena floor and out into the crowd. Daniel Matthews hits a body slam and a couple of chair shots on the arena floor for a two count.

Matthews clobbers Monsuta from behind with a Singapore cane and rolls him into the ring. Daniel lashes Giant Monsuta over and over with the Singapore cane, finally climbing to the top rope and leveling him on the head from the top rope.

Austin Briggs attacks Daniel from behind in the ring and hits the Brainbuster for a two count. He pulls Austin up and hits another Brainbuster for a two count.

Briggs calls for the move again but Penelope climbs up into the apron to stop Austin. Instead Austin grabs her by the hair and pulls her into the ring. He bends her over for a powerbomb or piledriver but Daniel grabs Austin and throws him to the mat. Daniel goes to check on Penelope, but she thinks it’s Briggs and hits him with a back elbow to the face.

Matthews stumbles back and Austin Briggs scoops him up and hits the Cradle Shock Driver for the pin.
Winner: Austin Briggs

By now Angelica tries to get involved but Giant Monsuta is up and holding her back.

Penelope notices what happened and immediately checks on Daniel. Briggs celebrates for a moment, then grabs Penelope by the hair. He begins yelling at her.

Daniel gets back to his feet and grabs Austin Briggs. He throws him down again and reaches out to Penelope. Penelope takes his hands and levels him with a kick to the groin. Matthews drops to his knees, still holding onto Penelope’s hands. He looks up at her with agony on his face. Penelope let’s him go and slaps him across the face. Then her and Austin Briggs embrace in front of Daniel.

Monsuta let’s go of Angelica so immediately goes to assist Daniel. Penelope takes a microphone and tells Daniel, “Merry Christmas”. Briggs, Penelope and Monsuta then leave ringside.

Backstage we see a split screen of Taylor Clawson and Brandi Moore getting ready for their match.

imageFFP Diamond Title
(C) Taylor Clawson vs Brandi Moore

This match is a very stiff match with very little technical wrestling. Brandi hits her old finisher the Fameasser for a two count.

Taylor attempts a powerbomb but Brandi holds on and lays a couple of right hands into Taylor’s head, causing Taylor to crash to the mat with Brandi on top of her.

Brandi throws Taylor into the corner and attempts a dive but only catches turnbuckles. Taylor then hits a bulldog for a two count. Taylor pulls Brandi up and hits Brandi’s finisher, the Fisherman Brainbuster, but only gets a two count. Taylor backs up and attempts a running knee to the head like Brandi, but Taylor stops just before she makes contact.

As she stares down at her ex-partner, she decides to pull her up by her hair and hit the Downward Spiral instead. Taylor goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

Taylor pulls Brandi up again and this time hits a jumping piledriver. She debates on covering her opponent, but instead pulls Brandi up and hits another piledriver. Finally Taylor pulls Brandi up once more and delivers a third consecutive piledriver. Taylor now hooks Brandi’s leg and gains the pinfall.
Winner: Taylor Clawson

After the match Taylor almost looks in tears. She receives the Diamond Title from the ref, and holds onto it while looking down at the unconscious Brandi Moore. Finally Taylor turns toward the crowd and holds the Diamond Title up in the air. The crowd cheers as she celebrates her victory.

We now see clips of Veronica Clyne finally winning the FFP World Title, followed by clips of her match against Anarchy where she suffered her concussion.

Backstage we see Firefly congratulate Taylor Clawson on defeating Brandi. Firefly says that she hopes Taylor has gotten Brandi off of her back. Taylor says that the victory is bittersweet as she never thought her and Brandi would feud. Taylor says that she thought her and Brandi would always be best friends.

Firefly tells her to try to enjoy her victory.

Now Veronica walks down to the ring with Matt Kraven by her side. She has the World Title in hand. She thanks everyone for their support and tells everyone that this definitely isn’t the last time she will hold this title. She says that her journey has just begun, and once she gets better, she will come back and win this title again.

Then, with tears in her eyes Veronica officially vacates the title.

FFP World Title
Anarchy vs Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane

Scarlett comes out dressed in a sexy Christmas outfit with a Santa hat and a large candy cane. Anarchy starts the match out with some hard strikes and a t-bone suplex. McCoy battles back hitting a couple of strikes and an impressive suplex.

Anarchy takes McCoy down with a sidewalk slam, hits an elbow drop then slaps on a Boston crab.

McCoy fights to the ropes. He fights his way back up and somehow hits Anarchy with a German suplex. Patrick hits a missile dropkick and a Macho Man style elbow drop for a two count. He attempts to body slam Anarchy but falls with Anarchy on top.

Anarchy now hits a snap suplex followed by a running dropkick to the head. Anarchy slaps on the STF. As Patrick screams in pain Scarlett Ducane climbs onto the apron. The referee attempts to get her down. Anarchy even releases the hold to get her off the apron.

The ref and Anarchy do not know however that Scarlett slid her big candy cane into the ring. McCoy takes possession. While the ref is still distracted by Scarlett McCoy turns Anarchy around and cracks him with the candy cane. It obviously is made of something hard like steel. Anarchy goes down like a ton of bricks. Scarlett now hops to the arena floor and McCoy covers Anarchy for the pinfall, and becomes the new FFP World Champion.
Winner: Patrick McCoy


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