12/28/2013 Sadistic Saturday Night Results

imageTonight’s SSN begins with many clips from the two day Merry Christmas Event that FFP held over the weekend before Christmas.

Matt Evanston vs Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt
Matt Evanston is a technical superstar. Jason Copeland is still new to the company. Copeland hits a Brainbuster early for a two count. Evanston takes control after a rising clothesline and a couple of suplexes. Copeland attempts a missile dropkick but Evanston catches his legs and hooks him in a Boston crab. Copeland gets the ropes and Bianca Hunt climbs to the apron. Copeland pulls a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights and attempts to hit Evanston with them, but Matt ducks the attempt, and hits a German suplex to a Tiger suplex combo, then hitting the Go to Sleep for the pin.
Winner: Matt Evanston

Backstage we see Nathan Caine cheering after Matt’s victory. Christopher Morgan approaches. He tells Caine that tonight he will beat Nathan, and him and Copeland will win the Tag Team Titles.

Number One Contender for Diamond Title Triple Threat Match
Jenna Kaufman vs Ariana Chaos vs Firefly

Awesome fast paced match. Ariana Chaos gets hit with a Spear courtesy of Jenna early, but Firefly breaks up the attempt.

Firefly hits the Crucifix Powerbomb on Jenna for a three count. She battles Ariana, getting a close two count after a tornado DDT. Firefly attempts a powerbomb but Ariana reverses into a head scissors into a pin for the win.
Winner: Ariana Chaos

Backstage Taylor Clawson is shown watching the replay of the end of the match. She seems impressed by Ariana.

Poisyn w/ Synn vs Samantha West
Poisyn attempts a Shining Wizard early after flooring Samantha with a discuss clothesline. West dodges the Shining Wizard attempt and hits an STO for the pin.
Winner: Samantha West

After the match Synn slides into the ring and floors Samantha. She grabs Poisyn and slaps her. She pulls her by the hair and instructs her to help her beat on Samantha. Before the couple can do much damage, Nina Fox storms the ring and Synn and Poisyn retreat.

Backstage we see Lacey Abernathy backstage with Francine Davis. Francine asks Lacey about her talk she has with Matt Kraven this past week at the FFP Training Facility. Lacey says that Matt simply told her that she was very talented and that she has a bright future ahead of her. She says that Matt told her he would have hired her whether she be a wrestler or a valet/manager.

Francine asks Lacey if she had ever thought about being a manager, to which she said that she really never thought about it.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(C) Kashimanaki vs El Diablo w/ Synn

Diablo seems to have the match well in hand for the majority of the match. However, bringing Kashimanaki up to the top turnbuckle Diablo attempts a superplex to the outside. Kashimanaki blocks and nails Diablo with a stiff shot to the head. Diablo falls to the mat. Kashimanaki hits a diving headbutt. He then applies the Cattle Mutilation and Diablo taps out.
Winner: Kashimanaki

Backstage we see Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane walking through the backstage area, Scarlett has the World Title strapped around her waist.

Nathan Caine vs Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt
Hard hitting match with both men delivering some hellacious chops that echo throughout the arena. Nathan attempts a Double Underkhook Driver but Morgan back body drops him.

Morgan battles back and hits the Tiger Driver but only gets a two count. Nathan gains the upperhand again. This time he successfully hits the Double Underhook Driver. As he attempts the pin Jason Copeland storms to the ring and attacks Nathan from behind. Matt Evanston runs out next and we have a two team brawl.
Winner: Nathan Caine via DQ

FFP security finally separates the two teams as they argue and attempt to break through security.

Now the FFP Diamond Champion Taylor Clawson comes down to the ring with microphone in hand.

Taylor asks if Brandi would please come down to the ring. Brandi does, reluctantly.

Taylor tells Brandi that she is sorry that their friendship has been ruined and that she would like to try to put everything past them and become friends again. Taylor says that Seduction Inc is much better together than apart.

After a little bit of tearing up and pleading, Brandi begins to cry too. The girls finally agree to bury the hatchet and they embrace. The crowd cheers as the two take turns raising each other’s hands in the air.
Taylor turns and waves to some of the fans. Then suddenly Brandi levels her with a super kick to the back of the head. Taylor falls to the mat.

Brandi now grabs the Diamond Championship. When Taylor gets back to her feet, Brandi nails her with the title. Brandi drops the title on Taylor and leaves, leaving her unconscious body sprawled out on the mat.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(C) Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Lizzy Kraven

Many wouldn’t have given Lizzy Kraven much of a chance. With her knew dark colored hair, Lizzy hits a couple of impressive suplexes and a piledriver for a two count.

She attempts the Kraven Lariat but Adam ducks it and hits the Superkick. He pins Lizzy and gets the three count although she nearly kicks out at three.
Winner: Adam Hyatt

After the match Monika Andrews and Jenna Kaufman run out. They beat down Lizzy. Monika holds Lizzy up for Jenna to hit her Spear, but FFP newcomer, Lizzy’s good friend Bridget Bordeaux runs down and takes both members of The Queendom with clotheslines. Lizzy gains her composure and helps Bridget send The Queendom packing. Monika and Jenna continue talking trash as they retreat up the entrance ramp.

Lizzy takes the microphone and says that she understands that her and Bridget have to earn their shot at The Queendom’s Diamond Tag Titles, but that they’d love to wrestle them at FFP’s New Year’s Eve show.

Patrick McCoy now comes out with Scarlett Ducane, who is still wearing the FFP World Title. In the ring she hands the belt to Patrick. McCoy brags about winning the title.

He is interrupted by Daniel Matthews, who tells him that he is proud that Patrick won, yet disappointed at how he won.

Patrick tells Daniel that he is just jealous and that he needs to step off and give Patrick his time.

Daniel says that he isn’t jealous and he could prove it, whether Patrick want to put the title on the line or not.

Austin Briggs now comes out and says he got Penelope to leave Daniel, and that if anyone gets a shot at the title, it should be him.

Anarchy now comes out and says that if it weren’t for Scarlett interfering that he would be the World Champion.

President Matt Kraven then comes out and says he is still looking for a main event to kick off 2014. He announces that at midnight on January 1, 2014 that we will have Patrick McCoy put his World Title on the line against Daniel Matthews, Austin Briggs and Anarchy! The crowd erupts as Patrick throws a fit at the news.


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