FFP Spotlight: Taylor Clawson

imageBatman and Robin. Bert and Ernie. Peanut Butter and Jelly. All duos that are nice together. All couples that you couldn’t imagine splitting. Then again, this article isn’t about the split of arguably the greatest team in FFP history, but about one half. And more importantly, it’s about the half that some (if not most) of us thought would never be able to duplicate the success and star power of her counter part.

On November 16th of 2013 Taylor Clawson lasted until the final four of a Diamond Battle Royal where she later got to compete against Firefly, Monika Andrews and her partner and best friend Brandi Moore for the FFP Diamond Title. Against all odds, Taylor won the match and for the first time in her career, won the Diamond Championship.

imageBut let’s rewind, quite a few years. Brandi Moore debuted with FFP when FFP opened. But it wasn’t until after she turned on Logan Christopher and joined Simply the Best that Brandi introduced the world to her BFF, Taylor Clawson. The two immediately turned heads everywhere they went. They won the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles and beat up anyone they could on their way there. Taylor accompanied Brandi Moore down to the ring several times during her stint as Diamond Champion, and on more than one occasion assisted Moore in her victories.

Taylor didn’t have her journey go easy. Not at all. She debuted in great fashion with Brandi Moore, but took the brunt of many beatings dished out by Veronica Clyne. Taylor always seemed to be there for her friend, whether it be to chat, or to step in and get her tail kicked.

imageTaylor didn’t see a singles title until November 16 of this year, but now that she has tasted singles gold, we highly doubt that she’d ever move away from that.

Since her Diamond Title victory, Brandi Moore was none too happy with the way the title match went, and decided to call it quits with Taylor and Seduction Inc. The two girls began a hard hitting feud that we don’t see slowing down for quite some time. Brandi now calls herself the Apex Diamond while Taylor is just out to prove that she is the best Diamond in FFP. Taylor has the belt to prove her claim, however we see Brandi not giving up anytime soon.

imageTaylor has definitely had one of the most storied pasts in FFP history, as well as one of the best “go out and get it” tales. Taylor has the heart to compete in this business, and will continue to strive day in and day out to be the absolute best Diamond that Full Force Pro has on it’s roster. She holds victories over some of the best FFP Diamonds such as Veronica Clyne, Brandi Moore, Christi Carter and Firefly. We expect to see many more names on that list before this Diamond ever considers hanging up the boots. And dear God don’t let that happen anytime soon.

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