1/15/2014 Wednesday Warfare [Results]

Match 1: Lacey Abernathy defeated Bridget Bordeaux

Match 2: Two Man Mafia defeated Kashimanaki & Logan Christopher

Match 3: El Diablo defeated Elijah Jones

Match 4: The Queendom successfully defended the Diamond Tag Titles against The Skye Sisters

Match 5: Adam Hyatt successfully defended the Adrenaline Title against Matt Evanston

Match 6: Anarchy defeated Austin Briggs

– Matt Kraven announced Hades vs Christian Alexander vs Logan Christopher at Frost Bite. Winner becomes number one contender for the Cruiserweight Title.
– Christopher Morgan and Jason Copeland attacked Caleb Newstead backstage.
– Synn said it had been too long since darkness reigned in FFP.


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