1/18/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night [Results]

imageMatch 1: Ariana Chaos defeated Pandora
Match 2: El Diablo defeated Christian Alexander
Match 3: The Two Man Mafia defeated Kashimanaki & Logan Christopher
Match 4: Taylor Clawson defeated Firefly in a non-title match
Match 5: Jason Copeland defeated Elijah Jones
Match 6: Brandi Moore defeated Lizzy Kraven
Match 7: Veronica Clyne made her FFP return and defeated Synn
Match 8: Anarchy, Daniel Matthews & Caleb Newstead defeated Patrick McCoy, Austin Briggs & Christopher Morgan

– After Ariana Chaos’ victory over Pandora, she took the microphone and told Taylor Clawson and Brandi Moore that their time has come and gone, and she’ll be the new FFP Diamond Champion at Frost Bite
– President Matt Kraven announced that the American Bulldogs will put the FFP Tag Team Titles on the line against the Two Man Mafia at Frost Bite.
– After Taylor Clawson’s victory over Firefly, Brandi Moore came out and attacked her. After Brandi’s victory over Lizzy Kraven, Taylor came out but stood atop of the entrance ramp.
– Veronica Clyne made her return to FFP since being sidelined with a concussion and defeated Synn in impressive fashion.
– After the main event an all out brawl broke out. Anarchy, Daniel and Caleb Newstead however fought their foes off and stood tall to end the show.


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