1/22/2014 Wednesday Warfare [Results]

imageMatch 1: Monika Andrews won a 6-Diamond Elimination match which also included Firefly, Bridget Bordeaux, Pandora, Synn and Samantha West

Match 2: The Realm of Darkness defeated Elijah Jones & Christian Alexander

Match 3: Nathan Caine defeated Brandon Kincaide

Match 4: Hunter Brown defeated Matt Evanston

Match 5: Veronica Clyne defeated Natalie Skye

Match 6: Kashimanaki & Logan Christopher defeated Hunt Enterprises

Match 7: Daniel Matthews & Anarchy defeated The Headline & Patrick McCoy in a handicap match

– Pandora came out for an interview and was attacked from behind by Lacey Abernathy. Matt Kraven announced they’d wrestle at Frost Bite.
– Matt Kraven announced Caleb Newstead would challenge Adam Hyatt for the Adrenline Title at Frost Bite.
– Veronica Clyne came out and threw out an open challenge for Frost Bite. Firefly answered and said it would be an honor to wrestle Veronica. Clyne accepted.


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