1/25/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night [Results]


Match 1: Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt defeated Elijah Jones

Match 2: Bridget Bordeaux defeated Mona Skye & Samantha West in a Triple Threat Match

Match 3: Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt defeated El Diablo w/ Synn

Match 4: Nina Fox defeated Lizzy Kraven & Natalie Skye in a Triple Threat Match

Match 5: FFP Cruiserweight Title Match: Kashimanaki successfully defended the title against Deranged w/ Synn

– Austin Briggs announced that Penelope would become a competitor in the Diamond Division. He said he has been working with her in the ring and feels she could be a true contender.
– Christopher Morgan reminded everyone that his feud with Caleb Newstead was still ongoing. Morgan said if Newstead wins the Adrenaline Title that he will gladly take it from him.
– Taylor Clawson came out to talk about her Diamond Title defense tomorrow night. Brandi Moore interrupted her. Ariana Chaos came out as well. All three proceeded to argue.


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