FFP Spotlight: Veronica Clyne

gina-carano_171934On November 16, 2013 Veronica defeated four other superstars (not to mention they were all four men) in a 5-Spot Ladder Match to become FFP’s first ever woman World Champion. Veronica always had the dream of becoming the World Champion even in her early days when she was training in what became the Soul Assassins Gym. Veronica was trained by FFP superstar, former FFP World Champion and a sure fire FFP Hall of Famer (one day) Daniel Matthews. In Daniel’s gym, not only did Veronica learn the moves to become dangerous inside the ring, but she dug down deep and found the true competitor inside herself.

Veronica started out almost immediately in a feud with current FFP Diamond Champion Brandi Moore. Veronica and Brandi were taking part in a triple threat match also involving Firefly. When Firefly was eliminated by Brandi, she attempted to take her mask off. Veronica stopped her, and assisted Firefly. This led to Brandi hitting Veronica with what is now her finishing move, the End Game, a running knee to the head. Brandi dumpped Veronica on her head with the Fisherman Brainbuster afterwards, and won the match. Brandi went on to become FFP Diamond Champion. Veronica went to the hospital.

Diagnosed with a severe concussion, Veronica stayed in the hospital. Visited by Daniel, Patrick McCoy (who she had a hand in training), Firefly and President Matt Kraven, Veronica got much encouragement. She went home to rest and watched Brandi and Brandi’s partner Taylor Clawson (Seduction Inc) terrorize FFP.

Veronica returned, and wound up defeating Seduction Inc by herself to become the sole owner of the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles. Unfortunately the reign only lasted four days, as Seduction Inc cashed in their rematch clause, and defeated Clyne.

veronica_clyneOn March 28, 2009 Veronica took part in a Diamond Title four-way match also involving Taylor Clawson and Madison Grey. The match came down to Brandi vs Veronica. With Matt Kraven, who had now begun dating Veronica, at ringside, Veronica locked Brandi in the sharpshooter. It seemed Brandi was going to tap out and Veronica was finally going to win the Diamond Championship. That is until Matt Kraven entered the ring and superkicked his girlfriend. She collapsed to the mat, and Brandi pinned her to retain her title. Matt and Brandi then revealed that they had begun dating, and this match was a plot.

Veronica fought like hell to get yet another shot at Brandi and the title. On April 25, 2009 she finally did. In a ladder match. And even with outside interference from Matt Kraven and the Dark Side’s Synn, Veronica hit the Vertabreaker on Brandi Moore, ascended the ladder, and became the FFP Diamond Champion.

Veronica’s reign would last 284 days, until February 3, 2010 when she battled Brandi Moore yet again. With Matt Kraven at ringside, this time as an unbiased spectator, Veronica lost the title to Brandi. The way Brandi won was questionable, as Taylor Clawson made her way out to the ring, and was ordered to leave by Matt Kraven. Veronica became distracted by Taylor’s presence, and wound up flattened by a shot to the head with the title from Brandi. Many assumed Matt Kraven would involve himself, however he stayed unbiased.

936full-gina-caranoIn 2011 unfortunately Chris Kraven won control of Full Force Pro from Matt Kraven. Before the match took place, Matt and Veronica reconciled. During the match, Chris attacked Veronica. Matt, who was distracted trying to tend to Veronica, got rolled up by Chris who pulled the tights and got the pinfall. After Chris won control, Matt and Veronica left FFP together. It eventually closed due to Chris’ poor management.

On November 16, 2013 FFP returned with Matt back in control. That’s the event where Veronica beat all odds and won a 5-Spot Ladder Match to become FFP World Champion. It was a dream come true for her. The crowd went crazy. Not only were they happy to see history be made, the first woman to ever win the FFP World Championship, but they were happy for Veronica. Out of all the wrestlers on FFP’s roster, it would hard to choose to dislike Veronica Clyne.

Veronica is quite a competitor. Someone who has been injured, beaten up, dumped, and more, however she continues to brush herself off, stand back up and come back even stronger. Veronica is a woman who should be looked up at by any girl looking for a role model. She is an inspiration to many and will always be a staple not only in the FFP Diamond Division, but in Full Force Pro all together.

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