1/29/2014 Wednesday Warfare [Results]

imageWe see clips from Frost Bite. Clips from a few of the major matches, and of Logan Christopher becoming the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Title.

Backstage we see Anarchy entering President Matt Kraven’s office. Anarchy tells Matt that he needs one more shot at Patrick McCoy and the FFP World Title. Anarchy says that Scarlett got involved yet again, and he believes if she hadn’t of, he would have won.

Kraven responds saying that it will be hard to get FFP fans interested in yet another main event between Anarchy and Patrick. Anarchy continues to plead. Matt says that they will have to think of a way to really spice it up.

Back and forth match. Lizzy attempts the Kraven Lariat but Synn ducks and hits a back elbow. Synn capitalizes and winds up hitting the Diamond Dust for the pin.
Winner: Synn

We now see clips of Matt Kraven stopping the Pandora vs Lacey Abernathy match from Frost Bite, and Pandora’s comments to Matt Kraven afterward.

Veronica Clyne vs Pandora
Pandora comes out using brawling. Obviously matching up with Veronica like that isn’t going to be an easy task. Veronica quickly floors her. After dealing a little bit of punishment out on Pandora, including clotheslining her out of the ring, Veronica hits the Vertabreaker for the pin.
Winner:Veronica Clyne

After the match Veronica Clyne celebrates in the ring. Pandora sneaks up behind her and hits a running knee to the back. She stomps Veronica a few times and leaves ringside.

We now see Francine Davis standing by with The Two Man Mafia. They talk about how they lost at Frost Bite, and say both of them weren’t feeling well. Hunter Brown says that if the American Bulldogs had any guts they’d give them another shot at the titles. Kincaide chimes in that the Bulldogs are cowards and won’t step up and put the straps up again until they’re forced to.

Taylor Clawson vs Ariana Chaos w/ Brandi Moore
Taylor begins the match with two clotheslines then climbs to the outside to brawl with Brandi Moore. Taylor continues going in and out of the ring trying to get her hands on Brandi during the match.

Finally it catches up to her when Ariana gains the referee’s attention and Brandi cracks Taylor in the head with the Diamond Championship. Brandi pushes Taylor back into the ring and Ariana pins her for the win.
Winner: Ariana Chaos

Backstage we see Francine Davis standing by with the FFP Tag Team Champions, the American Bulldogs. Nathan Caine says that if Matt Kraven will book it that they would gladly put the titles on the line against the Two Man Mafia as soon as Sadistic Saturday Night. Matt Evanston then says that it’s hilarious that Kincaide would say that the Bulldogs were cowards.

Daniel Matthews & Elijah Jones w/ Angelica vs Austin Briggs & Giant Monsuta w/ Penelope
Before the match Daniel Matthews announces that he has brought the Soul Assassins back but the group is a little different. He announces that obviously it is himself, Elijah Jones and Angelica. He says that he sees a lot of potential in Elijah and being affiliated with this group has been a dream of Elijah’s.

After the announcement, Briggs attacks Matthews from behind. Elijah and Monsuta immediately get into the ring and begin brawling. Penelope and Angelica hop in as well and join the fight.

The referee finally regains control. He immediately ejects both girls. The match is back and forth. Monsuta gains the upperhand on Elijah and gets a couple of close two counts. Daniel gets tagged back in and floors both guys. He hits Monsuta with the Death Valley Driver while Jones dropkicks Briggs off the apron. The new Assassins win by pinfall.
Winner: Soul Assassins

Now Anarchy comes out to the ring with a microphone in hand. He explains that Matt Kraven said the only way he’d be able to face Patrick McCoy for the World Title again would be if they found a way to spice the match up. Anarchy says that he believes he found a way to do it.

He is now interrupted by Patrick McCoy’s music. He comes out with Scarlett Ducane by his side and the World Title on his shoulder. He says he has beaten him many times, and that Anarchy doesn’t deserve another shot.

Anarchy says that the February pay-per-view is titled Desperate Measures. He says it’s very fitting, because if McCoy agrees to face him that he will pull out the ultimate desperate measure and put his wrestling career with FFP on the line.

Patrick pauses for a minute. He asks Anarchy if he’s sure he wants to do that. Anarchy says yes, and Patrick agrees to the match. Scarlett seems a little apprehensive, but McCoy reassures her.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(C) Kashimanaki vs Logan Christopher

Match begins with a handshake. To see two partners like this face off can be weird. A very fast match with a lot of strikes, counters and high flying moves. Logan hits a top rope Brainbuster as well as a guillotine leg drop for a two count. He attempts the Shooting Star Press but Kashimanaki got his knees up. Kashimanaki then hit the Kashimanaki Driver for the pin.
Winner: Kashimanaki

After the match Kashimanaki put his hand out for Logan, but Logan simply climbed out of the ring holding his head.


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