2/8/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night [Results]

The show opens up with the American Bulldogs. They announce that next week at SSN they will put the Tag Titles on the line in an open challenge. Whichever team answers gets the chance.

Hades w/ Synn vs Elijah Jones
Back and forth Cruiserweight contest. Hades distracts the ref and Synn spits red mist, which looks like blood, in Elijah’s face. Hades hits the Burning Hammer for the pin.
Winner: Hades

After the match we see Rochelle backstage getting ready for her match.

Rochelle vs Lacey Abernathy
Rochelle dominates the match until Lacey hits the Face Wreck out of nowhere. Rochelle kicks out. She takes Lacey down with a springboard kick to the head. Then she hits the redhead with the Widow’s Peak for the pin.
Winner: Rochelle

Backstage The Queendom are with Francine Davis. Monika Andrews says that they have obvious proven that no other Diamond Tag Team can touch them. Brandi Moore and Ariana Chaos approach. Brandi says that at any time her and Ariana can take the Diamond Tag Titles from them. The interview ends with the teams in each other’s faces.

Realm of Darkness vs Two Man Mafia
Fast paced match. El Diablo hits a couple high ting moves on Brandon Kincaide until he catches a dropkick to the midsection in mid air. Kincaide then hits a triple powerbomb for the pin.
Winners: Two Man Mafia

Matt Kraven now appears on screen. He announces that on the next Wednesday Warfare there will be a 10-Diamond Battle Royal. He says the winner will be named the number one contender for the FFP Diamond Title. He also says he will name the participants on FFP’s website this upcoming Monday.

Veronica Clyne vs Synn
Clyne uses her technical skills to wear Synn down. Synn does go for the Diamond Dust but Veronica reverses into a dragon sleeper. Synn taps out.
Winner: Veronica Clyne
After the match Pandora runs down with a steel chair and smacks Veronica from behind with it. Synn joins in beating on Veronica. Lizzy Kraven runs down to the ring and Pandora and Synn retreat.

Backstage we see Taylor Clawson looking for Matt Kraven. Francine Davis intercepts. Taylor says that she still gets a rematch for the Diamond Title so this battle royal on Wednesday is BS.

We now see Austin Briggs, Giant Monsuta and Penelope heading toward the entrance area.

The scene cuts again to Matt Kraven in his office. He announces that also at SSN next week we will see Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven team up to take on Pandora and Synn. He also says that at the same SSN the Queendom will put their Diamond Tag Team Titles on the line against Brandi Moore and Ariana Chaos.

Austin Briggs w/ The Headline vs Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt
A back and forth match with some hard hits and excellent grappling. Christopher hits a superplex and a backbreaker for a two count. He slaps on a Boston Crab to continue wearing down Austin’s back.

Briggs fights back and clotheslines Morgan out of the ring where Monsuta hits a big boot while the ref isn’t looking. Briggs gets Morgan back in the ring and hits the Brainbuster for the pin.
Winner: Austin Briggs

Now we see a promo hyping the Desperate Measures FFP World Title main event between Patrick McCoy and Anarchy. If Anarchy loses he can’t wrestle for FFP again.

FFP Television Title
(C) Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Kashimanaki

Another hard hitting contest. Kashimanaki hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. He hooks Hyatt in the Cattle Mutilation but Hyatt doesn’t tap. Kashimanaki hits the Kashimanaki Driver but gets a two count because Hyatt gets a foot on the rope. Adam fights back and hits the Superkick for the pin.
Winner: Adam Hyatt

Francine Davis joins Adam Hyatt in the ring. Hyatt says that he has proven time and again that he is the best wrestler in FFP. He says that he would like to put his skills to the ultimate test and put the title on the line against Daniel Matthews!

Austin Briggs interrupts and says that if anyone deserves a shot that it’s him. Madison now takes the microphone and says that Daniel and Austin should wrestle and Adam would gladly beat the winner.

The scene cuts backstage to Taylor Clawson finally in Matt Kraven’s office. Veronica is there as well. Taylor tells Matt that she already has a rematch clause and she’s already beat Brandi after losing the title. Taylor says she should be the number one contender and get her shot immediately.

Matt tells Taylor that she is absolutely right. He says that if she wants to take herself out of consideration for the battle royal, that he will give her a Diamond Title shot Wednesday at Warfare. Taylor agrees to the terms.

Non-Title Match
Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Daniel Matthews w/ Angelica

A lot of brawling. Matthews hits a suplex on the arena floor. McCoy puts Matthews through the ringside commentator table.

Back in the ring Matthews gains the advantage. Scary climbs onto the apron. McCoy shoves Matthews who bumps into Scarlett sending her crashing to the ground. Daniel looks concerned as a couple FFP medics come to her aid. Patrick rolls Daniel up and pulls the tights for the pin.
Winner: Patrick McCoy

After the match McCoy begins beating Daniel down more. He pulls him up and hits the Kryptonite Krunch. Anarchy now runs down to the ring and flattens Patrick with a big clothesline. McCoy gets back up and Anarchy hits him with a brainbuster. He then checks on his friend Daniel.


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