Sit Down Interview with Brandi Moore

Sky-300x284Tyrece Beckman, who has officially retired as a manager for Full Force Pro, has been welcomed onto our broadcast team where he will serve as a backstage interviewer. Today he got his first dose of his new role with an uncensored interview with the current FFP Diamond Champion, “The Apex Diamond” Brandi Moore.

TB: Brandi, thanks for joining me today. How are you?

BM: I’m good Tyrece. Welcome to the broadcast team.

TB: Thank you. Now, let’s talk about last night. One hell of a match with Taylor. Ariana did get involved. Many people are talking like you can’t beat Taylor without some kind of outside interference. What do you have to say about that?

Cute_Kip_Velvet_Sky_Angelina_Love_CropBM: That’s just stupid Tyrece. Listen. You aren’t going to get far by asking stupid questions like that. You could ask me how it feels to be the best looking Diamond in Full Force Pro history. You can ask me how it feels to constantly be adored, fantasized about and gauked at. You can ask me how heavy my suitcases are because they’re always filled with some kind of championship gold. But asking me what I have to say about idiots suggesting that I need help to beat Taylor, is ridiculous.

TB: Fair enough. Let’s talk about your rela-

BM: Tyrece.

TB: Yes Brandi.

BM: My eyes are up here…

(Tyrece looks confused.)

TB: O…kay. Let’s talk about your relationship with Ariana Chaos. How did that come about?

400px-Velvet_Sky_October_2010BM: Let’s talk about more than that Tyrece. Listen, apparently Matt Kraven or whoever runs the FFP website now doesn’t want to run a Diamond Spotlight on me. So we can talk about all kinds of things. We can talk about how I was brought here as a stupid valet for Logan Christopher. How I turned on him, joined Simply the Best, and turned FFP upside down. How I’m the greatest Diamond Champion that FFP has ever, or will ever see. We can talk about how I was the leader of the greatest tag team in pro wrestling history, Seduction Inc. We can talk about how Taylor Clawson amounts to nothing without Brandi Moore. We can talk about how every Diamond is jealous of me.

TB: So, your relationship with Ariana?

BM: I saw potential in her. So I pulled her aside at a Wednesday Warfare and told her that I think I could really bring out the best in her.

TB: So far it seems all you’ve been doing is using her to make sure you defeat Taylor Cl-

BM: How dare you Tyrece. You need to be an unbiased person here. Obviously you aren’t. Obviously you wanted to interview me, because you wanted to start shit. Listen. I see you checking me out. I see you looking up and down my body. I know what you want Tyrece. And I’m not buying! So you can take you stupid cheap suit and your ugly shoes and find yourself a new interview. But good luck finding one as successful, as sexy, as hot and as great as me, because you won’t! You won’t find anyone as great as me! Have fun interviewing the bottom of the barrel honey!

(Brandi tips her chair over and storms away with the Diamond Title on her shoulder.)


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