2/22/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night [Results]

FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy comes down with just the World Title. He announces that Sunday at Desperate Measures Anarchy will wrestle his last match. McCoy says that Scarlett Ducane will remain backstage so that when Patrick ends Anarchy’s career that there will be no excuses.

Anarchy interrupts the champion. He says that McCoy can dream all he wants. Anarchy says that it has always been his dream to win the World Championship, and Sunday he will do just that.

Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt vs Christian Alexander
Back and forth match with both men trying to prove that they’re deserving of their spot.
Christian hits a brainbuster for a two count. He misses a flying headbutt. Copeland hits a back suplex and a flying elbow drop for a two count. Alexander fights back but Bianca climbs into the apron. Christian becomes distracted and gets clobbered from behind. Copeland hits a tiger suplex for the pin.
Winner: Jason Copeland

We see clips of the evolution of the feud between Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven and Pandora & Synn.

We now see Francine Davis backstage with Austin Briggs. Francine asks why Austin attacked Daniel in the parking lot Wednesday. Briggs says that The Headline isn’t getting the respect that they deserve, and that if they needed to shorten a career to open some eyes, so be it.

Francine then says that Briggs most likely would have wrestled Daniel at Desperate Measures tomorrow. She asks him what his plans are now. Austin says he isn’t sure, but he’s confident that he’ll find something to do at Desperate Measures.

Lizzy Kraven vs Pandora
A hard hitting match obviously fueled by the fire if this feud. Lizzy hits a Death Valley driver from the middle rope early for a two count. Pandora fights back, planting Lizzy with a DDT. Pandora attempts the Pandora’s Box but Lizzy catches her leg and hits a dragon screw. Lizzy sizes Pandora up for the Kraven Lariat, and successfully delivers. Lizzy pins Pandora for the win.
Winner: Lizzy Kraven
After the match Firefly comes down to the ring and congratulates Lizzy. Lizzy turns and puts her arms up, and Firefly nails her with a running knee to the upper back. Pandora jumps up and the two pummel Lizzy down. Veronica and Bridget run down the isle but Firefly and Pandora retreat. Synn now shows up on the big screen and announces that Firefly will join herself and Pandora this Sunday at Desperate Measures.

Backstage we see Taylor Clawson watching the monitor. She says that she would like to wrestle a worthy opponent Sunday at Desperate Measures, and that Rochelle fits that mold perfectly.

Ariana Chaos vs Rochelle
This is a fast paced back and forth match with plenty of beat falls. Rochelle attempts the Widow’s Peak but Chaos reverses into a roll up for a two count. Rochelle hits a running dropkick for a toe count. Ariana goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick and a moonsault. Rochelle attempts a sloppy clothesline but Ariana ducks and hits the Impaler for a three count.
Winner: Ariana Chaos

The scene cuts backstage where Christopher Morgan talking with Bianca Hunt. Morgan tells Bianca that Hunt Enterprises has been sitting dormant for far too long and that he will beat Giant Monsuta tonight and prove that they’re the best stable in FFP.

Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt vs Giant Monsuta
Monsuta gains the upperhand early using his size to his advantage. Christopher Morgan uses his speed to work over the big man, even hitting a flying body press for a two count. Morgan attempts the Tiger Driver but can’t get the big man up, so he settles for a running big boot for the three count.
Winner: Christopher Morgan

Now we see a split screen of The Queendom and Nina Fox & Samantha West heading to the entrance area.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(C) The Queendom vs Nina Fox & Samantha West

Brandi Moore comes down to do guest commentary. The Queendom really work the rookies down. Monika Andrews hits a powerbomb on Samantha for a two count. Nina Fox gets tagged in and floors both members of the Queendom. Jenna Kaufman hits the Spear on Nina but Monika takes too long to make the cover and Nina kicks out at two.

Jenna gets tagged in and attempts another Spear but Nina leap frogs the champion and hits a superkick. Nina then scoops Jenna up and hits the Emerald Fusion for the pin.
Winners: Nina Fox & Samantha West
After the match Brandi slides into the ring. She floors Nina with the Diamond Title and leaves the ring before Samantha West can get her hands on her.

Backstage we see the Two Man Mafia walking around with the FFP Tag Team Titles that belong to the American Bulldogs. Hunter Brown guarantees victory tomorrow night at Desperate Measures and says that not only will the Mafia win, but they will end the careers of the Bulldogs.

FFP Television Title
(C) Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Elijah Jones w/ Angelica

Fast paced match with Elijah hitting a super fisherman brainbuster for a two count. Hyatt fights back but gets taken down with a neck breaker. Jones attempts a springboard clothesline but Adam hits Jones with the Superkick off the rebound. Hyatt covers Elijah for the pin.
Winner: Adam Hyatt


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