2/23/2014 FFP Desperate Measures [Results]

FFP Tag Team Titles
Ladder Match
(C) American Bulldogs vs Two Man Mafia

A very violent match with three out of the four wrestlers bleeding. Matt Evanston and Nathan Caine hit simultaneous flying headbutts. Brandon Kincaide hits a double clothesline, and the Mafia dump the Bulldogs out. They climb the ladders but the Bulldogs stop them and suplex them off.

The Mafia grabs a couple of chairs and level their opponents in the back. Brown hits the Deal Breaker on Nathan, and Matt spears Hunter. Brandon and Matt grab chairs and begin to trade chairshots to the head. Nathan gets back up and hits a Double Underhook Driver on Brandon Kincaide. Matt Evanston then hits the Go to Sleep on Hunter Brown. Caine and Evanston ascend the ladders and grab their Tag Team Titles.
Winners: American Bulldogs

After the match The Headline run down to the ring. Obviously the American Bulldogs are exhausted. Briggs and Monsuta slide into the ring and immediately tackle Caine and Evanston. Briggs pulls Caine up and plants him with the Brainbuster while Monsuta hits a big choke slam on Matt Evanston. The Headline take the Tag Titles and hold them up in the air. Then they toss the titles back down onto the downed champions.

Backstage President Matt Kraven reveals the two tournaments that we will be treated to at the Land of the Rising Sun Japan Tour that will take place in March. Each winner of the tournament will be able to “cash in” and wrestle any champion for any title at a date and time of their choosing.

Triple Threat Match
Winner Becomes #1 Contender for TV Title
Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt vs Caleb Newstead vs Hades w/ Synn

A fast paced match where Hades and Christopher Morgan kind of team up on Caleb Newstead. Newstead hits a Fisherman Brainbuster on Morgan, however he gets planted with a Hades Burning Hammer for the pin.
Caleb Newstead is eliminated!

Morgan fights back and attempts a Tiger Driver but Hades reverses into a modified hurricanrana. Morgan attempts a running clothesline but Hades ducks and hits a suoerkick. Hades then goes to the top rope and hits a shooting star press for the pin.
Winner: Hades

The scene cuts to Nina Fox who is on her cell phone. She is talking to Samantha West as she keeps saying Samantha’s name. It is obvious that something happened with Samantha’s transportation and she won’t be able to make it to Desperate Measures tonight.

Taylor Clawson vs Rochelle
An intriguing matchup as both women are former FFP Diamond Champions. The match begins with a handshake. Both Diamonds show off their excellent wrestling skills. Rochelle hooks in a figure four leg lock. Taylor escapes and applies a sharpshooter. Taylor goes to the top rope but Rochelle body slams her off. Rochelle then ascends to the top rope and attempts a flying maneuver. Taylor jumps into the air and hits Rochelle with a dropkick to the midsection in mid-air. Taylor then hits the Flatliner for the pin.
Winner: Taylor Clawson

Backstage we see Lacey Abernathy talking with a couple of other Diamonds. Penelope approaches and accuses Lacey if cheating in their match last Wednesday. Lacey assures her that she didn’t cheat. Penelope then double legs Lacey and begins to lay in punches. FFP Security is quick to split the cat fight up.

6-Diamond Tag Team Match
Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven & Bridget Bordeaux vs Pandora, Synn & Firefly

This one is a very hard hitting and violent match. Firefly hits a few high flying moves on Lizzy Kraven and Bridget Bordeaux, but finds herself put through the announcer’s table by a Veronica Clyne spinebuster.

Pandora grabs a steel chair but the referee stops her. As she has him distracted Synn slides into the ring and spits red mist into Veronica’s eyes. Pandora then scoops Clyne up and hits Pandora’s Box. Lizzy breaks up the near fall, and clobbers Pandora with the Kraven Lariat.

Bridget finds herself in the ring with Synn. Synn attempts the Diamond Dust but Bordeaux escapes and hits the Bordeaux Slam. Bridget then hooks Synn’s leg for the pin.
Winners: Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven & Bridget Bordeaux

We cut backstage where The Queendom is standing by with Tyrece Beckman. Monika Andrews says that The Queendom have a rematch clause and that they want a rematch at Nina Fox and Samantha West next weekend at SSN.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(C) Kashimanaki vs El Diablo w/ Synn

Both men really dig deep and pull out all stops in this one. After trading stiff chops and kicks, Kashimanaki hits an awesome spin heel kick. El Diablo gains the advantage and hits a powerbomb for a two count.

Diablo goes to the top for the Double Stomp but Kashimanaki hops up and throws Diablo down to the mat. Kashimanaki then hits a flying headbutt. He gets up, and waits for Diablo. He attempts a big kick but Diablo ducks and Kashimanaki connects with the referee.

The lights go out. When they come back on there is another fellow Japanese wrestler in the ring. Kashimanaki looks stunned to see this man. He walks up to him to try to talk, but the man nails him with a kick to the knee. Kashimanaki drops to one knee, and gets a stiff kick to the side of the head from the man. Kashimanaki collapses to the mat. The man now climbs out of the ring. As Synn laughs her evil laugh Diablo makes the pin. The groggy referee makes the count and Diablo wins the match and the Cruiserweight Title.
Winner: El Diablo

Backstage we see Taylor Clawson walk into Nina Fox’s locker room. She asks Nina if she is ready for her match. Nina says she most definitely is. Taylor then surprised Nina, telling her that she wants the match to be fair, so she will accompany her down to the ring. Nina thanks Taylor for volunteering to have her back.

FFP Diamond Title
(C) “The Apex Diamond” Brandi Moore w/ Ariana Chaos vs Nina Fox w/ Taylor Clawson

Brandi gains the upperhand quickly. She taunts Taylor as she schools the rookie, and new Diamond Tag Champion Nina Fox. Nina fights back, flooring Brandi with a clothesline and hitting a dive onto Ariana on the outside of the ring.

Nina gets back in but Brandi meets her with a kick to the gut and a DDT. She pulls Nina up and plants her with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Brandi hooks the leg but only gets a two count. She grabs the referee and begins yelling at him. Ariana now slides into the ring, holding the Diamond Title. She gets ready to level the challenger with it, but Taylor Clawson is quick to intercept. She grabs the title and nails Ariana in the head with it. Taylor tosses the title to the side, and pulls Ariana back out of the ring.

Brandi yells for Taylor to keep out of Brandi’s business. Brandi gets ready to deliver the End Game to Nina. She charges but Nina jumps up and hits an amazing shining wizard. Nina pulls Brandi back up and now plants her with the Emerald Fusion. As Taylor cheers her on, Nina crawls over to Brandi and hooks her leg for the three count!
Winner: Nina Fox
After the match Taylor slides into the ring and hugs Nina. She helps Nina strap the title around her waist and holds Nina’s arm up in the air. When Brandi comes to, and sees what the world is seeing, she let’s out a horrid scream and begins punching the mat. She climbs out of the ring. Ariana tries to console her but Brandi shoves her down and continues to retreat up the entrance ramp as the new Diamond Champion celebrates.

The scene cuts backstage where Daniel Matthews and Elijah Jones wish Anarchy good luck. Daniel tells Anarchy that he knows that Anarchy will finally get to experience his dream. Matthews tells him to go get him.

As Anarchy walks away Austin Briggs and Giant Monsuta approach. Briggs asks Daniel how he feels. Daniel says that he will feel much better once he teaches Briggs a lesson. The two teams begin to tussle until FFP Security intervenes.

FFP World Title
(If Anarchy loses, he retires)
(C) Patrick McCoy vs Anarchy

Patrick McCoy gains the advantage quickly, but Anarchy uses his power and weight to shut McCoy down. Patrick impressively gets Anarchy up for a German suplex. McCoy hits a flying elbow drop for a two count. He attempts a shining wizard but Anarchy dodges and hooks Patrick in the rear naked choke. McCoy begins to fade, but after much fighting, gets to the ropes.

Anarchy attempts a suplex but Patrick reverses and hits a suplex of his own. Patrick climbs to the top and attempts a dive but Anarchy hits a European uppercut in mid-air. He hits a couple if stiff kicks on Patrick. He attempts a spinning clothesline but McCoy ducks, scoops Anarchy up and hits the Kryptonite Krunch. Patrick pins Anarchy but somehow the big man kicks out. Patrick steps back as Anarchy pulls himself up to his feet. Patrick scoops his opponent up again and hits another Kryptonite Krunch. McCoy hooks the leg and gets the three count, successfully defending his World Title, and ending Anarchy’s career.
Winner: Patrick McCoy

After the match McCoy grabs his belt and climbs out of the ring. He quickly walks up the ramp and disappears to the back. The crowd gives Anarchy a standing ovation as he stands, emotionally, waving to the crowd. As Anarchy stands in the middle of the ring, the show ends.


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