FFP Spotlight: Patrick McCoy

imagePatrick McCoy is the reigning and defending Full Force Pro World Champion. He defeated Anarchy in a match following a Battle Royal where the two men won the right to face off for the vacated title.

But things weren’t always so high profile for Patrick McCoy. McCoy began his training with Daniel Matthews at the Soul Assassins gym. Veronica Clyne was just a little further ahead of McCoy, but trained alongside him.

After training with Daniel, and Veronica, Patrick went on to become the first FFP Cruiserweight Champion (on October 25, 2008). He held that title for 78 days before losing it to Logan Christopher.

On May 21, 2011 McCoy won the Cruiserweight Title back, this time holding it for 72 days before FFP was shut down because or the poor operations by Chris Kraven.

imageBut it wasn’t all singles titles for Patrick, as he teamed with Veronica Clyne to hold the Tag Team Titles in April of 2009. He replaced an injured Daniel Matthews, however successfully defended the titles with Veronica multiple times.

However during this new and improved run of Full Force Pro, McCoy ended up introducing the world to Scarlett Ducane, who became his girlfriend and manager. McCoy seemed to show changes inside and outside of the ring with Scarlett’s company.

Patrick finally earned himself a World Title shot, facing Anarchy for the title that was left vacated by an injured Verinica Clyne. McCoy cheated to defeat Anarchy, and celebrated with his red headed main squeeze.

Patrick battled Anarchy many times, with the last time having Anarchy’s career on the line at the 2/23/2014 Desperate Measures pay-per-view. In this match, McCoy had Ducane stay backstage, and impressively defeated Anarchy with no interference or shenanigans.

Patrick has definitely showed a different side of himself since bringing Scarlett Ducane into the picture. However bringing the young beauty in had definitely brought out the best in McCoy. Patrick seems to be heading into a feud with his trainer, Daniel Matthews. McCoy obviously is hoping and planning to continue to hold into his precious World Title. Whether he continues to hold the title or loses it, we see great things in the future for this young promising superstar.

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