3/5/2014 Wednesday Warfare [Results]

Wednesday Warfare
March 5, 2014
Charlotte, North Carolina

The show opens up with the FFP panel consisting of Tyrece Beckman, Anarchy, Lizzy Kraven and Christian Alexander. They discuss both championship matches for tonight. They all believe that Adam Hyatt will defeat Hades, while Tyrece and Lizzy think Nina Fox and Samantha West will retain while Anarchy and Christian believe The Queendom will win their titles back.

Kashimanaki & Logan Christopher vs El Diablo & Hayato Takahiro
Fast paced match featuring four cruiserweights. Kashimanaki tries to get his hands on Takahiro every chance he gets. Logan attempts the Shooting Star Press on Diablo, but he gets his knees up. Diablo hits an impressive Superkick. Hayato then puts the Scorpion across Lock on Logan and Logan submits.
Winners: El Diablo & Hayato Takahiro

The scene cuts backstage where Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane are standing by with Francine Davis. McCoy says that Daniel Matthews needed to be tough a lesson. Patrick says that he is the most dominant champion in FFP and will continue his reign. He says that tonight he will teach Elijah Jones a lesson as well.

Bridget Bordeaux vs Firefly
Back and forth hard hitting match. Firefly hits a beautiful moonsault for a two count. She hits a tornado DDT then attempts the Crucifix Powerbomb but Bridget escapes and hits a hard clothesline. Bridget hits the Bordeaux Slam and pins Firefly. Pandora and Synn make their way down to ringside but Veronica Clyne is quick to run out and back Bridget up. Unfortunately Lizzy can’t back her team up because she is with the panel, but the ladies of the Realm of Darkness retreat.
Winner: Bridget Bordeaux

Backstage we see Bianca Hunt giving a pep talk to Christopher Morgan before his match. Jason Copeland is there with them.

Non-Title Match
Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Elijah Jones

Patrick McCoy really beats down his opponent. Elijah hits a spin wheel kick and a high dropkick. Jones goes to the top rope but McCoy hits his legs and Jones falls to the turnbuckle. Patrick climbs up and delivers a Stonecold Stunner from the top rope. McCoy makes the pin for the victory.
Winner: Patrick McCoy

After the match Scarlett climbs into the ring and hands the World Title over to McCoy. McCoy waits for Jones to get to his feet and blasts him with the title. McCoy stands over Elijah holding the title high in the air.

Backstage we see the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions, Nina Fox and Samantha West walking down one of the hallways of the arena. The Queendom step in front of the girls. They tell the champs that they better have enjoyed their stay as champs, because in a few short moments The Queendom will regain the straps.

The scene cuts now to Taylor Clawson backstage where she is grabbing a bottled water off of a table. Ariana Chaos approaches. She tells Taylor that she couldn’t be more wrong about Brandi Moore being a baby about losing the title. Ariana says that she would love an opportunity to shut Taylor’s mouth. Taylor says that she will gladly face her Saturday at SSN. Ariana agrees. She then kicks Taylor in the gut, and slams her through the nearby table.

Giant Monsuta w/ The Headline vs Christopher Morgan w/ Bianca Hunt
This is a hard hitting stiff contest. Christopher knocks the big man off his feet. He attempts the Tiger Driver but Monsuta back body drops him. Monsuta hits a belly to belly and an elbow drop for a two count.
Monsuta attempts a flying clothesline but Morgan dodges. Morgan hits a lariat for a two count. He attempts another Tiger Driver but Briggs jumps on the apron. Morgan goes after Briggs. As he is distracted Monsuta rolls him up, pulls the tights and gets the three count.
Winner: Giant Monsuta

After the match The Headline leave. Bianca and Jason Copeland get in the ring. Bianca starts yelling at Morgan. She finally slaps him across the face, and Jason Copeland nails him from behind. Jason lays in kicks and stomps while Bianca continues pointing her finger at Christopher and screaming at him.

Copeland now climbs out of the ring and grabs a chair. He slides into the ring and slams Morgan in the head with it. Copeland now sets the chair on the mat and pulls Morgan up. He calls for a piledriver. But before he can deliver the devastating move, Christopher ex-partner Caleb Newstead storms out of the back and hustles to ringside. He slides in and nails Jason with a dropkick. Copeland falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Caleb grabs the chair, and stands in front of Morgan. Copeland and Bianca retreat to backstage.

The scene cuts backstage where President Matt Kraven is with Francine Davis. Matt announces that at Sadistic Saturday Night that we will see Taylor Clawson vs Ariana Chaos in an Anything Goes Match. He announces that we will also see Christopher Morgan vs Jason Copeland.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(C) Nina Fox & Samantha West vs The Queendom

Monika Andrews begins the match attacking Samantha from behind. Make beats her down and tags in Jenna. Jenna hits the Spear but Nina breaks up the count. Jenna continues working on Samantha’s back. Samantha hits a surprise dropkick and tags in Nina. Nina beats Jenna down until she tags Monika back in. Monika gains the upperhand on Nina and goes for the Pedigree, but Nina escapes and hits the Emerald Fusion for the pin.
Winners: Nina Fox & Samantha West

We cut to Synn, Pandora and Firefly. The ladies of the Realm of Darkness challenge Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven and Bridget Bordeaux to a Six-Diamond Tag at SSN.

FFP Television Title
(C) Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Hades w/ Synn

Fast paced match. Hades hits an early Brainbuster leaving Adam stunned. Hades goes to the top but Hyatt gets to his feet, so Hades jumps off and hits a hurricanrana. Hades attempts another top rope move but Adam ducks and hits an STO. He pulls Hades up and hits a German Suplex for a two count.

Hyatt pulls Hades up and hits a body slam and knee drop. He climbs to the top but misses a flying elbow drop. Hades now scoops Hyatt up onto his shoulders for a Burning Hammer, but Adam escapes and hits the Superkick for the pinfall win.
Winner: Adam Hyatt

After the match the Two Man Mafia come down to the ring. Hunter Brown takes the microphone and says that they want their Tag Title match as soon as possible. He says that they are tired of being seen as the guys who keep challenging for the titles but can’t win them. Hunter says that they have a secret weapon, and that they will walk away as the tag champs when they have their match.

The American Bulldogs now come out. They say that as long as Matt Kraven is okay with it that they will gladly put their titles up on the Japan tour. The Two Man Mafia agree.


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