3/10/2014 FFP Tour of Japan: Day One [Results]

FFP Tour of Japan: Day One
Match 10, 2014
Tokyo, Japan

The show opens up with President Matt Kraven who announces that Daniel Matthews couldn’t make the trip with FFP, therefore Christopher Morgan will advance into the Semifinals of the men’s tournament.

Next we go to the FFP panel, featuring Tyrece Beckman, Francine Davis, Lacey Abernathy and Anarchy. They discuss the tournaments taking place here in Japan as well as the American Bulldogs vs Two Man Mafia.

Men’s Tournament: Opening Round
Hades w/ Synn vs Austin Briggs w/ The Headline

Fast paced match with Hades hitting some impressive high flying moves. Briggs attempts the Brainbuster but Hades reverses into a small package for a two count. Hades attempts the Burning Hammer but Briggs escapes and backslides Hades for the three count.
Winner: Austin Briggs

Women’s Tournament: Opening Round
Rochelle vs Natalie Skye

A hard hitting Diamond match that really shows how tough the FFP Diamonds are. Natalie hits a big clothesline sending Rochelle to the apron. Rochelle pulls herself up using the ropes, and Natalie hits her with a spear sending them both crashing to the outside of the ring.

Rochelle gets up first and rolls Natalie into the ring. She hits a missile dropkick for a two count. The two trade power moves back and forth. Rochelle attempts the Cradle Shock Driver but Natalie escapes and hits a Russian leg sweep. She follows that up with a DDT and the Widows Peak for the pin.
Winner: Natalie Skye

Kashimanaki vs Hayato Takahiro w/ Realm of Darkness
This is a brawl if you’ve ever seen one. With the history that these two Japanese superstars seem to have, and the way that Hayato beat Kashimanaki down a few events ago, there was definitely revenge on the mind of Kashimanaki.

Hayato hits a spinning DDT and a cradle piledriver. Kashimanaki fights back with his powerful kicks. Synn distracts Kashimanaki just enough for Hayato to hits a jumping kick to the back of the head. Hayato locks in the Scorpion Cross Lock and Kashimanaki has no option but to tap out.
Winner: Hayato Takahiro

After the match the Realm of Darkness surround Kashimanaki and look to lay a beating down on him, however Logan Christopher and former Darkness member Deranged storm to the ring. They slide in and the Realm of Darkness quickly retreats.

Women’s Tournament: Opening Round
Lizzy Kraven vs Monika Andrews

Another hard hitting Diamond match. Apparently these girls came to show the boys up.

Lizzy hits an awesome spinning clothesline. She goes for a powerbomb but Monika reverses into a hurricanrana. Monika hits a body slam and attempts a splash from the top, but connects with Lizzy’s knees. Lizzy slaps on the sharpshooter but Monika gets to the ropes.

Lizzy attempts the Kraven Lariat but Monika ducks and hits a German Suplex for a two count. Monika hooks in a camel clutch but Lizzy eventually fights out of it, picking Monika up and slamming her on her back. Lizzy now hits the ropes and hits the Kraven Lariat for the win.
Winner: Lizzy Kraven

Backstage we see the American Bulldogs heading toward the entrance area with their Tag Team Titles around their waists.

The scene cuts to the panel where they make their picks for the main event. Tyrece, Anarchy and Lacey Abernathy all pick the Two Man Mafia as tonight’s winners and new Tag Champs. Francine Davis picks the American Bulldogs to retain.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(C) American Bulldogs vs Two Man Mafia

This has become quite the feud in the past few weeks. Hunter Brown attempts the a Deal Breaker early but Matt Evanston escapes. Brown continues working on Matt’s neck. Nathan floors Hunter with a clothesline. Kincaide comes in and not only gets a powerslam, but also a flying headbutt. Caine slaps one he Ankle Lock but Kincaide gets the ropes. Brown gets tagged in and also feels the Ankle Lock.

Matt Evanston attempts the Go to Sleep on Hunter Brown, but Hunter catches Matt’s leg and hits a dragon screw. Hunter now hits the Deal Breaker on Matt but only gets a two count.

Suddenly a redhead runs down the isle. It’s Hunter’s former manager and former FFP Television Champion Madison Grey! Madison slides into the ring and goes to the top rope. Hunter holds the referee back and Madison hits a moonsault into Matt Evanston.

Evanston fights back and eventually tags Nathan Caine back in. Madison again tries to get involved, but unfortunately she gets caught by Nathan, who plants her with the Double Underhook Driver. Caine does the same to Hunter Brown and gets the pin.
Winners: American Bulldogs

The scene cuts back to the panel. The group agrees that today was filled with great wrestling action. They talk about Madison Grey returning, and predict that the Bulldogs/Mafia feud is far from over.


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