3/11/2014 FFP Tour of Japan: Day Two [Results]

FFP Tour of Japan: Day Two
Match 11, 2014
Tokyo, Japan

The show opens with the FFP panel. They discuss how the tournaments are going so far, as well as Madison Grey returning and the American Bulldogs successfully retaining their titles.

They talk about how tonight’s event will be action packed just like last night and they look forward to seeing how the opening round of the men’s and women’s tournaments conclude.

Women’s Tournament: Opening Round
Ariana Chaos vs Firefly

Fast paced, high flying match. Arm drags, hip tosses and an impressive springboard dropkick by Ariana Chaos. Firefly stops Chaos with a running European uppercut. Many felt the Realm of Darkness would interfere but they don’t come down. Firefly attempts a moonsault but Ariana moves and Firefly crashes to the mat. Chaos hits the Impaler for the pin.
Winner: Ariana Chaos

Backstage we see FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy trying some sushi. He spits it out almost as soon as it touches his tongue. He dry heaves and runs away to get something to drink.

Men’s Tournament: Opening Round
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt

Jason Copeland comes out on fire. Apparently with the loss of Christopher Morgan, Jason made the best out of it. Copeland hits a reverse suplex for a two count. He goes to the top and hits a flying headbutt. Hyatt fights back with an array of clotheslines and a sit down powerbomb for a two count. Copeland attempts Death Valley Driver but Hyatt slips off and hits the Superkick for the pin.
Winner: Adam Hyatt

Backstage we see Christopher Morgan and Caleb Newstead hanging out. Is Simply the Best back?

6-Man Tag Team Match
Kashimanaki, Deranged & Logan Christopher vs The Realm of Darkness

Fast paced match with a lot of aerial moves as well as submission moves. Logan Christopher hits his Shooting Star Press on El Diablo but the count is stopped by Hades. Hades hits the Burning Hammer on Deranged. Kashimanaki and Hayato Takahiro trade a ridiculous amount of stiff hard kicks. Takahiro locks in the Scorpion Cross Lock on Kashimanaki. Kashimanaki eventually escapes. He battles back with a couple of kicks to the head and dumps Takahiro with a German suplex. Kashimanaki locks in Cattle Mutilation and Takahiro taps out.
Winners: Kashimanaki, Deranged & Logan Christopher

The FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy now makes his way out to the ring with Scarlett Ducane by his side. McCoy says that he is homesick and wants everyone to know that the United States of America is the greatest country in the world. He complains about not being able to speak Japanese and says he doesn’t enjoy sushi. He then storms away as the crowd boos.

Women’s Tournament: Opening Round
Synn vs Taylor Clawson

Synn comes out on fire, possibly because of witnessing her team lose. She takes Taylor to the outside by her blonde hair, and hits a powerbomb on the arena floor. Taylor eventually fights her way up and gains the upperhand. She attempts the Flatliner but Synn reverses into an STO. Synn goes to the top but Taylor stops her and hits a body slam from the top. Clawson attempts a Macho Man style elbow off the top but misses. Synn stalks Taylor as she slowly gets to her feet and hits an Electric Chair Driver for the pin.
Winner: Synn

The scene cuts to the FFP panel. The group admits that Synn defeating Taylor Clawson could be the upset of both tournaments. The group then give their predictions on today’s main event. Tyrece Beckman and Francine Davis pick Matt Evanston to win, while Lacey Abernathy and Anarchy agree that Hunter Brown will win the match, with or without outside interference from Madison Grey.

The scene cuts backstage where Ariana Chaos is approaching Taylor Clawson. Ariana brags about her victory and asks Taylor if she won or not. Taylor turns to Ariana and proceeds to take her down with a double leg. They brawl back and forth until security intervenes.

Men’s Tournament: Opening Round
Matt Evanston vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Castle

Definitely the match of the night. Madison Grey accompanies Hunter Brown to ringside. Matt Evanston starts the match on the offensive, hitting arm drags and body slams. Hunter rakes Matt’s eyes and hits a spear for a two count.

Brown tosses Matt to the outside and distracts the ref. Madison scratches Matt on his back, and hits him with a kick to the groin. Matt eventually gets back inside the ring and reverses a suplex attempt by Brown. Matt begins to work on Hunter’s legs, hitting a very key chop block. Hunter gains the advantage once more and attempts a Superkick, but Matt catches his leg, hooks in the Ankle Lock and eventually Hunter has no choice but to tap out.
Winner: Matt Evanston

The scene cuts back to the FFP panel. The group agrees that tonight was another awesome night for FFP. They remind the fans that tomorrow is an off day for the FFP superstars and Diamonds, but that we will be back on March 13th for more of the FFP’s Tour of Japan.

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