3/13/2014 FFP Tour of Japan: Day Three [Results]

FFP Tour of Japan: Day Three
Match 13, 2014
Osaka, Japan

The show opens up with the FFP panel. They discuss how tonight we will see all semifinal matches, as well as The Queendom taking on Pandora and Firefly.

Diamond Tournament: Semifinals
Natalie Skye vs Lizzy Kraven

Natalie and Lizzy give the crowd an awesome match. Early on the two ladies trade punches and chops leading to Natalie hitting a spear. Natalie works on Lizzy’s legs, hoping for a submission but can’t get Lizzy to tap. Lizzy battles back and goes for the Kraven Lariat, but eats a dropkick instead. Natalie hits the Widow’s Peak but only gets a two count as Lizzy puts her leg on the rope.

Natalie pulls Lizzy up and gets her set up for another Widow’s Peak but Lizzy reverses into a neck breaker. Lizzy then hits the Kraven Lariat for the pin.
Winner: Lizzy Kraven

Backstage we see Bianca Hunt and Jason Copeland discussing things. This is right before Christopher Morgan’s match, so we can only wonder if they’re going to interfere.

Men’s Tournament: Semifinals
Christopher Morgan vs Austin Briggs w/ The Headline

This one is fairly fast paced with Christopher Morgan hitting a Tiger Driver early but only getting a two count. Giant Monsuta eventually gets involved and Morgan hits a suicide dive on the outside, downing the big man. When Morgan gets back in Briggs hits him with a boot to the gut and goes for the Brainbuster, but Morgan reverses into a fisherman brainbuster shades of Caleb Newstead. Morgan hooks the leg and gets the win.
Winner: Christopher Morgan
After the match Bianca and Jason Copeland come out. Bianca yells out instructions as Copeland slides into the ring and begins to beat down Christopher Morgan. Caleb Newstead is quick to come out and hits Jason with a big clothesline sending him to the outside. Jason retreats as Newstead stands over Morgan.

Backstage we see The Queendom approaching the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions, Nina Fox and Samantha West. Monika Andrews tells them that after they defeat Pandora and Firefly that they should wrestle for the Diamond Tag Titles.

Samantha West steps up and accepts the proposal. West says that Nina and her would love to put the titles on the line on this Japan Tour. Monika and Jenna seem pretty content with the decision.

The Queendom vs Pandora & Firefly
Back and forth with both teams bending the rules with chokes, eye gauges and more. Monika attempts the Angel’s Wings on Pandora but Firefly comes in and hits a clothesline. The two teams brawl after the interference. Jenna hits the Spear on Firefly, then on Pandora. Monika now hits the Angel’s Wings on Pandora for the pin.
Winners: The Queendom

Backstage we see Taylor Clawson watching on the monitor as Ariana Chaos’ match is coming up. Ariana and Taylor have been feuding, and Synn upset Taylor in the tournament opening round on Tuesday night.

Diamond Tournament: Semifinals
Ariana Chaos vs Synn

Ariana starts the match out quick. Hitting fast strikes, and a flying body press.
She looks rather impressive. Synn fights back with a running big boot and a German suplex. Ariana comes back with a springboard spin wheel kick. Ariana now goes for the Impaler, but Synn reverses with an impressive standing Diamond Dust for the pin.
Winner: Synn
After the match Taylor Clawson casually strolls down to the ring. She gets in the ring and tells Ariana that she is no match for Taylor. Taylor smacks her a couple of times in the face. Then she pulls her up and plants her with the Flatliner.

The scene cuts to President Matt Kraven who announces that Taylor and Ariana will go at it once again tomorrow on the final day of the FFP Tour of Japan.

Now the scene cuts to the panel. The group talks about the upcoming match. They all agree that this match can go either way as both of these competitors have very large amounts of potential.

Men’s Tournament: Semifinals
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Matt Evanston

This match is a very exciting and very technical match. Matt works on Adam’s legs while Adam keeps trying to work in the Superkick whenever he can. He almost hits it after missing a clothesline, but Evanston catches his foot and applies the ankle lock. Hyatt fights and gets to the ropes. He gains the advantage again, and attempts the Superkick once more, but Matt catches his leg again. This time Matt hits a dragon leg screw before slapping the ankle lock on again, forcing Hyatt to tap out.
Winner: Matt Evanston

The scene cuts back to the panel. Tyrece Beckman points out that tomorrow’s event will feature the finals of both tournaments. The final for the Diamond Tournament will be Lizzy Kraven vs Synn, and the final for the Men’s Tournament will be Christopher Morgan vs Matt Evanston. Francine Davis also reminds everyone that we will see Nina Fox & Samantha West put their Diamond Tag Team Titles on the line tomorrow against the former champions, The Queendom, and Taylor Clawson will battle Ariana Chaos.


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