4/9/2014 Wednesday Warfare [Results]

Wednesday Warfare
April 9, 2014
Chicago, Illinois

Non-Title Match
American Bulldogs vs Hades & Hayato Takahiro

The Bulldogs took control of the match and really never looked back. Nathan Caine hit a lariat on Takahiro, followed by the Double Underhook Driver for the pin.
Winners: American Bulldogs

After the match, the Two Man Mafia came down to the ring. Hunter Brown asks the Bulldogs for one more title match. The Bulldogs are fighting champions, and accept.

#1 Contender Four-Way Match
Samantha West vs Ariana Chaos vs Synn vs Taylor Clawson

Fast paced match. Synn was eliminated first, courtesy of Samantha West and an STO. Taylor Clawson worked over Ariana Chaos, but also got caught with an STO. West then pinned Taylor. As she celebrated her second straight elimination, Ariana hit Samantha with the Impaler for the pin.
Winner: Ariana Chaos

After the match Nina Fox ran down to the ring. As Samantha West was getting back to her feet, Nina nailed her with a spear. Fox laid in punches as security separated the two.

Backstage Francine Davis joined Brandi Moore. She asked Moore what her thoughts were of her friend winning number one contender-ship. Brandi simply let out a scream and stormed off.

Austin Briggs w/ Giant Monsuta vs Logan Christopher
Briggs attacked Logan from behind while the ring announcer was announcing him. Briggs hits the Beainbuster and pinned Logan for the win. Then Briggs celebrated like he had just won the World Title.
Winner: Austin Briggs

Non-Title Match
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane

A very good match. McCoy gained the upperhand early. Hyatt fought back and hits an impressive inverted suplex. Madison and Scarlett had words which distracted Hyatt. McCoy attempted an attack from behind but Adam side stepped and hit the Superkick for the win.
Winner: Adam Hyatt

After the match, Daniel Matthews came out. He announced that this Saturday he would finally be making his return to the ring, and would be taking on Adam Hyatt for the FFP Television Title.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(C) The Queendom vs ???

The Queendom came down to the ring first. After not knowing who they’d be defending the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles against for a week, The Headline made their way to ringside. Monika reminded Briggs that he couldn’t challenge for the Diamond Tag Titles.

Briggs told her that he wasn’t going to attempt to win the straps, but instead The Headline was welcoming a Diamond tag team to their stable. He then announced the return of Christi Carter and Kayla, H Double-D!

It was a back and forth match with Austin Briggs and Giant Monsuta staying at ringside. Christi Carter hit a DDT on Monika Andrews early, but got a two count. Kayla took Monika to the outside. Jenna hit a Spear on Christi but couldn’t capitalize because she rolled out of the ring.

Christi and Kayla finally got Jenna alone, planting her with a Spike Piledriver. Kayla then hit a suicide dive on Monika while Christi pinned Jenna for the win.
Winners: H Double-D


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