FFP Spotlight: “The Apex Diamond” Brandi Moore

imageMany can argue that one Brandi Moore, who now goes by the nickname of The Apex Diamond, is not only the greatest Diamond to step foot into an FFP ring, but the greatest superstar that Full Force Pro has ever produced.

Brandi began in FFP as simply a valet. She accompanied Logan Christopher, who at the time was also her boyfriend, down to the ring, cheered him on, and walked him to the back after the match. However, in a hate filled feud between Logan and Caleb Newstead, Brandi found herself many times on the end of an accidental dropkick, punch or kick.

Brandi finally had enough, and eventually turned on Logan in a No DQ Match, leading to Caleb Newstead winning the match, and the girl. But Brandi had begun to start working on her in-ring work. Caleb helped with her training, and she eventually made her wrestling debut. She then became the first woman to join the stable, Simply the Best, which was led by Caleb Newstead and also featured Christopher Morgan.

While being a part of Simply the Best Brandi Moore became the first FFP Diamond Champion. She also introduced the world to her then BFF, Taylor Clawson. Subsequently introducing us all to Seduction Inc, who became FFP’s first Diamond Tag Team Champions. Eventually Seduction Inc split from Simply the Best, and arguably became FFP’s most popular team, even to today.

Brandi has held the FFP Diamond Championship a record six times. Her longest reign was 203 days, second to none other than Veronica Clyne (284 days). Brandi has also held the FFP Diamond Tag Titles (alongside Taylor Clawson) four times, with their longest reign consisting of 315 days (the longest Diamond Tag Title reign in history).

Along the way Brandi has feuded with all sorts of FFP superstars. Veronica Clyne, Firefly, the Skye Sisters and Taylor Clawson are only a few of her top feuds.

imageIn one of her most notorious acts, Brandi nailed Veronica Clyne with a running knee to the head (a move she now calls The End Game), and sending her to the hospital with a concussion. That moment alone is still one of the most talked about events in FFP history.

Brandi however, hasn’t just been a valet/manager and Diamond wrestler here in Full Force Pro. She had also been the Commissioner. While dating President Matt Kraven, Brandi was eventually named Commissioner, and took her role very seriously. She eventually left the Commissioner spot because she missed action inside the ring, and went back to what she truly loved, wrestling.

As of late Brandi has taken FFP newcomer Ariana Chaos under her wing after turning on longtime best friend and tag partner Taylor Clawson. Many consider Brandi to still be the most dominant Diamond on the roster, however some believe she simply takes her ball and goes home whenever she doesn’t get her way.

The Apex Diamond is definitely one of the top FFP superstars of all time. If FFP ever opened up a Hall of Fame Brandi would be a first ballot inductee, 100%.

Although she has accomplished so much here in FFP, we feel like she has so many great accomplishments still ahead of her. Brandi’s career is definitely something to continue watching, and it seems that the best is yet to come.

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