5/3/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night [Results]

Sadistic Saturday Night
May 3, 2014
Dayton, Ohio

Deranged opened the night up with a successful Cruiserweight Title defense against El Diablo. Then Taylor Clawson got back on her winning ways by defeating Firefly.

Backstage we saw Hunt Enterprises (Jason Copeland and the Two Man Mafia) beating down the American Bulldogs. Apparently the Mafia winning the Tag Titles from the Bulldogs at All Torn Up wasn’t enough.

The Skye Sisters defeated The Queendom next. Followed by The Headline (Austin Briggs, Giant Monsuta, Adam Hyatt, Madison Castle and H Double-D) came out and talked their group up, predicting that their stable will hold nearly every FFP title soon.

Following the promo Nina Fox defeated her former tag partner Samantha Fox by submission, successfully defending her Diamond Title. Afterwards Synn came out and locked Nina in the Nosferatu again. Synn then reminded her that their issues aren’t over.

In the main event Simply the Best defeated Kashimanaki and Logan Christopher in a back and forth exciting match.

Following the main event President Matt Kraven came out and asked Veronica for an explanation of why she attacked Lizzy the way she did in her match at All Torn Up.

Veronica came out and said she’d do anything to win the title back. Matt told her that what she did to Lizzy was despicable. The two began to fight until Brandi Moore made her way out to the ring. No one was sure what she was doing. If she would side with Matt or Veronica. Finally Veronica and Brandi simultaneously nailed Matt with a kick to the groin. They beat him down and topped it off with Veronica cracking Matt with the FFP World Title to the head.


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