5/10/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night

Sadistic Saturday Night
May 10, 2014
Knoxville, Alabama

The show opened with Veronica Clyne, Brandi Moore and Patrick McCoy already standing inside the ring. They instructed everyone to look at the big screen that was showcased on the entrance ramp. There we saw that Taylor Clawson had been laid out backstage. Veronica mentioned that Taylor had compared her to Saddam Hussein, and being the leader of a dictatorship. As they spoke on the microphone, they were interrupted by the entrance of Lacey Abernathy. Abernathy, holding a Singapore Cane, announced that she wanted to join their group. Veronica looked puzzled. She announced that Lacey would take on Nina Fox tonight in a non-title match, and as long as she made Nina suffer, she’d be in. Lacey smiled and accepted the offer.

The first match of the night was a barn burner that screamed “follow that”. Adam Hyatt, accompanied by his beautiful valet Madison Castle, battled Logan Christopher to a pinfall victory after 20 solid minutes of action.

After the match The Headline came out to celebrate with Adam. Austin Briggs got on the microphone and talked about how they were the elite stable. They were interrupted by Hunt Enterprises, who claimed the same. After a lot of arguing, the segment finally ended.

Next Bridget Bordeaux took on Firefly. Bridget hit a couple good moves but Firefly hit the Crucifix Powerbomb for the pin. Synn then took ahold of the microphone and announced that Firefly and Pandora deserved a Diamond Tag Team Title shot against H Double-D.

We now saw Lizzy Kraven via satellite. Lizzy announced that her knee was getting better quicker than anyone expected and that she would be present at Wednesday Warfare, although she would not be wrestling.

Backstage we now saw Nina Fox sitting with Matt Kraven in his office. Kraven talked about how Lacey had spoken with him months ago and got advice on how to make an impact in FFP. He would have never thought she’d volunteer herself for Veronica and Brandi’s reasons. Obviously Kraven wanted Nina to stay in his office so that hopefully Veronica’s group wouldn’t try to attack her. And even there, he couldn’t be sure.

The next match was Caleb Newstead taking on Christian Alexander. Alexander put up a great fight, but had a suplex attempt reversed into the Fisherman Brainbuster. Newstead gained the pin.

After the match Newstead got on the microphone and said that Simply the Best had stayed dormant far too long. He announced that it was their time to climb to the top of FFP.

Finally it was time for the main event of Lacey Abernathy facing Nina Fox. If Lacey could make Nina suffer, apparently she could join Veronica’s group.

Nina put up a fight, and Lacey worked on Nina’s back. Last week Nina had been brutally attacked with a Singapore Cane courtesy of Veronica and Brandi. They targeted Nina’s back, which was still swollen and bruised.

Lacey hit a powerbomb but only got a two count. She attempted to pull Nina up with her black hair, but Nina grabbed Lacey’s arm and hooked in a Crippler Crossface. Lacey strained to get to the ropes, but had to tap out.

As Nina celebrated, Veronica, Brandi and Patrick made their way to the ring. Lacey grabbed her Singapore Cane and nailed Nina from behind. Veronica and Brandi slid into the ring and assisted Lacey in beating down Nina. Lacey hugged Veronica and then Brandi. They smiled, but then took the luscious red head to the ground. They laid in kicks and stomps before Veronica planted her with the Vertabreaker. The duo then continued beating on Nina Fox.

Finally Matt Kraven rushed to the ring. He wasn’t going to let them beat on anymore FFP superstars. McCoy met Kraven inside the ring, but before they could square off, FFP TV Champion Daniel Matthews came out. He stated how disappointed he was with his two prize students (Veronica and Patrick), and said that he has been in FFP since it’s beginning and he wouldn’t let his students destroy it. He told Matt that he had his back, and would gladly hold the FFP banner against them. Matt thanked Daniel, but when he turned back toward the group, Matthews leveled him in the back of the head with the TV Title.

The walls were crumbling all around Matt. Veronica, Brandi and Patrick pulled Matt up and fed him in for Daniel’s finisher, the Death Valley Driver. After planting him with the move, Daniel fetched the microphone for Veronica.

Veronica introduced this four person group of hers as The Kingdom. Nina began to move as Veronica spoke, but Brandi quickly stepped back and hit The End Game on Fox. Veronica announced that no one could stop The Kingdom, and that anyone who stood in their way would feel a wrath that had never been felt in FFP before. Veronica laughed, and instructed any non-believers to ask Matt, Nina, Taylor or Lacey.

The show ended as the four stood in the ring, visibly proud of their actions.


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