Exclusive Interview with Veronica Clyne: Part 1

imageAfter trying again and again to interview Veronica Clyne after the creation of Veronica’s newest stable The Kingdom, Francine Davis was finally able to sit down and speak with the FFP World Champion for an exclusive two-part interview. The following is part-one of this exclusive interview.

FD: Veronica, I’m excited to be able to sit down with you. Seems the past couple weeks FFP has really been turned upside down.

VC: Yes it has. And I’d like to think I had a little something to do with that.

FD: I think that’s an understatement.

VC: I think you’re right.

FD: So let’s get straight to it. Why? Why did you do what you did to Matt? Why did you decide to befriend Brandi, although you two probably had one of the most hate filled feuds in all of professional wrestling?

VC: Wow, straight shooter huh? Many of you all seem to forget the past that I had with Matt. The Superkick. Screwing me over. Screwing me over for Brandi. Screwing her over. It goes on and on. Matt screwed Brandi and myself over time and time again. We finally had had enough, and decided to work together instead of against each other.

FD: But that was years ago. You and him seemed fine. You seemed happy. You guys got married. And Brandi for the most part seemed to get along with the both of you.

VC: Everything was fine. Matt was a perfect gentleman. He treated me great.

FD: I don’t understand. You’re saying you and Brandi teamed together because of what he did to you, yet you’re saying he was good to you.

VC: Francine, the past is filled with many painful memories. You think you can let them go, but you figure out that you can’t. I couldn’t let it go. Neither could Brandi.

FD: So you and Brandi co-conspired. When? Was it before or after you beat Lizzy for the World Title?

VC: Before. We had this planned out for some time. When I went in there and attacked Lizzy’s leg, I already knew that this was all going on.

FD: And Patrick McCoy attacking Lizzy’s leg before you and her match?

VC: Yep, all part of the plan.

FD: Excuse me, but I just can’t imagine that old memories caused you to do this. I can’t imagine that one day those bitter memories finally just forced you to jump up and do this. I feel like there is more to this story. We have Matt and Lizzy on the receiving end of attacks, as well as Brandi’s ex-partner Taylor Clawson and your former student Nina Fox. There has to be more.

VC: You just want the scoop huh? You’re a modern day Barbara Walters.

FD: I just want to know the truth. I don’t believe you and Brandi co-conspired this because of what Matt did years and years ago.

VC: Okay, you got me. There’s more to the story.

FD: Okay, what happened?

Stay tuned for part-two of this interview, which will be available on the FFP website tomorrow afternoon.

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