Exclusive Interview with Veronica Clyne: Part 2

imageAfter trying again and again to interview Veronica Clyne after the creation of Veronica’s newest stable The Kingdom, Francine Davis was finally able to sit down and speak with the FFP World Champion for an exclusive two-part interview. The following is part-two of this exclusive interview.

VC: Matt has obviously been a ladies man. He began seeing me early in FFP’s history. But he turned on me for Brandi. Not only had he dated us two, but he’s also dated former Diamond Champion Rochelle, he dated former Commissioner Kimmy Carmichael, and there have been rumors of him having a fling with Taylor Clawson. Matt seemed to have gotten really close with Nina. We trained her together, but they seemed to have some kind of connection. A few weeks ago I walked in on them at the Soul Assassins gym, and they seemed to be way too friendly. And to top it off, they seemed rather surprised to see me, and antsy to get me to leave. That was the nail in the coffin.

FD: Were they doing things not wrestling related?

VC: They were lying on the mat. When I walked in Matt jumped to his feet. He seemed surprised to see me, and had a kind of guilty look on his face.

FD: In Matt’s defense, they could have been mat wrestling training.

VC: They weren’t mat wrestling Francine. Okay? I’ve played it over in my head many times. He was up to no good. Apparently old habits die hard with Matt.

FD: But what if he was just training Veronica? You and Brandi kicked him in the groin, beat him with a Singapore cane and had Daniel Matthews attack him with the Television Title. You could have done all this because of a misunderstanding.

VC: Listen Francine, you need to know your role here. I run The Kingdom, I run Full Force Pro. Not Matt. If you want to keep your job where you get to dressed up in fancy pretty dresses and act like you know what you’re talking about, tread lightly. I know what I saw. Matt is a cheater. Matt is a jerk. And Matt got everything he deserved!

FD: I’m sorry Veronica. I did not mean to offend you.

VC: Then let’s get on with this. I’m not going to sit here all day and talk about the crappy person my husband has become. I have a company to run.

FD: Let’s talk about that. You are saying you run FFP. But Matt owns FFP. Where is Matt? Why do you keep insisting that you’re running the company?

VC: Have you seen Matt lately? Have you seen him on Twitter? Have you talked to him on the phone?

FD: No I have not.

VC: Because The Kingdom took him out of business. You saw how sad he was Saturday night. He got up, he waved to the crowd and he left. I haven’t seen him Francine. And I live with him. He’s done. And since I’m married to the man, I own half the company. So, if he’s gone I will continue to run my business. Because it is a business, and it makes me money.

FD: What will you do if he comes back and changes the decisions you’re making?

VC: Good God Francine, you aren’t listening…HE’S GONE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? HE LEFT FFP. HE IS DONE.

FD: Let’s change the subject.

VC: Good idea.

FD: What are you and The Kingdom planning to do here? You’ve won the World Title. Daniel has the TV Title. You’ve beaten up Nina Fox, Taylor Clawson and Lacey Abernathy. You sent Matt packing. What else is in store for us?

VC: The best is yet to come dear. The best is yet to come.

FD: Can you give us any clues?

VC: Yeah, we’ll hold all the gold. We’ll beat everyone up. We’ll continue to rule this company. That’s why we’re The Kingdom. We rule all. We rule Matt. We rule you. We rule the World Title. We rule the audience.

FD: Any big plans for Guilty Pleasures?

VC: Francine. I have to go. I have better things to do than talk to a brunette Barbie. But I’ll say this, Guilty Pleasures will just be the beginning of The Kingdom’s long long reign of power. Tune in to Wednesday Warfare to find out more.

FD: Thank you Veronic-

VC: Yeah, the pleasure was all your’s.

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