5/18/2014 FFP Guilty Pleasures (PPV)

FFP Guilty Pleasures
May 18, 2014
Charlotte, North Carolina

The show opened up with Veronica Clyne asking everyone if they would like to see President Matt Kraven show up tonight. The crowd cheered. Veronica then told them that he would not be at Guilty Pleasures tonight. Following the announcement, the crowd booed.

But Veronica wasn’t finished. She talked about the stench of Charlotte. About how she really doesn’t understand why FFP books shows in Charlotte. And how Charlotte is lucky to breath the same air as The Kingdom.

Veronica then guaranteed victory for herself and Brandi over Lizzy and Nina tonight in the main event.

This was a classic cruiserweight showdown. Both superstars pulled out all the stops. A sit-down powerbomb by Kashimanaki. A superplex from Hades. Kashimanaki went for the Kashimanaki Driver but Hades escaped and hit the Burning Hammer for the pin.

After the match Austin Briggs was shown backstage with Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle. Briggs announced that Giant Monsuta had been fired from The Headline. He said that after two major mistakes last night, The Headline suffered a loss to a lesser team, and H Double-D lost the Diamond Tag Titles, and lost their contract with FFP.

Briggs said that The Headline will still go forward, and prove that it is without a doubt the greatest stable in Full Force Pro history.

Samantha West started the match out beating on both of her opponents. She hit a spear on Synn, then got hit with a superkick via Taylor Clawson. Taylor hit the Flatliner for the pin. Samantha was eliminated.

Synn attacked Taylor from behind as Samantha left. However Taylor reversed a clothesline attempt and hit a back suplex. Afterward she hit the Flatliner for the pin, and the victory.

This match featured Patrick McCoy being accompanied to the ring by every member of The Kingdom, including the returning Scarlett Ducane. This match went back and forth however, Veronica placed the Cruiserweight Title in the ring, and had Scarlett Ducane distract the referee. Daniel Matthews got into the ring but Deranged fought him off. McCoy however grabbed the Cruiserweight Title and blasted Deranged with it. Patrick hooked Deranged’s leg as Scarlett got off the ring apron. The referee counted three and The Kingdom gained another title.

The scene cut backstage where ex-Realm of Darkness member Pandora and Firefly were having an argument. Firefly told Pandora she was out of the group and she needed to leave. At this time Synn snuck up and nailed Pandora from behind. Synn and Firefly beat down their former team mate until security stepped in.

This was a great match between two superstars that will surely be big in the future of Full Force Pro. Hyatt hit the Superkick early but Copeland fell to the outside of the ring. Hyatt went for an elbow off the apron, but Jason moved out of the way. Copeland then hit his Fireman Carry into a Neckbreaker on the outside.

The action finally got back into the ring where Madison Castle tried to get involved. Bianca Hunt grabbed her down and the two began to fight. Adam Hyatt became distracted by this and attempted to separate the two. Jason Copeland rolled Adam up from behind and while pulling the tights, got the 1, 2, 3.

Backstage we saw Lacey Abernathy sitting alone near a TV watching the show. She obviously has still been alienated by both the regular FFP locker room as well as The Kingdom.

Now we had Francine Davis backstage with FFP newcomer Kristopher Bradley with his girlfriend and FFP Diamond Bridget. Francine asked Kristopher about his dark match victory over Logan Christopher. Kristopher said that Logan was a great opponent and that he’s just happy to finally be on the FFP roster.

The next match was a hard hitting one that almost went the PPV 30 minute time-limit. Nathan Caine gladly handed out many stiff clotheslines. Hunter Brown went for the Deal Breaker but Matt Evanston reversed into a German suplex. The match became a four man brawl. Brandon Kincaide clotheslined Nathan out of the ring, and hit Matt with the classic thumb to the eye. Then Hunter hit Matt with the Deal Breaker for the pin.

After the match Bianca Hunt and Jason Copeland came out onto the stage and clapped for their stable mates.

Backstage Samantha West was seen quickly walking toward the exit. Francine Davis approached her but West yelled at her to leave her alone, and got into her car, slamming the door behind her.

The next match was the rematch between April Hunter and Ariana Chaos. Ariana had mentioned losing the Diamond Title to April Hunter, who replied and suggested they have a rematch. The two Diamonds shook hands before the match and it all seemed like it would be a respectful match.

April Hunter hit a couple of powerful clotheslines and body slammed Chaos out of the ring. Ariana kept attempting to gain the upperhand but April kept reversing, being one step ahead of Ariana. Finally after Ariana Chaos missed a moonsault, April hit a sit-down powerbomb for the pin.

After the match Ariana Chaos left ringside as April celebrated. Then the new FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions The Queendom came down with titles hand. Monika Andrews and Jenna Kaufman were quick to take the redhead down and begin beating her down with the belts.

Ariana Chaos noticed, and ran back to the ring. She floored both girls and took hold of one of the belts. The Queendom retreated as Ariana stood on front of April. When April got back to her feet, she shook hands with Ariana.

Backstage we saw The Kingdom talking to Daniel Matthews about the next match like he was in the toughest match of his career.

The next match was one that many people didn’t understand. A guy who was winless in FFP wrestling for the Television Title. Then again everyone knew that The Kingdom was trying to lob Daniel Matthews an easy one to knock out of the park.

Matthews controlled the match, toying with Christian Alexander. That is until Daniel went for his patented Death Valley Driver. Alexander reversed into a small package nearly getting a three count. After the kick out Daniel floored Christian with a running knee. Matthews stomped Christian down before dropping him with the Death Valley Driver for me pin.

Daniel celebrated like he had just won the World Title that he was supposed to lose.

Backstage we saw a split screen of both Veronica Clyne & Brandi Moore and Lizzy Kraven & Nina Fox getting ready for the next match.

Veronica Clyne and Brandi Moore were the first ones out to the ring. Surprisingly they didn’t come out with Daniel, Patrick and Scarlett. The crowd chanted “Matt Kraven, Matt Kraven” over and over again. Veronica grabbed a microphone and yelled at the crowd, telling them that Matt was not here. Then, Matt’s music hit. Veronica dropped the microphone. Her and Brandi looked shocked. As the music played, their shocked faces turned to smiles and laughter. They has fooled the crowd.

Next Nina Fox came out with Lizzy. Nina seemed as if she was trying to get Lizzy to come out from the back, but as this was going on Lizzy came out of the crowd. She floored Veronica then tossed Brandi out of the ring. Nina ran down and joined the match.

A lot of tags between both teams, and back and forth action. Nina Fox looked to hit the Emerald Fusion on Brandi Moore like last night at SSN however Veronica broke up the pin attempt. Lizzy came into the ring only to get blindsided by Brandi. Lizzy then got planted by a double DDT. Brandi hit the Fisherman Brainbuster on Nina but somehow she kicked out just before the three count. Brandi tagged Veronica in who went for a Stunner. Nina escapes and hit a shining wizard. Brandi entered the ring again and a double team took Nina down. Veronica and Brandi went for a spike piledriver but Lizzy Kraven interrupted.

Scarlett Ducane ran out to the ring and distracted the ref. Apparently she is very good at that. Veronica grabbed her Kingdom World Title and attempted to hit Nina Fox with it. Nina dodged and pulled the title from Veronica’s grasp. Fox tossed the belt to Lizzy Kraven, who floored Veronica. Lizzy turned around and was flattened by Brandi Moore who used Nina Fox’s Diamond Title as a weapon.

Brandi and Nina went at each other and spilled to the outside of the ring. Veronica crawled to a downed Lizzy Kraven and drapes her arm over her for the pinfall.

After the match Brandi for the best of Nina Fox. She headed back into the ring where Veronica and her planted Lizzy with a spike piledriver. Patrick McCoy and Daniel Matthews made their way out to the ring to assist in a beat down, courtesy of The Kingdom.

Moore grabbed Nina and tossed her into the ring. Daniel Matthews scooped her up as Patrick started pulling Lizzy up by her hair. Veronica and Brandi watched with smiles in their faces. However, the American Bulldogs were quick to hit the ring, sending The Kingdom scurrying up the entrance ramp with their titles firmly in hand. The Bulldogs checked on Lizzy and Nina, keeping a watchful eye on The Kingdom as Veronica, Brandi, Patrick, Daniel and Scarlett exited the ringside area.

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