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Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle

Since FFP’s beginning we have seen superstars romantically involved with other superstars. Some relationships become serious, and lead to more. While others could be described as a fling or a one-and-done. Today, we are going to look at a few key relationships in the history of Full Force Pro.

We can start with the beginning. Probably the best starting point right? In FFP’s debut match we saw Caleb Newstead defeat Logan Christopher, but not without some controversy. Logan’s valet (and girlfriend) Brandi Moore (that’s right, Brandi originally debuted as a valet for boyfriend Logan Christopher), ended up getting hit by Caleb by accident. The distraction was enough for Newstead to take advantage and pull out a victory.

It happened a couple of times in the feud, until finally Brandi turned on her boyfriend and began to valet for and date Caleb Newstead. Within a few weeks Brandi had been in two relationships in FFP.

Months later Brandi would introduce the world to Taylor Clawson and Seduction Inc. Although not actually ever considered an official couple, Brandi and Taylor would still partake in things that regular couples would. And for Brandi, and relationships, there was still one more to come.

Former Commissioner Elizabeth Summers

Former Commissioner Elizabeth Summers

Also in the beginning of FFP, President Matt Kraven was dating Elizabeth Summers. The two were so serious he actually named Elizabeth the Commissioner. Although it all didn’t work out as Elizabeth turned on Kraven, had him run down by a car driven by Christopher Morgan, and she even joined Simply the Best with one thing in mind, taking FFP over. Of course it didn’t happen and Elizabeth was eventually forced to leave.

Speaking of Matt Kraven, like Brandi Moore it seems he has gotten around here in FFP. He also briefly dated Rochelle when he awarded her the vacant Diamond Championship and he dated Kimmy Carmichael who we eventually found out was his step-sister (no relation…still very weird). One of his most memorable relationships was with Brandi Moore herself. Brandi was also given the Commissioner role while her and Matt dated. What made this relationship more shocking was the way it was shown to the world.

Kimmy Carmichael

Kimmy Carmichael

Veronica Clyne (we will get back to her), and Matt were an item in the early days of FFP (after his relationship with Summers, before Rochelle and Kimmy), and Veronica was wrestling for her first Diamond Championship. She had Brandi Moore locked in the Sharpshooter when Matt leveled her with the Superkick. Then he stood with Brandi, kissing her over top of Veronica. Probably one of the most shocking moments in FFP.

We also saw relationships that came and went fairly quickly. When FFP returned in November of 2013 Daniel Matthews had two girlfriends, Angelica and Penelope. Eventually Penelope turned on Daniel and joined Austin Briggs.

Briggs had a way of stealing girlfriends. In a feud with Anarchy not only did Austin bring in Anarchy’s ex-girlfriend Sabrina, but he also manipulated Anarchy’s then current girlfriend Alexis to turn on him and join Briggs.

Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane

Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane

Then you come to the present and see relationships such as Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle, who have been together a long time with no signs of any problems, Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane, another couple that have seen significant time together with not much trouble, and dare we say Matt Kraven and Veronica Clyne, who currently are married although she has formed The Kingdom and vowed to take FFP completely away from Matt.

FFP is obviously here to be the best of the best in the sport of professional wrestling, but you can’t stop romance, attraction and dare we say love. Will we see the next perfect couple come together in FFP? Will we see Matt Kraven come back and get screwed over by another woman? Will we see dramatic relationships begin and end? The only answer we can put is maybe (but probably, yeah…).


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