6/21/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night
Iowa City, Iowa

SSN opened up with Veronica Clyne announcing that somehow Lizzy Kraven’s taxi got misdirected and she would be unable to make the event tonight. Veronica also announced that tonight’s main event would feature Nina Fox taking on The Kingdom’s Scarlett Ducane in her debut matchup.

The opening match was a Triple Threat Match featuring Logan Christopher vs Caleb Newstead vs Deranged. Deranged was first eliminated by a Caleb Newstead Fisherman Brainbuster. Caleb and Logan proceeded to have a respectful match where Logan scored the pinfall with the Shooting Star Press.

Next we saw Scarlett Ducane warming up with Patrick McCoy.

The next match was a Diamond match between Pandora and Firefly. A back and forth contest with Firefly nearly getting a three count after a tornado DDT. Pandora wound up fighting back and hitting the Pandora’s Box for the pinfall.

The next match was Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt vs Deshaun Reed w/ Alexis Reed. Another back and forth match with a couple of close calls. Jason Copeland hit an impressive superplex for a two count. But it was Deshaun hitting the Crash Landing for the three count.

We now saw Tyrece Beckman standing by with Nina Fox. He asked her about her upcoming match. Nina said that she was sure The Kingdom had something to do with getting Lizzy’s taxi lost, but that she’d fair just fine against Scarlett Ducane.

The next match was another Diamond match. Featuring “The Apex Diamond” Brandi Moore taking on Bridget which was a match set on Twitter. Bridget looked to bite off more than she could chew as Brandi beat her down. Although Brandi played around a little too long as Bridget hooked Brandi in a small package for the upset win.

After the match Brandi went crazy, attacking Bridget who was busy celebrating her upset win. Brandi hit her Fisherman Brainbuster followed by the End Game.

The next match was a Non-Title Match between the Two Man Mafia and Austin Briggs & Adam Hyatt. Briggs and Hyatt have been working hard to prove they are Tag Title material, but tonight wasn’t their night. The Two Man Mafia hit a big boot into a spear combo for the pinfall.

Backstage we now saw Brandi Moore who was still irate, beating down Alexis Reed. Brandi let out a scream as she took off down a hallway leaving Alexis lying motionless.

The next match was the main event between Nina Fox and Scarlett Ducane (non-title of course). Scarlett was accompanied by Veronica Clyne, Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy. Nina have Scarlett a good beating until The Kingdom distracted the referee and Veronica got into the ring and hit a Stonecold Stunner. Somehow Nina kicked out. However The Kingdom distracted the referee again, and this Veronica planted Nina with the Vertabreaker. Scarlett pinned the reigning Diamond Champion for the win.

After the match Veronica and Scarlett gave Nina a good beating before leaving ringside. The show ended with Nina lying unconscious in the middle of the ring.


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