Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven Face-to-Face

Francine Davis had the opportunity to sit down (inbetween) Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven. A dangerous spot to be indeed Francine was ready to get a conversation between the two documented. In a part of a feud that has completely taken over FFP, Lizzy and Nina Fox will look to defeat Veronica’s “The Kingdom” to gain full control of FFP for Matt Kraven.

Here is the interview:

FD: Hello Veronica, and hello Lizzy. I know this must be very awkward for the two of you, and even for myself as well. But I wanted to get you two together to talk about FFP, about Veronica seemingly taking control of FFP and of course the match that will take place at the 4th of July Event.

VC: What is there to discuss? I co-own FFP. I run the show. And after the 4th of July Lizzy Kraven and Nina Fox won’t work here anymore.

LK: Don’t get too ahead of yourself Veronica. You think that just because the deck is stacked that Nina and I don’t stand a chance. You couldn’t be more wrong.

imageVC: You’ve always been a dreamer Lizzy. It’s you and Nina against six of us. Six. Me, Brandi, Daniel, Patrick, Jackson and Tau. You have absolutely NO chance.

LK: Keep thinking that.

FD: She makes a good point Lizzy. Six on two seems like nearly impossible odds. What will you and Nina do to make sure you win?

LK: We will do what we have to do.

VC: That’s such a generic cliche answer. There’s nothing you girls will be able to do.

LK: Stop cutting me off.

VC: Stop spouting nonsense.

FD: We are getting a little off topic here. Veronica, if The Kingdom wins on 4th of July Lizzy and Nina will be leaving FFP. Isn’t that loss of talent something that hurts FFP?

VC: Absolutely not. If it were two of our top superstars that actually toed the line, it would be another story. But this will not hurt FFP at all. We have plenty of people who want to join our company.

imageLK: Nina and I aren’t top superstars? Give me a break.

VC: No, you’re not. You get hurt all the time and Nina is nothing special. Nothing to write home about. Not sure why all the fans like you two. You two put me to sleep, everytime I see your faces.

LK: I’ll put you to sleep at the 4th of July Event. Trust me.

VC: Haha, okay…

FD: Veronica, you have a World Title match at Uprising this weekend, and Lizzy isn’t booked at all. Don’t you feel you may be at a disadvantage for the 4th of July Event, just competing against Matt Evanston?

VC: No. One, I will retain my World Title against Matt Evanston. And two, Lizzy and Nina aren’t just wrestling me. They’re taking on the whole entire Kingdom. Even if I wasn’t at one hundred percent, Lizzy and Nina are as good as gone.

FD: Lizzy, what do you have to say about all this?

LK: I’m done with saying things. I’m ready to finally get revenge. Revenge on Veronica for what she did to me, for what she did to Nina and for what she did to my cousin Matt. It’s gone on for far too long. It needs to stop. And it will soon.

FD: So you just want Matt Kraven to come back as President and everything go back to normal?

LK: For the most part, yeah.

FD: Veronica, do you have anything else to say?

VC: The Kingdom will be victorious, and two of the most expendable superstars in FFP history will finally be gone, and I’ll never have to look at their stupid faces. I’ll be happy. You’ll be happy. And the FFP will only flourish.

FD: Ladies, thank you for your time. Good luck on the 4th of July.


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