6/28/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | June 28, 2014 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

The opening match was a very good very physical Diamond match pitting Alexis Reed vs Pandora. Pandora went for the Pandora’s Box but Alexis escaped and wound up hitting the Reed Bomb for the win.

The next match was a triple threat match featuring El Diablo w/ Synn, Logan Christopher and Deranged. Logan and Deranged actually worked together to eliminate Diablo first. then Logan and Deranged locked horns. After hitting an impressive top rope bulldog Deranged attempted a move from the top, but Logan stopped him and hit a Fisherman Suplex from the top. Logan then scored the pin and won the match.

Backstage we saw Jason Copeland approach Alexis Reed. He simply told her that he was impressed with her match. She thanked him.

The next match was a Diamond match. Bridget vs Synn. The match was back and forth until Samantha West came down and attacked Bridget. Bridget was awarded the match by disqualification.

After the match Bridget and Samantha battled back and forth, slamming each other into the ring steps, guardrail and anything else they could. FFP security finally separated the two.

The next match was a handicap match. It was Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy, Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce vs American Bulldogs. Obviously an unfair match, Nathan Caine eliminated Patrick McCoy with the Double Underhook Driver. Matt Evanston put up a fight, but took a beating from multiple members of The Kingdom. Obviously this was a ploy to wear Matt down for his match at Uprising tomorrow night. Nathan Caine eliminated Jackson Pearce, but was flattened by a Prince Tau Spear. Daniel and Prince Tau took turns beating Matt Evanston down, and finally won the match by pinfall after a Daniel Matthews Death Valley Driver.

The main event was another handicap match. All three of The Kingdom Diamonds, Veronica Clyne, Brandi Moore & Scarlett Ducane vs Lizzy Kraven & Nina Fox. Scarlett was eliminated early when she was locked into a Crippler Crossface by Nins Fox and forced to tap out. Brandi Moore hit the Fameasser on Lizzy Kraven and almost scored a three count. Veronica and Brandi knocked Nina off the apron and hit a big boot into spinebuster combo to eliminate Lizzy Kraven. Veronica and Brandi now toyed around with Nina, however she did hit an impressive STO on Brandi, almost eliminating her. Finally Veronica hit the Vertabreaker and pinned Nina.

Veronica celebrated with her World Title in hand and the crowd booed as the show ended.


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