6/29/2014 FFP Uprising (PPV)

FFP Uprising | June 29, 2014 | Indianapolis, Indiana

The pay-per-view began with a FFP panel consisting of Tyrece Beckman, new FFP writer Drew Wynters and Lizzy Kraven who wasn’t booked. The group talked about The Kingdom’s reign atop of FFP and how Matt Evanston needed to have his head on a swivel.

Lizzy spoke about Nina being a tough girl but said that she would really need to take care of business tonight to successfully defend the Diamond Title against Brandi Moore.

They also talked about Taylor Clawson’s tough matchup against Daniel Matthews, and agreed that April Hunter and Ariana Chaos had a good chance of winning the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

Deshaun Reed w/ Alexis Reed vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle
This was the opening match for Uprising, and it was awesome to say the least. Back and forth with a lot of speed and technical wrestling. Deshaun hit a powerbomb for a close two count. He also hit a Brainbuster for another close pin attempt. Adam fought back to control and eventually hit the Superkick. He pinned Deshaun for the win.

After the match Adam helped Deshaun up. He reached his hand out to Deshaun, and they shook hands. Obviously Deshaun gained Adam’s respect.

Backstage we saw Francine Davis standing by with Bridget. Francine asked Bridget why Samantha West keeps attacking her. Bridget said that she has no idea, but would like an answer. She said that she wasn’t sure if Samantha was crazy, jealous or what.

Next The Kingdom came down to the ring. Veronica Clyne demanded that whoever was behind #HeReturnsAtUprising should come out immediately and stop with the waiting. After a few seconds a voice came over the PA system and said they would come out when it was time. The crowd began to chant, “Kraven, Kraven!”

Austin Briggs vs Jason Copeland w/ Bianca Hunt
This match was another back and forth. Austin Briggs was representing The Headline while Jason represented Hunt Enterprises. Jason jumped the fun on the match and took control early on. He worked hard on Austin’s back, even slamming Briggs’ back into the steel ring post. Briggs took control after Copeland missed a flying headbutt. Austin went for his finisher, the Brainbuster but Copeland reversed it into a small package for the pinfall.

Kashimanaki & Logan Christopher vs The Realm of Darkness
Both teams fought like they had something to prove. All members had some breath taking moves from the top rope. Hades attempted the Burning Hammer on Kashimanaki but Kashimanaki escaped and leveled Hades with a stiff kick to the head. Logan and Kashimanaki had some quick tags and really began to work Hades over. Logan went to the top for the Shooting Star Press when the lights went dark.

The #HeReturnsAtUprising graphic showed up as camera flashbulbs were the only light in the arena. When the lights came back on it was revealed that Giant Monsuta was in the middle of the ring.

Monsuta grabbed Logan who was still on the top rope around the neck and delivered a hellacious choke slam. Kashimanaki laid in a couple of hard kicks to Monsuta, but he flattened Kashimanaki with a clothesline. Afterward Monsuta pulled him back up and planted him with a hard powerbomb. Synn then climbed into the ring. She raised Monsuta’s hand up in the air as the two stood over the two downed cruiserweights. Obviously Kashimanaki and Logan Christopher were awarded the match due to outside interference.

The scene cut back to the panel. They discussed Giant Monsuta’s return and how he was the one behind the return graphic that we had seen for so long. Tyrece Beckman talked about how Synn’s goal of taking over FFP could possibly come to fruition with the help of Monsuta.

Next we cut backstage where Alexis Reed is approaching Jason Copeland. In a scene similar to what we saw at SSN, Alexis congratulated Jason and told him he looked good in his match.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(C) The Queendom vs April Hunter & Ariana Chaos

The next match was the Diamond Tag Team Title match. April Hunter and Ariana, who were feuding not long ago, seemed to work very well as a team. Ariana went for an Impaler early on but Jenna Kaufman escaped and tagged in Monika.

The match went back and forth, with April Hunter almost scoring a pinfall with a German suplex. Ariana looked to be getting Monika in position for the Impaler when April Hunter climbed in and blindsided her with a lariat from behind. Chaos crashed to the mat as the referee looked puzzled. April then pulled Ariana up and delivered an impressive powerbomb. She instructed Monika to pin the downed Diamond.

After the successful title defense April Hunter got on the microphone. She said that The Queendom needed a manager and who better than April Hunter. Monika and Jenna smiled and embraced their new manager, leaving Ariana motionless in the ring.

The scene now cut to a split screen of Nina Fox and Brandi Moore both making their way to the entrance area.

FFP Diamond Title
(C) Nina Fox vs Brandi Moore

Nina and Brandi have been in quite the feud as of late. Surprisingly, The Kingdom didn’t accompany Brandi down to the ring. Nina and Brandi fought back and forth. Brandi clotheslined Nina over the top rope. They brawled up the entrance ramp and into the entrance stage. Brandi pushed Nina off the stages causing her to fall to the concrete floor.

The match finally made it’s way back into the ring where Brandi hit her old finisher, the Fameasser. Brandi got a two count from the move. She then attempted The End Game, but Nina dodged the move and hit a German suplex for a two count. Nina attempted the Superkick next but Brandi ducked it and rolled Nina up, pulling her tights. Somehow Nina kicked out and the match continued.

Brandi gained control again and this time attempted the Fisherman Brainbuster. Nina escaped the attempt and hit a big spinebuster. When Brandi got back to her feet Nina hit the Superkick for the pin.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(C) Two Man Mafia vs Simply the Best

The next match was yet another back and forth match. Christopher Morgan took a nasty spill to the arena floor early on. Hunter and Brandon took advantage really working Caleb over. Hunter hit the Deal Breaker but Newstead was too close to the ropes. Christopher Morgan finally got back up and tagged himself in. He planted Brandon Kincaide with the Tiger Driver, however Kincaide wasn’t the legal man. Hunter then rolled Morgan up from behind and put his feet on the ropes for leverage. The move produced a three count. The Two Man Mafia quickly left with the titles in hand.

Backstage we saw Deshaun Reed sitting in his locker room. Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle approached. Deshaun looked very tense as Hyatt began to speak. Hyatt told Deshaun that he wrestled one hell of a match tonight and that if he continues to wrestle like that that he would have a bright future in FFP. Reed thanked Adam and the two shook hands.

FFP Television Title
(C) Daniel Matthews vs Taylor Clawson

Unfortunately for Taylor Clawson, this match went about as it was expected to go. Daniel took advantage of being bigger and stronger than Taylor. He may wrestled her, and only let up to toy with her. Finally Daniel scooped Taylor up on his shoulders and hit the Death Valley Driver. The crowd drowned him with boos as he hooked Taylor’s leg, got the three count and celebrated with his belt like he had won the toughest match of his life.

Next Francine Davis was standing by with Synn. Synn announced that Giant Monsuta’s new name was Monster Monsuta, and guaranteed that with him in the Realm of Darkness that nothing would stop the darkness from spreading.

FFP World Title
(C) Veronica Clyne vs Matt Evanston

The main event was a back and forth contest. Matt Evanston chose to come down by himself while Veronica had the entire Kingdom with her. The group got involved early, distracting Matt Evanston. This prompted Nathan Caine to come out to support his tag team partner.

At one point Nathan flattened Patrick McCoy outside of the ring. Evanston also hit a top rope belly to belly suplex for a very close two count.

Veronica grabbed the microphone and announced that the match was turned into a No Disqualification Match. Just then The Kingdom jumped into the ring and began beating down Matt Evanston. Nathan Caine came in and cleared out a couple Matt’s attackers. Veronica grabbed the World Title and reared back to hit Matt with it, however Pandora made her way out to the ring and hit Veronica with a huge spear.

Pandora pulled Veronica up and set her up for the Pandora’s Box, but Scarlett Ducane hit Pandora in the face with a hard elbow. Veronica then proceeded to plant Pandora with the Vertabreaker.

Next Patrick McCoy and Daniel Matthews hit Matt Evanston with the 3D and Veronica pinned him to retain her title.

The Kingdom, although a little more beaten than normal stood in the center of the ring victorious. Like many other nights, the crowd threw their trash into the ring and booed The Kingdom as loud as they could. They chanted for Matt Kraven, but the event ended as The Kingdom left the ringside area.


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