FFP Spotlight: Daniel Matthews

imageDaniel Matthews is one of the longest FFP superstars. Since the beginning of Full Force Pro in 2008 Daniel has been here. And not only has he been here, he has bled, sweat and trained two future World Champions, Veronica Clyne and Patrick McCoy.

On September 27, 2008, Daniel Matthews won a triple threat match which also involved Blood Reign and Austin Briggs, and became the first ever FFP World Champion. After winning the title, Daniel opened up the Soul Assassins Gym, where the world met Veronica Clyne and Patrick McCoy.

Matthews then entered a big feud with Christopher Morgan. Morgan, who led Simply the Best, beat Daniel for the World Title in October of 2008, but the feud between Simply the Best and the Soul Assassins was far from over.

The stables eventually clashed with more than just a title on the line. Weeks before, Simply the Best welcomed Commissioner Elizabeth Summers into their group. So Matt Kraven, who was run down by a car, driven by Christopher Morgan, enlisted the Soul Assassins to defeat Simply the Best at Hail to the Victors 2008 and win full control back for Matt Kraven – an interesting fact as now years later, the Assassins are now in The Kingdom, attempting to pluck the control of FFP away from Kraven.

imageMatthews has also held the FFP Tag Team Titles alongside Patrick McCoy and Lizzy Kraven. He has also held (and currently holds) the FFP Television Title. Daniel won the title off of Adam Hyatt, who seemed like he would never part ways with the championship.

Daniel, who uses the Death Valley Driver as his finishing move, was a key addition to The Kingdom, coming out acting as if he was on the side of President Matt Kraven, only to blindside him and shock the FFP audience joining Veronica and her group although he had spoken out about what they were doing.

imageDaniel Matthews is a spectacular wrestler. He is athletic, he is strong and he is an outstanding technician in the squared circle. If FFP had a Hall of Fame, Matthews would be a first ballot inductee no doubt about it. He has changed his opinions on a few things as of late, mostly cutting corners to get the outcome he most wants, but he still goes out and proves that he is one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Sure most FFP fans would like to see Daniel see the error of his ways and leave The Kingdom. Fans would love to see him go back to his old ways, and maybe then possible hold the World Championship yet again. Could it happen? Absolutely it could. But currently, it seems Daniel is doing just fine in the group that features two of his trainees and one of his best friends in Jackson Pearce.

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