FFP Spotlight: Monika Andrews

imageMonika Andrews has had quite a past here in Full Force Pro. She debuted as Chris Kraven’s girlfriend. And once Chris took control of the company in March of 2011, Chris vacated many titles, and on April 6th awarded the Diamond Title to Monika.

Nearly a month later Brandi Moore beat Monika for the title. However three days later Synn beat Brandi for the belt with help from Chris and Monika. After the match Synn forfeited the title to Monika. The reason, Chris promised to award the Tag Team Titles to the Realm of Darkness if Synn would do this for Monika.

Monika was viewed by many of the Diamonds as a joke. As a disgrace to the Diamond division, only able to hold the title because the owner wanted her to.

imageHowever, after FFP shut down due to Chris’ poor management, Monika won a roster spot in a battle royal at the FFP Return Show. One week later Monika teamed up with Jenna Kaufman to form The Queendom. The duo became the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions and held the titles for three months. And since then, The Queendom has held the titles two more times, one of those reigns is the current reign and has been going since May 17th.

Monika, who uses the Angel’s Wings as a finisher has really stepped up her game in FFP. From being “the joke” of the division, she has become a legit wrestler and definitely a threat to one day become FFP Diamond Champion yet again.

Obviously she dumped Chris Kraven to the side years ago, and has only seen improvement since.

The Queendom look to be quite a solid team, who added April Hunter as their manager at FFP Uprising this past Sunday, but the duo both seem to only have bigger and better things coming in their future.

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