7/4/2014 FFP 4th of July Event

FFP 4th of July Event | July 4, 2014 | Columbus, Ohio

The FFP 4th of July Event opened up with clips of the Lizzy Kraven & Nina Fox feud with The Kingdom, as well as The Kingdom beating down President Matt Kraven.

Then the scene cut to an FFP Panel consisting of Tyrece Beckman, Logan Christopher, Christian Alexander and former FFP superstar Anarchy. The panel mostly spoke about the main event, and how difficult it would be for Lizzy Kraven and Nina Fox to win.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(C) Two Man Mafia vs American Bulldogs

The first match was the only title match booked for the night. Anytime these two teams go at it it’s a hard hitting affair. It was no different. Nathan Caine hit a few awesome clotheslines and an awesome German suplex. Hunter and Brandon double teamed Nathan and went after Matt. The Bulldogs took control of the match but the Mafia took control back. After hitting a double superplex on Nathan Caine, Hunter went for the Deal Breaker but Matt Evanston escaped and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Nathan Caine then tagged in and planted Hunter with the Double Underhook Driver. Nathan pinned Hunter for the pinfall victory and the Bulldogs were once again Tag Tag Champions.

After the match Pandora came down and celebrated with the Bulldogs, specifically Matt Evanston.

The scene now cut backstage where we saw Kristopher Bradley talking with Bridget. He was giving her advice on her match with Samantha West tonight.

Monster Monsuta w/ Synn vs Deranged
This one was one sided. Monster Monsuta had been a monster before, but with Synn in his corner (and you could say in his head), he destroyed Deranged. After a big choke slam he hit a powerbomb and pinned Deranged for the win.

After the match Synn took the microphone. She called out an open challenge to anyone else who wanted to face Monsuta. She specifically pointed out that Anarchy was here tonight and challenged him as well. Anarchy got on the microphone, still at the panel desk, and said that he was retired and would honor his promise to stay retired.

Now backstage we saw Veronica talking with The Kingdom. Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce were not around. Veronica asked the group if they had seen either man. No one had seen them.

Monika Andrews vs Ariana Chaos
To the surprise of many, April Hunter nor Jenna Kaufman accompanied Monika to the ring. This was another back and forth match. Monika went for the Angels Wings early on but Ariana escaped. Ariana hit a couple of springboard moves before hitting a moonsault. Monika reversed a suplex and hit an awesome shining wizard. Andrews went for the Angels Wings again, but again Ariana reversed, and hit the Impaler for the win.

Ariana took the microphone and announced that she was done with her feud with The Queendom. She said that if April Hunter wanted to be in that group that so be it, and that she would be turning her attention back to winning the FFP Diamond Championship.

Backstage we saw Deshaun Reed talking with his sister Alexis. He told her that he is sick of Jason Copeland talking with her, and told her that if he came down tonight that he would beat him down. Alexis said that Jason is just a nice guy and has been nothing but nice to her.

Austin Briggs vs Deshaun Reed w/ Alexis Reed
Austin Briggs started the match out really beating down Deshaun. Reed fought back using his quickness to his advantage. He hit Brainbuster, DDT and tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Reed went to the top but was interrupted by Briggs, who then hit his old finishing move, the Superplex. But Austin only got a two count. Briggs began using some of his wrist tape to choke Deshaun. Alexis climbed to the apron to yell at him to stop. The two men then started brawling and Alexis got hit by an accidental elbow.

She fell to the arena floor as both men kept fighting. Jason Copeland came down to check on Alexis. Deshaun noticed and became distracted. Briggs took advantage of the distraction, hitting a knee to the back and the Brainbuster for the pin.

After the match Jason helped Alexis up. When Deshaun regained consciousness he noticed Jason and hit him with a sucker punch from the side. Alexis pushed her brother back and the two began arguing.

The scene cut backstage to The Kingdom locker room. Veronica looked very aggravated and announced to the group that Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce took the wrong plane and would not be able to make it to the event.

2 Out of 3 Falls Match
Samantha West vs Bridget

This match was a wild one, with the action spilling to the outside of the ring, and throughout the crowd. The Diamonds finally made their way to the ring where Bridget hit a double arm DDT for a pinfall.

Samantha needed two straight falls to win. She attacked Bridget from behind during a short rest period. Samantha didn’t let Bridget even get back to her feet, really pummeling her down and then finally hitting her with the STO. Samantha pinned Bridget and evened it up 1-1.

The next fall saw both girls hitting impressive top rope moves. Samantha went for a moonsault but only connected with Bridget’s knees. Samantha, having trouble breathing, pulled herself up and turned away from Bridget. Bridget grabbed West and hit a beautiful bridging German suplex for the pin.

Following the three count, Bridget went to the outside and grabbed a microphone. She asked Samantha why it was that Samantha began attacking her from behind. Bridget told her that if she did anything to make her mad, that it was not intentional. Kristopher Bradley then came out and insisted Bridget go backstage. Samantha took a microphone and told Bridget that the reason she attacked Bridget was because she had been seeing Kristopher on the side, and that she deserved to have him all to herself.

Bridget looked at Kristopher, who had a guilty look on his face. He tried to consul Bridget, but she kicked him in the groin and stormed off. Samantha checked on Kristopher as Bridget disappeared backstage.

Next we saw Deshaun Reed confronting Jason Copeland. Copeland said that he was only checking on Alexis. He said he wasn’t trying to make a move on her or interfere in the match. Jason said that he would never try to assist a Headline member to a victory. Deshaun told Jason that he was sick of him talking to his sister, and that he needed to stop. Deshaun shoved Jason and walked away.

Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Christopher Morgan
Yet another technical match that was entertaining and back and forth. Christopher Morgan, a former World Champion gained the control early, but Hyatt fought back. After a close two count off of a backslide Hyatt hit the Superkick, but Morgan fell to the outside of the ring. When he got back in Adam went for another, but Morgan ducked it and hit a dropkick to the back of the head Morgan then hit the Tiger Driver for the pin.

After the match Caleb Newstead came down to the ring and celebrated with his partner. Then Austin Briggs came out. He said that him and Christopher Morgan aren’t strangers, and that him and his stablemate Adam Hyatt should face off against Simply the Best tomorrow night at SSN. Christopher Morgan grabbed a microphone and agreed to the match.

Now we saw a split screen. On one sided, Lizzy and Nina. On the other side, Veronica, Brandi, Daniel, Patrick and Scarlett.

The Battle for Full Control
Lizzy Kraven & Nina Fox vs The Kingdom

Next, was the main event of the night. The Battle for Full Control, Lizzy Kraven & Nina Fox vs The Kingdom (without Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce). This match was everything that everyone expected. Very hard hitting. Stiff, back and forth action. Scarlett Ducane tried getting involved early, but got a big kick to the side of the skull courtesy of Nina Fox.

Lizzy Kraven wound up planting Patrick McCoy with a high angle German Suplex. He tagged Brandi Moore in who demanded to go against Nina Fox. Lizzy tagged Nina in, who dominated Moore. Brandi found herself at the business end of a couple clotheslines, a fisherman brainbuster, and lastly the Superkick. Nina pinned Brandi, who was the first eliminated.

Veronica grabbed a microphone and stopped the match. She slid back into the ring and announced that enough was enough. She proceeded to beat the crap out of Brandi Moore. Veronica laid punches and kicks into the downed former Diamond Champion before planting her with the Vertabreaker. Veronica then tossed Brandi out of the ring by her hair, and announced that she was out of The Kingdom. FFP medical staff had to come out and carry Brandi to the back.

When the match resumed Lizzy Kraven took advantage of a distracted Patrick McCoy and hit the Kraven Lariat for a three count.

The teams traded tags often, trying to work the other team down. Veronica got rocked by a running knee from Nina Fox. Lizzy Kraven wound up hitting an impressive superplex on Daniel Matthews. After that she pulled him up and hit a Tiger Suplex. Lizzy then pinned Daniel Matthews, making the match now Lizzy and Nina vs Veronica.

Lizzy and Nina celebrated for a moment, until Veronica snuck in and rolled Lizzy up. She pulled Lizzy’s tights but the ref didn’t see it. Lizzy was eliminated.

Nina came in and helped Lizzy up. She patted her on the back and then turned her attention to Veronica. The crowd stood in anticipation. As Nina was ready to charge, she was leveled by a kick to the side of the head. The kick was courtesy of Lizzy Kraven.

Nina stumbled, and dropped to her knees. Lizzy then pulled her up by her dark hair. Lizzy and Veronica then hit Nina with a gruesome spike piledriver. Lizzy and Veronica stood, and embraced. The crowd exploded in boos.

Veronica pulled Nina back up, and signaled for Lizzy to help. Then they hit another spike piledriver. They got up, high fived, and again hit ANOTHER spike piledriver. Veronica then hooked Nina’s leg and the referee counted the three count. The Kingdom had won.

Lizzy and Veronica stood victoriously in the ring. Lizzy grabbed Veronica’s arm and raised it up in the air. The crowd threw all the trash they could get into the ring as The Kingdom’s theme played. Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane joined the girls in the ring. The group celebrated over Nina’s motionless body. Red, white and blue confetti fell onto the proud group as paramedics tended to Nina. She was stretchered out of the arena as Veronica and company continued to celebrate.

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