What Happens Now?

imageLast night at the FFP 4th of July Event, we saw fireworks. Yes, we saw the normal 4th of July fireworks, but we saw more than just that.

Last night The Kingdom defeated Lizzy Kraven and Nina Fox, however the way that they won the match was the more shocking thing. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Early on in the main event of the night, Brandi Moore was eliminated by a Nina Fox superkick. Veronica Clyne then stopped the match, and kicked Brandi out of The Kingdom, beating her down and hitting the Vertabreaker on her.

Brandi was one of the founding members of The Kingdom, and now has been kicked out of the group. What is Brandi’s future now? She turned her back on Matt Kraven and the FFP locker room by helping form The Kingdom. Brandi was once the Commissioner of FFP. Now she is someone who tries to fight against the company. So who can trust her? The answer is simple. No one.

Francine Davis tried to find Brandi to speak with her after the 4th of July Event, but she couldn’t find her.

imageHowever, that wasn’t even close to the end of the fireworks. Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce couldn’t make the event due to an error on which flight they took. Daniel Matthews and Patrick McCoy were eliminated after Brandi Moore was. Lizzy and Nina looked as if they would pull the match out when Veronica pinned Lizzy with a roll up pulling the tights. Now the match was 1-on-1. Or was it?

Veronica and Nina looked to be ready to lock horns, until Lizzy Kraven took it upon herself to kick Nina in the side of the head. Veronica and Lizzy planted Nina with THREE spike piledrivers, and Veronica made the pin. The Kingdom were the winners, and obviously welcomed Lizzy into their group. Meanwhile Nina Fox got a ride to the hospital.

imageBackstage Nina fought off paramedics for only a few seconds. And for a brief moment Francine Davis caught up with the (most likely former) FFP Diamond Champion. “I can’t believe it,” Nina said with tears in her eyes. “I never thought Lizzy Kraven would turn her back on us all like that.” After those words the paramedics finally got Nina back on the stretcher and loaded her into the ambulance.

So what happens now? Nina Fox will be fired per stipulation. Lizzy Kraven should be fired, although her joining The Kingdom changes things. Brandi Moore will now be quite the odd man out. Will Matt Kraven return and right some wrongs? Will The Kingdom go on strong, continuing to dominate FFP? Will Brandi Moore be able to get revenge for her beating? And who will be the new Diamond Champion?

Tonight’s Sadistic Saturday Night should be interesting to say the least. We may see firings. We may see more beat downs. Surely we will see the now Lizzy Kraven equip Kingdom. And with Lizzy Kraven in The Kingdom, can anyone ever stop them?


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