7/5/2014 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | July 5, 2014 | Troy, Ohio

SSN opened up with The Kingdom, now with Lizzy Kraven, entering the ring. Veronica Clyne and Lizzy, who was sporting blonde hair again, stood proudly, side by side in the middle of the ring, with Daniel Matthews, Patrick McCoy, Scarlett Ducane, Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce all standing behind them.

Veronica took the microphone and announced that last night at the 4th of July Event that Brandi Moore was booted from The Kingdom, Lizzy Kraven joined The Kingdom and Nina Fox came out on the short end of the stick. Veronica then announced that Nina was still in the hospital and unfortunately, she was fired. Veronica had a smile on her face during the entire speech.

Veronica then said that the FFP needed a new Diamond Champion, and since the title was now vacant Veronica would go ahead and set up a match to determine the new champion. Veronica announced that in tonight’s main event Lizzy Kraven would take on Brandi Moore and the winner would be the new champion. Veronica then reminded the crowd that The Kingdom would most definitely be at ringside. With that announcement, Veronica gave a wink to Lizzy.

Veronica said that she knew that everyone wanted to hear from Lizzy Kraven, so she passed her the microphone. Lizzy simply said that she did what she had to do, and whether everyone liked it or not, they would have to deal with it. Lizzy told the audience to shut up and stick it. Lizzy then handed the microphone back to Veronica.

Veronica also congratulated the American Bulldogs on their Tag Team Title win last night, and announced that they would be taking on Prince Tau and Jackson Pearce tonight for the titles. She also announced that Scarlett Ducane would accompany Tau and Pearce to the ring.

The Headline vs Simply the Best
A superb tag team match. Caleb Newstead hit an awesome missile dropkick, but got hit with a Brainbuster from Austin Briggs who came into the ring after the dropkick.

The match went back and forth and Simply the Best looked to be on their way to victory. That is until an unknown black man stormed down the isle and attacked both members from behind. Austin Briggs and Adam Hyatt joined in on the beat down. Hyatt hit the Superkick on Caleb while Austin hit the Brainbuster on Christopher.

Austin then took the microphone and announced that this unknown man was the newest member of The Headline, EJ “Money” Carter!

The scene cut backstage where Samantha West was walking down a hallway. Bridget came from the opposite side and speared Samantha to the concrete floor. She laid into West, pulling her hair and punching her until FFP security pulled her away.

Now backstage we saw Brandi Moore making her way past a room with many FFP superstars in it. They all ignored the fact that Brandi was there. She walked past, looking defeated.

Ariana Chaos vs Firefly
This Diamond match was very one sided, with Ariana dominating Firefly. After a beautiful moonsault for a two count Ariana hit the Impaler for the win.

Backstage we saw Francine Davis standing by with Alexis Reed. Francine asked Alexis about her and Jason Copeland. Francine said that obviously there was some kind of attraction. Alexis admitted that she had an interest in Jason, but felt terrible for causing Deshaun to lose his match at the 4th of July Event.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(C) American Bulldogs vs Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce w/ Scarlett Ducane

Another really good tag team match. As the match went on, Scarlett jumped onto the apron, distracting Nathan Caine, opening him up for a huge clothesline from Prince Tau. Pandora now ran down the isle and pulled Scarlett off the apron. The girls grappled and fell to the arena floor, rolling around like a true cat fight.

Matt Evanston received the tag and hit a beautiful suplex on Prince Tau. After a flying headbutt and the Go to Sleep, Evanston pinned Tau and the Bulldogs retained.

Evanston separated the two girls and the Bulldogs left the ringside area with Pandora and their titles.

Now we saw Synn standing by with Monster Monsuta. Synn issued an open challenge for the upcoming Wednesday Warfare, guaranteeing no one can beat Monsuta. She said that they will go to the ring Wednesday and wait for anyone who has the guts. She also guaranteed that they would be dismantled by the big man.

FFP Diamond Title Determination Match
Lizzy Kraven w/ The Kingdom vs Brandi Moore

As Brandi made her way out to the ring Lizzy attacked her from behind. She threw Brandi into the ring where Veronica and Scarlett joined her. The three Kingdom females beat Brandi down about as bad as they could. Veronica hit the Vertabreaker and Lizzy hit the Kraven Lariat. Afterward they pulled Brandi up and hit a spike piledriver. Lizzy then pinned Brandi, and Veronica demanded that the ref make the count or she would fire him. 1, 2, 3 and Lizzy Kraven was the winner.

The rest of The Kingdom came down and joined the women in the ring. Veronica now took the microphone and instructed Lizzy to stand beside her. However, before Veronica could make her announcement a familiar tune hit the speakers. It was Matt Kraven’s theme!

Kraven walked out from behind the curtain. He simply said “not so fast”. First, Matt said that with the stipulations from last night’s show Lizzy and Nina were supposed to quit FFP. With Lizzy not quitting, there would be no reason for Nina to quit.

Veronica interrupted and said that she was publicly firing Nina now. Kraven then reminded Veronica of a certain rule in the FFP rule book. “No champion can be terminated from Full Force Pro unless he or she commits an act or acts detrimental to Full Force Pro”. Matt then announced that Nina Fox was still in the hospital due to Veronica and Lizzy’s brutal attack, but she was indeed still employed by FFP, and was also the undisputed FFP Diamond Champion.

Veronica was irate. Matt told her to calm down, as he had more news. He announced that Veronica would defend the World Title in the main event of the Mid-Summer Classic in a Four Way Match.

Veronica tried to interrupt, but Matt continued. He announced the participants. Veronica would defend against Matt Evanston, Austin Briggs and…Daniel Matthews!

Veronica told Matt that he was stupid for including Daniel, as he will help Veronica defend. Matt then said that the Daniel he knew wouldn’t let an opportunity like this pass him by.

Before Matt left the entrance stage, he simply looked at Lizzy. He then softly told her how disappointed he was in her.

The show came to an end with The Kingdom standing inside the ring. For the first time, they seemed defeated.


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